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Monday, October 17, 2011

Clockwork Angel Read Along Day 6: Chapter 5, The Shadowhunter's Codex

Welcome! It's day 6 of our Clockwork Angel Read Along! Please be sure to visit our link here for our schedule, guidelines and to fill out the form to be entered to win some fabulous prizes.

Today we're discussing chapter 5. We finally meet Jem! I love the interactions between Jem and Will. Tessa learns a bit about Jem's history, we learn that Will is hiding something and Charlotte and Henry are trying to locate Tessa's brother Nate.

* I adore Will and Jem's interactions together. They have the perfect yin and yang relationship. Jem seems like the more practical, gentle one and Will is the hard to read, sarcastic one. What's your first impression of Jem and Will's relationship?

* There's obviously something going on with Jem, that Will wants to keep a secret and Will seems to be hiding something about himself as well. Tessa takes note that he said he was out drinking, when clearly he wasn't. What secrets do you think Will is keeping and why would he not want Tessa to get Charlotte's help for Jem?

* There's something off about Mr. Mortmain. Do you think he knows more about Tessa's brothers' where about than he's admitting?

Smokeless Fire Blog Tour: Author Interview & Giveaway

We're thrilled to be kicking off the Smokeless Fire blog tour with author Samantha Young! Through out the two week tour, which you can follow here, there will be interviews, guest posts and lots of international GIVEAWAYS!

Set to release on October 21st, 2011, here's a little bit about Smokeless Fire:

For the last two years Ari Johnson's life has been anything but normal, and on her 18th birthday, when her friends surprise her with a gimmick genie claiming to grant wishes, Ari discovers the truth. The tragic and strange occurrences surrounding her 16th birthday were not coincidental and her life is never going to be the same again.

Ari's real parents are not normal. They are not loving. They are not human.

They are myth.

They are Smokeless Fire.

They are Jinn.

Today author Samantha Young stops by via a video to answer some of our questions about her writing.

Thank you Samantha for visiting us today!

To learn more about Smokeless Fire and Samantha Young, be sure to follow her on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads

Giveaway time! Three lucky winners will be drawn to win Smokeless Fire. The 1st Winner will receive a SIGNED copy of Smokeless, and two runner ups will both receive e-book copies of Smokeless Fire.

To enter, please fill out the form below.
- This is open Internationally
- You must be 14 years old & older to enter
- 1 entry per person
- This giveaway will end on October 28th, 2011

Mundane Monday #106

"One must always be careful of books," said Tessa, "and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us."

- Clockwork Angel, page 87, Tessa to Will

- Image found here