Monday, March 30, 2015

TMI TV Series News: 'Mortal Instruments' Drama 'Shadowhunters' Goes Straight to Series at ABC Family!

(Image via @ShadowhuntersTV)

It is official! Cassandra Clare just shared the news from The Hollywood Reporter, that the TMI TV series is going straight to ABC Family! You can check out her video of the announcement via ShadowhuntersTV here.  

Cassandra Clare also took to Tumblr to share the news via The Hollywood Reporter. Here's what Cassandra Clare had to say:

Read the rest here! All the info there is about the Shadowhunters TV series right now, for those interested.

This is exciting news! Here's what The Hollywood Reporter reported:

ABC Family is getting into The Mortal Instruments business.
The youth-skewing cable network has handed out a straight-to-series order for Shadowhunters, a drama based on author Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments book series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
Constantin Film will produce, and Ed Decter (Helix, Unforgettable, The Client List) is on board to serve as showrunner and executive producer. The drama is being eyed as a 13 episode drama with a premiere date not yet determined; casting is expected to be announced at a later date. Production will begin in May in Toronto.
The news comes months after Constantin announced that Clare's franchise will relaunch as a high-end drama series. Shadowhunters becomes the latest adaptation of the franchise.
“Shadowhunters is a big, epic saga that will resonate with viewers who come to ABC Family for the Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight franchises,” ABC Family president Tom Ascheim said. “A New York Times best-seller for 122-consecutive weeks, with over 35 million copies in print worldwide, Shadowhunters is the perfect story to share with our audience."
For ABC Family, Shadowhunters comes as the Disney-owned cable network is plotting a rebranding to target older viewers and families alike. It joins a scripted drama roster that also includes Chasing Life, The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars as well as upcoming entries Stitchers and Recovery Road.
This is exciting! Not only do we finally have some official news, we know more about the series, such as it is being eyed as a 13 episode drama and filming is set to start in a couple months. Head over to HERE to read the entire article. Be sure to follow ShadowhuntersTV on Twitter to stay up with all the latest series news. This is the official series Twitter handler. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Recent Book News

Happy Weekend! Here are some of this week's news I found around the YA world aka various social media sites. 

Online Chats (happening on Monday 3/30/15)

YA fans, don't miss Monday's author chat happening on Goodreads with authors, Sophie Jordan and Colleen Houck! Head over to here to join the chat!

For all you Jamie, I mean Outlander fans, don't miss Monday afternoon's chat with Sam Heughan! This is happening on Outlander's Facebook page. Get all the details here

Book Tour

Check out who's hitting the road for EPIC READS's Spring Book Tour!! I'm so thrilled to announce that I'll be moderating the tour stop in Austin, TX at Book People. I'm looking forward to seeing y'all there. If you can't make the event, Book People ships world wide! Get more info about the tour stops via Epic Reads

Bookish News

I'm so excited about this news! Check out what Leigh Bardugo tweeted to her fans about Six of Crows:

Looks like will be arriving a week earlier than expected. Mark 9/29 on your calendars, Grisha peoples!

 Pre-Order Promos

Bloomsbury book fans, check out this exciting Spring promo! Don't miss out on how you can get some fabulous Boldly Bookish swag, and find out more about their upcoming Boldly Bookish Book Tour, HERE

Have you pre-ordered your copy of Miranda Kenneally's JESSE'S GIRL? 
If so, check out you can receive and be entered to win HERE. If not, you've still got time! Get all the details about the pre-order promo here

Can't make it to one of Sarah J. Maas's upcoming signings? Good Choice Reading has you covered! They've teamed up with their local book store to get signed copies to Sarah's fans. Pre-order your signed copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses, and any of Sarah's other books and find out more HERE.


If you can't make it to YALLWEST, which is happening the second weekend in April out in California, you can  get to win some awesome books from authors attending this year's event. Get all the details about the giveaway and find out how you can enter to win here

Did y'all know there is a YASH (YA Scavenger Hunt) going on? Yeah, I didn't either. Head over here to check out the fun, and join the hunt. I hear there are giveaways happening with this. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Cassandra Clare Discusses The Mortal Instruments Series With Constantin Films & The Network

TMI TV series discussions are under way in LA. Oh to be a fly on the wall during this meeting. Martin Moszkowicz (from Constantin Films) tweeted this picture earlier today. Cassandra Clare posted it on her Tumblr. She said,"Me visiting the Shadowhunters writing room in Los Angeles. You can see the back of the show runner Ed Dexter’s head.

I'm thrilled to see Cassie here with the film studio and network discussing the Shadowhunters Series. Seeing Cassandra Clare talking about the series, gives me a lot of hope that things will be improve given the rumors that have been circulating. Last night Cassandra took to Twitter to discuss rumors and answer questions about the series, which I shared here. Hopefully we'll hear about the cast soon.

TMI TV Series News: Cassandra Clare Confirms Many of the Rumors UNTRUE!

Cassandra Clare is in LA meeting with the writers for the Shadowhunters TV show and the network! I couldn't be happier about this news. I hope that means that now she'll have some sort of involvement with the series. Cassandra took to Twitter last night and confirmed that many of the TMI TV series floating around were untrue, including the one about Simon's girlfriend, Natalie. Here's what she said:

I can say that the scripts etc that have been floating around are not real, there's no Natalie either. :)

That is the best news ever that there is no Natalie! Cassandra Clare went on to answer fan questions about the TV series. She also confirmed news related to the TMI TV series, and addressed why there were so many rumors. Here's a series of tweets she shared last night.

I met with the writers for the Shadowhunters show, and the network.

I have more meetings tomorrow and right now I can't say too much, but everything went well.

Soon I'll be able to tell you when they start filming, and when they will start airing.

I can say that the scripts etc that have been floating around are not real, there's no Natalie either. :)

The show is not yet cast. They are having auditions now.

I watched a few. :)

: " are you pleased with the people auditioning?” I don't know who will be picked, but there's some great people!

: " any word on if they will start the show on book one or after the movie?” It starts from the beginning.

: " do you think it will be transmitted worldwide?” I'll try to find out what countries.

I haven't read a final script. (I mean, as much as final scripts even exist.)

Oh, and there will definite be Magnus and Alec romance. That was a promise. :)

: do you think it will take long until we know more about the script, cast, etc ?” Not long.

: " what about clary and simon's friendship?? Im so worried about that :(” It seems included.

: " any plans for TID to be included in the shadowhunters tv show? Or just TMI at this point?” I think that would be separate?

: ' anything to say about that Natalie girl?”
: " The age stuff, is it true? Are the characters going to be older? xx” Yes.

: " Can you tell us something you really would like to see in the series (and not be changed or cut out)?.” Jace's humor.

: "why dont authors have a say on what happens to the show/movie even if it's their story???” 

And just to say — please don't be mad at anyone who responded to/read the pilot script(s) floating around the internet.

Lots of things called "Shadowhunters Pilot Script" were out there, and downloadable. They still are.

There is no way for anyone to know what exactly is final, and I would also have assumed that the script being used for casting was the rea

thing, and indeed, it was probably just an early draft. So be nice to each other! You all want the same thing: a good show.

Now admire hot Jem cover model and be at peace.

Thank you Cassie for sharing this news and clearing the air. It's nice to know that the  Shadowhunter TV scripts etc that have been floating around are not real. It's no wonder why the rumors went crazy. This is why I don't post about everything little thing I hear. I don't feel bad for posting about the news I did share. Some of what I shared was confirmed, and the other few things I shared were quoted from reliable sources, or a source who had seen the script. I impinge it's hard knowing whether the script that people read was real or not. I'm happy knowing there isn't a real script yet. I'm looking forward to hearing more Shadowhunter TV series news from Cassie soon.