Monday, November 19, 2012

The Mortal Instruments Movie Monday #8: My 5 Favorite Things About the TMI Movie Trailer

Welcome to this week's edition of The Mortal Instruments Movie Monday. I don't know about you guys, but I still have not recovered from all the TMI Movie awesomeness of last week, and all we got was were the official poster reveals and the first Mortal Instruments: City of Bones trailer. Can you imagine what it's going to be like when the movie is out!?! We might need some "sima down" runes when August rolls around.

Let's talk about that fabulous The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie trailer, shall we. There's so much to discuss about this trailer. Just in case you haven't seen it yet, take a look of what we're all going crazy over here:

I narrowed down my list of things to discuss to 5, which was a hard thing to do, given how amazing I think this trailer is. I don't know how Sony was able to pack so much into less than 2 mins, but they did, and I THANK THEM for it! Here's my list of 5 things I love about the TMI Movie Trailer.

#1- Proof that Jamie Campbell Bower is Jace

I have previously shared part 1 of my conversion story from not being a fan of Jamie being cast as Jace to being 100% convinced that Jamie is the perfect actor to bring our beloved Jace to life. If the teasers you see of him playing Jace in the trailer don't convince, just wait till you see the movie. Once I'm allowed to, I'll be sharing more of my personal belief behind Jamie as Jace closer to the movie's release. 

#2- The Shadowhunters/casting

I honestly do not think they could have cast a more perfect group of actors to bring Cassie's characters to life. One of the things I don't like with books being made into movies is the casting. Often times there are characters who are cast that make me go "what the heck where they thinking in casting them?", but with this movie I'm impressed with who they've cast, and I personally love knowing that didn't just rush in and cast the next big name in Hollywood. The studio cast actors who they felt would do a brilliant job at bringing each of the characters to life. Plus it's extra reassuring knowing they also talked to Cassie, and kept her involved with the movie as well. 

#3- Runes

I LOVE that they kept the original runes that Cassie commissioned Val to do when The Mortal Instruments series was first published. I respect and admire the studio for keeping these the same and not scrapping them to create new ones just for the movie. That again shows me that they went above and beyond to try and keep the series's authenticity real and stay try to the series and what the fans love. 


We got at least three action scenes in the trailer that I can not wait to see on the big screen. The one pictured above, the Hotel scene and Jace and Valentine fighting! I think we're going to be in for a treat with all the action moments that will be taking place in this movie. Not to mention the scene with Simon tackling Madame Dorothea... yeah that shot of Simon's butt in the trailer when paused shows him w/ M.D.  I love knowing that many of the action scenes were filmed by the actors themselves and not their stunt doubles. 

#5- The Silent Brothers

There are a lot of things I loved about this trailer and it's hard narrowing my list down to 5. I can't make a list and not mention the Silent Brothers. These guys creeped me out in the book, but holy freakiness, they are even creepier seeming them come to life! I've said this in an earlier post, the fact that this Silent Brother has eyes is even scarier. If you watch the trailer closely, you can see is eyes! Let's just say there is no way in heck I'd near them... well maybe if one of them turns out to be Will or Jem I would.... maybe. 

What are some of your favorite scenes from the trailer?


  1. Everything.
    Perfect trailer is perfect.

  2. It just looks gooooood. In my packed BD2 showing when the trailer came on, people were whispering about it afterwards. I think it caught their imagination even though it was shown in the middle of fantastic trailers -- Le Miz, Beautiful Creatures, Catching Fire, etc.

    1. LUCKY! I still have not seen this on the big screen *sobs*

  3. Can't wait for this movie. I hope it's just as brilliant as the trailer!

    1. I can't either!!! I wish it was already August. lol


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