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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year From Cassandra Clare- City of Fallen Angels Playlist!!

We have a wonderful New Year's gift to share with you from Cassie!! We can't ring in the new year with out a little something from the Shadowhunters. Here's a hint (before you scroll down), it has to do with this one of most anticipated releases for 2011!!

Enjoy our New Year's gift from Cassie- The City of Fallen Angels Playlist:
(Cassie has included the song's title, some of the lyrics and why she chose the song)

1) "If my Heart was a House" Owl City

This is just a very sweet love song.

"Circle me and the needle moves gracefully back and forth
If my heart was a compass, you'd be North
Risk it all 'cause I'll catch you if you fall
Wherever you go, if my heart was a house, you'd be home"

It makes me think of Clary and Jace, especially because so much of it is about risk. And of course for Jace opening up to anyone is a risk. "Risk it all 'cause I'll catch you if you fall" — makes me think of the chapter "Fear of Falling."

2) "While We Were Dreaming" Pink Mountaintops

"And if I could find your heart
I would pull it from your chest
And smash you with my fist
Til it was beating

And if there's a hole inside
Heaven in your bed
Coz the angel that you kissed
Just left you bleeding"

Things get darker with this one even though they don't SOUND dark — it's a very angelic, haunting song. To me it's about trying to get through to someone you love, but you can't. Also J/C.

3) Carousel, Paper Route

"On and on and on we go
Just like a carousel that's lost control
And we don't know why, we don't know why
We go and go and go in circles"

And why should Jace and Clary get all the angsty songs? This one makes me think of Magnus and Alec because it seems to me to be a song about having the same fight over and over about the same thing but not really getting anywhere.

4) "This is My City" Timothy Victor

"'Cause this is my town
This is my city
Through my eyes it looks so pretty
This is my town, this is my city now
These are my people, this is my song
Dirty streets where I belong'

I first heard this on the show Skins and it seemed to sum up how the characters feel about New York. In fact, possibly how all New Yorkers feel about New York!

5) Sweet and Low, Augustana

"Anywhere you go, anyone you meet
Remember that your eyes can be your enemies
I said hell is so close, and heavens out of reach,
But I ain't giving up quite yet,
I've got too much to lose"

This one is for Simon. He's under all these incredible pressures in this book and to me this song is about holding up under pressure by holding on to faith in the people who love you.

6) No Better, Sherwood

"You're no better, I know you're no better than this
So give up and let it rain down
You're no better, I know you're no better
And all your failed attempts are hanging over the edge of your father's fence
And oh, you give up so we can fall down
You're no better, you know you're no better than him"

Jace. Still has father issues. Well, it hasn't really been that long. And it doesn't help that Jocelyn's convinced he's just like Valentine.

7) Fall Hard, Shout Out Louds

"And if you fall hard, I fall harder
And if you fall hard, I fall harder
If you're gonna break just let it break
I'll pick up the pieces and mistakes"

Jace and Clary again. They're tied up enough in each other that if one of them falls, the other one falls too. This whole falling metaphor continues throughout the book (well, it is called City of FALLEN Angels.)

8) Marry Song, Brand of Horses

"I'll marry my lover in a place to admire
I don't have to even ask her I can look in her eyes
And thank God that I am forgiven"

Luke and Jocelyn. Finally engaged to get married, I think of Luke as believing that this is really the moment in his life where all his past sings are forgiven and he gets to start over with the life he wants ... or does he?

9) Degausser, Brand New

Take me, take me back to your bed
I love you so much that it hurts my head
Say, "I don't mind you under my skin.
I'll let the bad parts in, the bad parts in"
Well when we were made we were set apart
But life is a test and I get bad marks"

I love Brand New. Their songs always wind up being perfect Jace or Clary songs. I think because the lyrics are always so epic.

"When I arrive will God be waiting and pacing around his throne?
Will he feel a little Old Testament?
And will he celebrate with fire and brimstone
Yeah, I admit, I am afraid of the reckoning"

A reckoning is definitely coming for both Clary and Jace. I especially like "when we were made we were set apart" because it makes me think of the way Valentine engineered them, so to speak, to be alike.

10) Wolves, the Accidental

"There were wolves lying the dark
As she was raining sparks into the room like that
She was dancing in a neon cave with a tilted smile and a lover's laugh
Embossed upon her in the darkness
Like a light at the edge of night beside her"

Makes me think of Maia, of course. She has a slightly larger part in this book and we learn a little more about her past and why she has trust issues.

11) "It's in Your Blood" Lydia

"So we cover ourselves in your fear,
and stay to watch that moon disappear under these lights.
This city's screaming at me.
And as you breathe the words I better go.
The sun is up and taking back all the shadows that covered this ground,
and our feet,
like a blanket of coal."

Simon loses a lot in this book, and is in a lot of danger, basically because of what's "in his blood" — the Daylighter he's become. Of course, he's also got those two girlfriends. It's a difficult life.

12) Angels on the Moon — Thriving Ivory

"This is to one last day in the shadows
And to know a brother's love
This is to New York City angels
And the rivers of our blood"

It's criminal that this didn't make it onto the City of Glass soundtrack, but I think by the time I heard it it was too late. It's just too perfect! I like to think of the Shadowhunters as the angels of New York.

13) "Love Like This" The Summer Set

"I cut the brakes to your racing heart
Cause you're a real fast girl..
You've made a mess of me
You've got me on my knees
I'm spinning out."

This one always makes me think of Isabelle and Simon and how he's consistently haunted by the feeling that no matter what he can't keep up with her.

14) Parachute, Ingrid Michaelson

"Don't believe the things you tell yourself so late at night
You are your own worst enemy, you'll never win the fight
Just hold on to me, I'll hold onto you
It's you and me up against the world, it's you and me"

Another Jace and Clary song — there is a certain "us against the world" aspect to their relationship, especially earlier in the book.

15) "In my Veins", Andrew Belle

This is both a very good song for the end of a book that kicks off a new trilogy:

"Everything will change.
Nothin' stays the same.
And nobody here's perfect.
Oh but everyones to blame.
All that you rely on
And all that you can save
Will leave you in the morning"

and a love song.

"Oh you're in my veins
And I cannot get you out
Oh you're all I taste
At night inside of my mouth."

Which could apply to any of the couples that develop over the course of the book.

Happy reading/listening!

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  1. Happy New Year!!!! :D This is an awesome way to start the new year. :D

  2. Brilliant!!! I'll be on iTunes later downloading the ones I don't have!!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting!! I don't know any of these songs...I'm sure I'm gonna be a fan of a lot of new bands today. :)

    I feel so much cooler hearing all this insight first hand from Cassandra Clare. Thanks again for having this brilliant idea and posting it :) Definitely makes my new year!

  4. Maidenveil- Yes it is and Cassie is so awesome for allowing us to share this!!

    Sophie- Cassie some some awesome picks.

    Stephany- You are so welcome! Cassie was so gracious to share this with all of us. I agree, I love hearing Cassie's insights to why she chose the songs.

  5. Nice list. I like that you added lyrics and let us know why you picked the songs. Happy New Year.

  6. Wow, i love how the way you illustrated the songs it can keep us all wondering how eveyrthing is going to develop in the end
    i love the songs and Jace and Clary, im a sucker for a twisting love story :)

  7. Great Songs... Thanks for posting the songs! I love them. Thanks for explaining why you choose the songs you did, and who you thought of while choosing the songs!

  8. It's scary how much music I like, and don't know, it's out there....loved them all!

    A couple not on iTunes though...

  9. The soundtrack is awesome! In My Veins is the best!!
    Cassie has an awesome music taste!
    *listening on repeat*
    great start on 2011 music!
    I love you!<3

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  11. Makes me very excited! Thank you, they're awesome!!

  12. Brand New and Lydia, two of my favorite bands. so happy and excited!<3
    thank you for sharing. :)

  13. I love book playlists! :D I can't wait to get these songs on my itunes and into a playlist, thanks for sharing! Thanks to Cassie too! :)

    Happy New Year! :D

  14. Niiiice. I really liked the song for Luke/Jocelyn :)

    I didn't know there's a playlist for City of Glass. I can't find it, please help?

  15. All playlists for all the books here:

  16. For Marry Song its by "Band of Horses" not brand :P This is a great playlist. I enjoy how they all in some way relate to moments/characters in the books :)

  17. I love these books and music picks! I love these characters and couldn't help putting some songs to the story as well. Here's a playlist I made for TMI.