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City of Fallen Angels Read A Long Day 15: BEATI BELLICOSI

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Today's discussion is about: Chapter 15: BEATI BELLICOSI
  • I love how Cassie is able to insert bits of humor and sarcasm in between her more intense scenes. In this particular chapter I can't help but laugh out loud over Alec and Magnus's bantering. I mean I understand Alec's hurt, but the back and forth comments between the two are a little amusing. Do you find the humor in COFA eases a bit of the tension that's evident in each chapter? What do you think Alec has a right to treat Magnus the way he is? 
  • I really fell in love with Simon's character in COFA. I felt like he finally grew into the character I had hoped he'd become. Are you surprised at how supportive he is of the different characters in COFA? How have your thoughts / feelings towards Simon changed in COFA?
  • The end of this chapter is full of surprises. Jace drew some sort of rune on Clary that ending up knocking her out, Camille escaped from the Institute, and Maureen is back from the dead and has become a vampire. What the heck is going on and do you think these events are all tied together?

    Please DO NOT POST SPOILERS. There's some fans who are joining the read-a-long who are reading COFA for the first time. 


    1. Cassandra Clare is simply a genius! I definitely love her writing style and yes, a little bit of humor help to ease the evident tension. Being sincere, the first time I've read CoFA I was so curious about what was happening with Jace, because I've madly fallen in live with him since City of Bones, that I used to read the part where Jace was absent very quickly xD Re-reading the book instead made me appreciate every single part of it.
      I don't know why I don't love Simon particulary as a character. I remember when I started City of Bones I hated him and I know that know someone is going to kill me, but I have even happy when he apparently died!! Ahah Of course now the situation is different, one thing that I've really appreciated is how the character had developped during the 4 books. Now I definitely have a sympathy for him. (:
      Oooh Jace!! When he had drawn that kind of runes on Clary I was about to beat him. I mean what the he'll is going on? (:

      1. Grr my Iphone makes me write stupid things!
        *fallen in love
        *I was even happy

    2. *Yes, I love the humor! It's one of my favorite things about Cassandra Clare's writing, and something that distinguishes her from other fantasy authors. And no, I don't think Alec has right to act that way towards Magnus, but I can understand why he feels hurt.

      *I really like how Simon's character has progressed. I feel like he's really grown up a lot and come into his own. I also like how he's become part of the center of this little group, someone that supports everyone else, like you said. Before he was just a tag-along.

      *I don't think I should answer this question because I don't want to give anything away. But I will say that I was horrified when Jace made Clary pass out and that he pretended he wanted to do a binding rune.

    3. I loved the banter, but it also showed how much of an age difference there is between them. Plus, Alec has never had any kind of relationship , as far as we know...

      Forget sparkly boys, the only vampire I will ever love is Simon Lewis. The end.

      Yeah, things got pretty crazy and I had NO idea what could possibly be going on , to tell you the truth....

    4. *I loved the banter between Alec and Magnus. I thought it was kind of sweet to be honest. I think that Alec is a little bit Dramatic, but I can understand where he is coming from. There are so many lines in that scene that make me crack up laughing.

      *I have always loved Simon, but I really enjoyed getting more of him in COFA. He is one of my favorite characters. I think he is just so good at heart, and even becoming a vampire can't change that. If anything I think it makes him even more of a good caring person.

      *I definitely thought they tied together the first time I read it. Whether I am right or wrong I can't say because I don't want anyone who hasn't read it to get swayed one way or the other. I will say that when we do find out it is shocking!!

    5. I love Cassanddras wit,humor and sarcasm; it definately helps with the agnst. Magnus is always good for a laugh...and yes Alec is being a BIT overdramatic but Magnus is his first real relationship....

      No I have always liked Simon, even when he was competeing with Jace for Clary...He is just a nice guy, even being a vampire...he is still the same sweet boy...In COFA he just has grown stronger and more confident....Love Simon

      So many dangerous exciting things happening, am sure they are related but I couldn't figure it out....


    6. I totally don't know what to say to this chapter. Simon. Something is up with him. Like him and all, but he is weird. And that ending? With Jace and Clary? Umm....... yeah. That was surprising. Still like Jace though. He is good. Something is just up with him. He can't be psycho anymore! He's my favorite character!!

    7. I think the scenes between Alec and Magnus are genius- the way Cassandra Clare writes them, I can literally watch the conversation play out in my head, with all the little gestures and character nuances that make them feel real. It definitely eases some of the tension and reminds us that even when things look darkest we should find reasons to laugh.
      I also love how Simon grows into his character in CoFA. It's kind of ironic, isn't it, that he stopped growing older, and then he grew up? He's trying so hard to be a good person (and a bad vampire), and things keep going wrong, but he never gives up.

    8. I lI've Alec's and magnus bantering back and forth. And yes Alex can be a little jealous but I dont think Magnus deserves what alec is dishing out to him. The humor does ease the tension in CoFA I really like Simon in this book and I'm glad he's becoming more involved with everybody else. And omg what's up the time jace drew on clary. Its really freaking me out here. And mo is back from he dead and she's a vampire. I did not see that one coming. And Ihappen nothing horrible happens but I have a feeling thr things aren't going to go so well.

    9. I do love how Cassie eases the tension. I don't think that Alec over reacted to badly. This is
      just the first time he has been in love and over the last few chapters has had to come to grips with the fact the Magnus will not only out live him, but he has to now contemplate Magnus's past relationships. Alec really did change everything for Magnus and he feels utterly betrayed because he doesn't love anybody else, nor could he ever love anybody else and he wanted it to be the same for Magnus.
      I love the change in Simon, he has the heart of a saint. Being a vampire with the Mark of Cain has definitely changed his outlook. I feel like since he can live a normal life then he will help out anyone he can and make a difference.
      A powerful demon must be at work here. Holy bajesus, so many major things happened at the end of this chapter. These events have to be tied together, and I feel like the where orchestrated in a sequence to separate everybody and make them vulnerable.

    10. Actually it really does ease the tense in the story cause there is like a lot going on and of course some humor can help keep the flow of the story. Alec has never had a bpyfriend before right? Magnus is his first love? If so then is not that he has the right to treat Magnus like he is doing so it is just that he doesn't really know how to act properly in a relationship. Relationships are challenging.

      Simon is like my favorite character now hehehe cause Clare focus a lot in him now not like before he used to be just a side character now he belongs in the main story. I'm speechless on Simon all I can say is

      Jace is getting weird again ugh why!?!?! I don't think the Silent Brothers really cured him. Something tells me that Jace, Maureen and Camille are all under the power of Sebastian I just feel it. I may be wrong but I think that's how it is going to emd being.

      Good Night everyone=)

    11. I was so surprised when Maureen came back as a vampire. I think everything is related some how. I just wish Clary could have made Jace stop drawing the rune. Can't wait to see what happens next.

    12. The bantering back and forth between her characters is priceless. I can hear the Brooklyn
      Attitude in both Simon and Clary. I was not a big fan of Simon in COB. I think that Simon showed what type of person he is in city of glass. He could have done What was easy and in his best interest but he didn't. I always thought that in that book Simon stopped being sixteen and turned into a man, He reminds me of Luke Powerful yet patient someone who wouldn't use their power for there own benefit. I think there's a connection,I don't think the shadow hunters believe in coincidence :)

    13. I think that Alec's emotions are justified and that he's just acting on them. Everyone needs their own time to process things. It's not a matter of rights when it comes to emotions.

      I honestly don't have any different feelings about Simon. I liked him from the beginning of this series.

      I think that there is definitely some huge plot piece we're missing.

    14. Magnus is always the humor in Cassie's books but this chapter was great. I find Alec so cute through all this. Totally understand his feeling and I love how affected Magnus is by his emotions.


    15. I love Cassie ability to insert humor at just the right moments. It really adds to the characters and the intense scenes.

      Seeing Simon grow up in this book was awesome. The fact that he was willing to offer help to others didn't really surprise me, he's always seemed like that kind of guy. And I liked him from the very beginning of the series.

      I definitely think there was more going on than what we could see, and if we didn't figure it out by the end of this book, I'm sure we will later. Nothing happens without a reason in this series, so I'm pretty sure it's connected somehow.

    16. *I love the humor! and no, I don't think Alec has right to act that way towards Magnus. it's too much.

      *I really like how Simon's character has progressed. has grown stronger and more confident.

      *I have NO idea what's going on! but I have to say that I wasn't surprised when Maureen came back as a vampire.

    17. I think the rune Jace drew on Clary has something to do with Jace's dreams, and Mo beaming a vampires and Camille escaping are all connected.

    18. I love all the humor in this book, well in all Cassie Clare's books. It just adds a little something special to the stories and makes everythingflow together better. Alec has a right to be mad and process everythinghe is learning but i think he webt a tad overboard without thinking things through.
      Simon has definitely grown up in this book and iI like him so much more because of it. Funny how being a vampire gives you confidence but that is exactly what Simon has now. It's like he is a brand new person and I like that a lot.
      I had a feeling Mo would be a vampire and Camille is just so tricky and sneaky to keep in your sight. I just hate how much Jace is going through and it's sad when you think he made some ground in getting better and then something new happens. Oh course everything bad happens at the same time but i can't quite put my finger on how or if everything is connected together.


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