Friday, December 4, 2009

City of Glass News!!

Cassie shared this exciting news with us tonight on her google group:
It looks like the paperback of City of Glass is going to be released August 3, 2010. It's going to contain both a full chapter of City of Fallen Angels and a full chapter of The Clockwork Angel.
We can not wait for August!!


  1. Wow! I might just buy another copy of CoG. LOL

  2. I think I'll be hiding in a corner with a copy at B&N just to read the chapters from the new ones, since I already have my hardcovers. This is great news, though! Congrats, Cassie!


  3. Full chapters? Awesome! Can't wait! :)

  4. Oh my goodness I could just cry I'm so excited!!! I will be right next to TLH hiding in a corner reading on B&N!!!! I CAN"T WAIT NOW!!!

  5. That's exciting. Really exciting.

  6. Wahoo! I will be first in line for that one!!! For the chapter previews alone!!! (Since I probably have at least two copies of CofG...)


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