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Monday, August 20, 2012

TMI Movie News: Filming Day 1

TMI movie filming started today!!! I know, we've been dancing around with excitement all day today. It's FINALLY happening. We're not the only ones going Shadowhunter crazy, TMI fans have been going crazy over the pictures have been surfacing today. Check out a few of them below featuring Jace (Jamie), Isabelle (Jemima), Clary (Lily), and Alec (Kevin)....

Check out more pictures via Cassie's tumblr here, here and here.

Thanks to TMI Source, who put together this fabulous TMI Movie Guide, fans can stay in the know with everything TMI Movie related. Quoted from their tumblr post, here's what you need to know:

TMI MOVIE GUIDE Filming Dates:
August 20-November in Toronto

Filming Locations:
Toronto, New York City

Toronto Filming Locations:

Theatrical Release Date:
August 23, 2013 (U.S.)

Production Companies: 
Constantin Films, Unique Features

Sony Pictures, Screen Gems

Harald Zwart

Official Website:

Follow the Cast & Crew on Twitter:
Cassandra Clare: @cassieclare
Martin Moszkowicz (Executive Producer): @mmoszkowicz
Jessica Postigo (Screenwriter): @JessPostigo
Lily Collins (Clary): @LilyAsClaryFray@lilycollins
Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace): @Jamiebower
Kevin Zegers (Alec): @kevinzegers1984
Godfrey Gao (Magnus): @GodfreyGao
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Valentine): @JRM_official
Lena Headey (Jocelyn): @IAMLenaHeadey
Harald Zwart (Director): @HaraldZwart
Marlene King (Screenwriter): @iMarleneKing
Mark (Make-Up): @3BArtistry
On Set Stunts: @On_Set_Stunts
Alain Moussi (Stuntman): @AlainMoussi
Sony Pictures: @SonyPictures

TMI Fan Sites:

Lily Collins (Clary Fray)
Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace Wayland)
Robert Sheehan (Simon Lewis)
Jemima West (Isabelle Lightwood)
Kevin Zegers (Alec Lightwood)
Godfrey Gao (Magnus Bane)
Lena Headey (Jocelyn Fray)
Aidan Turner (Luke Garroway)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Valentine Morgenstern)
Jared Harris (Hodge Starkweather)
CCH Pounder (Madame Dorthea)
Stephen R. Hart (Brother Jeremiah)
Kevin Durand (Emil Pangborn)
Robert Maillet (Samuel Blackwell)

Director: Harald Zwart
Producers: Robert Kulzer (Constantin Film, Don Carmody
Executive Producers: Martin Moszkowicz (Constantin Film), Dylan Sellers (Unique Features), Michael Lynne (Unique Features), Robert Shaye (Unique Features)
Line Producer: Hartley Gorenstein
Script: Jessica Postigo; I. Marlene King; Based On Novel By: Cassandra Clare
Cinematography: Geir Hartly Andreassen
Casting Director: Stephanie Corsalini
Production Design: François Séguin
Art Direction: Anthony A. Ianni
Prosthetic Makeup Artist: Graham Chivers
Makeup Effects Lab Technician: Jeff Derushie
Makeup Effects Designer: Paul Jones
Special Effects Makeup: Mark Wotton
First Assistant Director: Marty Eli Schwartz
Concept Designer: Henry Fong
Set Decoration Buyer: Patricia Larman
First Assistant Art Director: Andra Totirescu
Set Designer: Andra Totirescu
Construction Coordinator: Rob Valeriote
Special Effects Coordinator: Tony Kenny
Visual Effects Coordinator: Alex Branton
Stunt Coordinator: Jean Frenette
Fight Coordinator: Jean Frenette
Assistant Fight Coordinator: Jason Cavalier
Stunt Double (Lily Collins): Naomi Frenette
Utility Stunts: Dennis Lafond, Maxime Savaria
Best Boy Electric: Kevin Barnes
Gaffer: Michael L. Hall
Still Photographer: Rafy
“A” Camera Operator: Robert Stecko
“A” Camera First Assistant: Dean Stinchcombe
Casting Associate: Charley Medigovich
Cast Personal Trainer: Nuno Capitao de Salles
Production Resources: Deborah Harpur
Payroll Accountant: Andrew G. Munro
Second Assistant Accountant: Sonia Singh
Location Manager: Jonathan Matthews

Mundane Monday #150

Guess what today is!?!? The 1st of FILMING for the TMI MOVIE!!! I know, I am so excited about this. There's already been a few reports floating around on twitter from the few lucky enough to stop by the set. In honor of the TMI movie filming today's quote comes from City of Bones.

Isabelle cast an indifferent look at Simon. "I suppose not," she said. absently dropping a piece of fish on the floor. Church fell on it ravenously.

"No wonder he brought us here," said Jace disgustedly. "I can't believe you've been stuffing him with fish again. He's looking distinctly podgy."

"He does not look podgy. Besides, none of the rest of you ever eat anything. I got this recipe from a water sprite at the Chelsea Market. He said it was delicious-"

"If you knew how to cook, maybe I would eat," Jace muttered.
Isabelle froze, her spoon poised dangerously. "What did you say?"

Jace edged toward the fridge. "I said I'm going to look for a snack to eat."

"That's what I though you said." Isabelle returned her attention to the soup. Simon continued to stare at Isabelle.

- City of Bones, page 137

Don't forget to stop by TMI Source's Movie Monday. A feature Alyssa's been hosting for the past 14 weeks that myself, TMI Institute, TMI Examiner, Alyssa herself and TMI News en Espanol have all been taking part in. This week we're talking about the flash back scene from Valentine's circle.

Must Have Middle Grade Reads

Welcome to this week's edition of Must Have Middle Grade Reads, a weekly feature here on Mundie Moms where I spotlight last week's middle grade books I reviewed on Mundie Kids. I've been on vacation for the past 9 days and didn't read as much as I had hoped to. Here's a list of some of last week's features on Mundie Kids:

Though I've not yet had the chance to review this book, I have heard nothing but good things about this book. I had the chance to interview author Annabel Pitcher on Mundie Kids last week, and you can check out my interview here. Look for my review to be up in the coming weeks. 

By: Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams
Published by: Aladdin
Released on: August 7th, 2012
Ages: 8 & up
Source: book from the authors to review
4.5 stars: I Really Enjoyed
Purchase from: Aladdin | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

After pulling a magical thunderbolt from a stone, ten-year-old Zeus goes on the adventure of a lifetime in this thrilling start to a brand-new series!

The terrible Titans—merciless giants who enjoy snacking on humans—have dominated the earth and put the world into chaos. But their rule is about to be put to the test as a group of young Olympians discover their powers and prepare to righteously rule the universe....      

Ten-year-old Zeus is mystified (and super-annoyed) by the fact that he keeps getting hit by lightening. Every. Single. Year. He also longs for adventure, as he has never been far from the cave where he grew up.      

Zeus gets his wish—and a lot more than he bargained for—when he is kidnapped by dangerous, giant Titans! In self-defense, Zeus grabs the first thing he sees—an actual thunderbolt he pulls from a stone that is covered in mysterious markings. Zeus is the only one who can decipher the markings, and sets off on a quest to rescue his fellow Olympians from the evil Cronus. Armed with his trusty thunderbolt (named Bolt, of course), Zeus is on an adventure of a lifetime—and a journey to fulfill his destiny as King of the Gods - quoted from Goodreads

From the authors of the Goddess Girls series, comes a brand new series with whole new cast of characters, Heroes in Training. Though some of the characters have the same name of those who are in their Goddess Girls series, these characters are anything but the same. I really enjoyed the creative spin Joan and Suzanne have given this Zeus. It makes reading about his epic adventure appealing to a much younger audience and it's a great introduction to Greek mythology for young readers. Combine that with the length of this book, and I think this one even a reluctant reader will enjoy. It's a fun, fast paced read with a handful of great illustrations that help bring this story to life.  You can read the rest of my 4.5 star review here

Today on Mundie Kids I have the privilege of kicking of Claire Legrand's blog tour for her upcoming release, The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls! Stop by here to read my interview with her, read an excerpt and ENTER to win a copy of the book!

Middle Grade Monday:
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