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Monday, April 23, 2012

COLS Snippet (4/22)

The duck strikes again! In this post I've included Cassie's recent COLS snippet as well as two questions pertaining to the duck, Will & Jace that Cassie answered on her tumblr.

A smile tugged the edge of Jace’s mouth. “I hate ducks. Don’t know why. I just always have.”


Q: So does this last snippet about the ducks mean Jace is definitely a direct descendant of Will? Or at least that Will lives (she said hopefully)?

 Cassie's ANo, not to rain on anyone’s parade, but it doesn’t mean any of those things. I probably shouldn’t give a list of the thirty ways in which Will and Jace could both hate ducks and still for Will not to be Jace’s great great great grandpa or whatever, but 1) I don’t put up snippets that spoil anything significant and 2) Everyone said the same thing about Jem when I said Emma’s last name was Carstairs! A tangled web it is indeed.  


Q: Someone else has probably already asked you this, but what *was* up with that duck that was stalking Will? And what was it that Cecily did to make it go away and never return?
Cassie's A: Oh, it was Ella, not Cecily — Ella was Will’s older sister, who died, which is why the whole thing is so miserable for him to think about. Of course, he was only five or six, so he may have misjudged the duck’s sinister nature. :) When I was six, I believed there was a squirrel next door that was my deadly enemy.
I don’t think we’ll ever know what Ella did to make the duck go away — I think, like whatever it is Magnus did in Peru to get banned, it’s more funny and more meaningful to not know. Life has small funny mysterious corners to it and sometimes fiction does too.
We know Magnus is the type of person who would get banned from Peru. We know Ella was a cool older sister who was willing to do what she needed to do - even if it meant appearing to argue with a duck - for her beloved little brother. Those I think are the important things. :)

Mundane Monday #132: COLS Celebration Post #2: The COLS PLAYLIST!!

Happy Mundane Monday! Today I've got a lovely treat for you guys! It's the COLS Playlist!!! You'll find the name of the song, the artist, the reason why Cassie choose it, and a few lines from the song below. Enjoy!

Hem Of Your Garment: Cake
This is a great Sebastian song because it's not just about being a bad person, it's about being a bad person but knowing someone much better than you and really wanting to be like them. It's about wanting to be good and not knowing how to be. About feeling unworthy and that just making you angrier than ever.

I have no love but only goals
How very empty is my soul
It is a soul that feels no thrill
A soul that could easily kill
And I'm not fit to touch 
The hem of your garment

Love Me Like the World is Ending: Ben Lee
A lovely love song, but one about mortality and finite-ness and endings. This was a Magnus and Alec song since mortality is much on their minds. "The sky is what makes the ocean blue" = mortality is what makes life worth experiencing.

This is the last day of existence.
And all i want is you.
There's a certain sadness.
But i know, i know, i know, the sky is what makes the ocean blue.
"From Some Dying Star" by Future Bible Heroes
A Sebastian song. More about how other people see him. There's something about very beautiful people who are also very scary and this song gets at that.

Your hair is gold on gold
You're seventeen years old
You make my blood run cold cause you're not human.

Fresh Blood - The Eels
This was a fun song to listen to again when writing some of the creepier scenes in the books. The refrain about needing fresh blood was -- well, there's some vampire action in City of Lost Souls. Some of it is Simon, but some of it ... isn't.

The moon shines in the autumn sky
Growing cold, the leaves all die
I'm more alone than I've ever been
Help me out of the shape I'm in
After the fires, before the flood
My sweet baby, I need fresh blood

First Day of My Life
A Jace and Clary song. It reminded me of what Izzy tells Clary in City of Glass, that Jace basically was half-asleep before he met her, that she's the first person he ever really "saw.'

Yours is the first face that I saw
I think I was blind before I met you

"Poison and Wine" by the Civil Wars
About Sebastian's messed up feelings for his sister. You can interpret it . . . however you want! 

You only know what I want you to
I know everything you don't want me to
Oh your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine
Oh you think your dreams are the same as mine
Oh I don't love you but I always will

"Honey and the Moon" by Joseph Arthur
This one is also for Jace and Clary. They are once again in an impossible situation in this book; they love each other, but as Lilith said, some love can burn the world down. I feel like this song is also about what it's okay to do for love, and whether love is a moral force or outside morals.

We're made out of blood and rust
looking for someone to trust
a fight
But right now
everything you want is wrong,
and right now
all your dreams are waking up,
and right now
I wish that I could follow you
to the shores
of freedom
where no one lives

"White Blank Page" by Mumford and Sons
Who doesn't love this song? The lyrics could work for Maia and Jordan, Magnus and Alec, Jace and Clary . . .what if love's not enough?

Oh tell me now, where was my fault
In loving you with my whole heart?
Lead me to the truth and I will follow you with my whole life
Oh, lead me to the truth and I will follow you with my whole life

"Fistful of Love" by Antony and the Johnsons
This is a creepy song. It's not a love song, even if it is. A Jocelyn and Valentine song — I think after CoLS it will make sense that they get a song, even if Valentine's dead.

And I feel your fists
And I know it's out of love
And I feel the whip
And I know it's out of love
And I feel your burning eyes burning holes
Straight through my heart
It's out of love 

"Lead Me Into the Night" the Cardigans
Magnus and Alec. Mainly Magnus - there is something about the lyrics that makes me think of Magnus, who is pretty worn out and tired of life by the time he meets Alec, who wears his heart on his sleeve , and wakes Magnus up out of his disillusionment and boredom with the world.

And lead me into the night
Please drive away the light
Cause I’ve been blinded by glitter and gold
My eyes need to rest from this light
And sleep well at night
I traveled east and I traveled west
And I found a boy with a heart on his chest

"Battle for the Sun" Placebo
We had a song about Sebastian's messed up feelings for Clary. Here's one about his messed up feelings about Jace.

I will battle for the sun
And I won’t stop until I’m done

You are a cheap and nasty fake
And I am the bones you couldn’t break

Dream brother, my killer, my lover

"Sweet Talk" The Killers
I usually have a song I listen to when I'm writing action scenes and this time, this was it. I also liked the thematic imagery about angels, grace, and the Fall.

Dig me out from this thorn tree
Help me bury my shame
Keep my eyes from the fire
They can’t handle the flame
Grace cut out from my brothers
When most of them fell
I carry it well.

"Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard and Mark√©ta Irglov√°
One for Jace. This is possibly Clary's point of view on him, but it does - in kind of a bleak bunch of songs! - have for me the theme not just of love but also of the hopefulness of the fact that we always have choices about what we do.

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice

"Our Way to Fall" Yo La Tengo
My Simon and Izzy song. It makes me think of how awkward Simon was when he met her, and how he's grown into being someone who she could maybe love and maybe love her.

I remember a summer's day
I remember walking up to you
I remember my face turned red
And I remember staring at my feet
I remember before we met
I remember sitting next to you
And I remember pretending I wasn't looking

So we'll try and try
Even if it lasts an hour
With all our might
We'll try and make it ours
Cause we're on our way
We're on our way to fall in love

First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes
A Jace and Clary song. It reminded me of what Izzy tells Clary in City of Glass, that Jace basically was half-asleep before he met her, that she's the first person he ever really "saw.'

Yours is the first face that I saw
I think I was blind before I met you

And lastly, "Opened Once" by Jeff Buckley 
The majority of City of Lost Souls is Clary's story, because the majority of the series has always been her story. So this song is for her (and a bit for Jace since he does see her as she is and love her for that), for her vulnerability in loving Jace, and for her feelings of confusion and being left behind and abandoned, and the courage she finally finds.

I once was open 
And one with a travelling heart 
I loved this sweet guy
Just like the fiction 
Rushing in your riverbed 
Arise like applause in my head
And in the half-light 
Where we both stand 
This is the half-light 
See me as I am
Just like the ocean 
Always in love with the moon 
We fly right over 
The minds of so many in pain 
We are the smile of light that brings them rain
In the half light 
Where we both stand 
In the half light 
You saw me as I am
I am a railroad track abandoned 
With the sunset 
I ever happened 
That I ever happened.

City of Fallen Angels Read A Long Day 6: Wake The Dead

Welcome to Day 6 of the City of Fallen Angels Read-A-Long. You can follow the entire read-a-long and find each of the day's posts here. Remember there's no right or wrong way to participate. Your comments can be as long or a short as you'd like them to be. You can answer one or each of the questions asked, it's totally up to you, BUT, in order to be entered into the COLS giveaway (which you also had to sign up to win), you do need to be actively participating in the read-a-long. 

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 6: Wake The Dead

This is quite an interesting chapter. Jace and Simon and hanging out, more dead are showing up, Clary uses her power to get answers from the dead,  we find out Camille is behind the deaths, and the famous mango scene happens *snickers*
  • What do you guys make of Jace and Simon hanging out? Neither of them has really gotten along through out the series, and now they're hanging out together. Don't get me wrong, I love the snarky comments that fly back and forth between the two, but why would Jace be hanging out with Simon vs Clary? 
  • What do you think of Clary's ability to contact the dead? Do you think this is something that's going to lead her into trouble?
  • Are you shocked to find Camille is behind the killings? What do you think her motive is?

Please DO NOT POST SPOILERS. There's some fans who are joining the read-a-long who are reading COFA for the first time. 

COLS Trending
Following with our TMI Twitter Trend until COLS is out, we'll be trending #SaveJace today! Our first week we got to #1, and last week we got TMI to trend at #2. Let's see if we can get to #1 again. Be sure to join in the fun at 1 pm EST.

Must Have Middle Grade Reads

Welcome to this week's edition of Must Have Middle Grade Reads, a weekly feature here on Mundie Moms where I spotlight last week's middle grade books I reviewed on Mundie Kids. This week's Must Have Middle Grade reads feature is a for a Cover Reveal for Stephanie Burgis's STOLEN MAGIC, the 3rd Book in the Kat The Incorrigible series

I totally love this MG series, and I highly recommend it if you've not already picked it up. Stop by Mundie Kids to see the entire cover jacket and find out more about the Stolen Magic. 

Middle Grade Monday:
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