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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Dark Artifices Titles and Inspiration

Artwork courtesy of The Manila Institute.

 Cassie revealed on her tumblr the names of the the three The Dark Artifices books -- Lady Midnight, Prince of Shadows, The Queen of Air and Darkness.

Then someone asked her if these were Arthurian inspired titles. Here's Cassie's answer:
This puzzled me, so I googled a bit and realized that one of the books of The Once And Future King is called The Queen of Air and Darkness. I have read The Once and Future King, but I think I spaced that bit because the actual source of the phrase is a poem by AE Houseman:

Her strong enchantments failing,
Her towers of fear in wreck,
Her limbecks dried of poisons
And the knife at her neck,

The Queen of air and darkness
Begins to shrill and cry,
`O young man, O my slayer
To-morrow you shall die.'

O Queen of air and darkness
I think 'tis truth you say,
And I shall die to-morrow;
But you shall die to-day.

So, fond as I am of Arthurian myth, there’s no actual connection with TDA.
What do you guys think of the titles and the inspiration? I think they sound like books I want to read now.

Clockwork Prince Read Along Day #13: Chapter 12

Only 15 more days till Clockwork Princess is out!!!

Welcome to Day 13 of the Clockwork Prince Read Along. You can follow the entire read-a-long and find each of the day's posts here. Remember there's no right or wrong way to participate. Your comments can be as long or a short as you'd like them to be. You can answer one or each of the questions asked, it's totally up to you, BUT, in order to be entered into the CP giveaway (which you also had to sign up to win), you do need to be actively participating in the read-a-long. 

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 12
  • Oh plot twist! Were you guys as shocked as I was about Nate, Tessa's brother, being in love with "Jessie", as he calls her? I can't believe she would betray the Shadowhunters the way she has. That's a low blow, even for Jessamine, at least I had thought it was. Did you guys see that one coming?
  • Hyacinth's introduction to the storyline complicates things a bit more. What do you make of what she was trying to tell Tessa? She apparently knows what Tessa is, but hasn't come out and said exactly what that is.
  • Holy HOT balcony kiss!! FINALLY Will and Tessa have their make out moment. That was just as hot as Tessa & Jem's. Leave it to Magnus to interrupt and um, point out that the lemonade they had, had warlock powder in it. As Magnus points out, "The kind that lowers your inhibitions and makes you do thing you would" - "not otherwise do." Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh at that. I think these two would have kissed no matter, though the urgency behind that kiss might have been less had they not had the drink. What do you guys think? Was this a "about time" kiss or a mistake? 
Please DO NOT POST SPOILERS. There's some fans who are joining the read-a-long who are reading Clockwork Prince for the first time. 

The Mortal Instruments Movie Monday #14: Magnus

Welcome to this week's edition of The Mortal Instruments Movie Monday. Today's topic of discussion is MTV's reveal of Magnus! I feel like it's been ages since we've all been axiously awaiting the reveal of Godfrey Gao as Magnus, when really it's only been a few months. Okay maybe more than months, as ever since Godfrey was cast I've been waiting to him all glittered up.  What a reveal we received!

MAGNUS! I'm loving that glitter!  Aside from Jace, Mangus's casting was the one I was most worried about. Yeah, Godfrey is Magnus. I can not wait to see Magnus's party on the big screen. 

A couple things with this reveal (these stills are ones Cassie reposted): 

1) I love that both Izzy and Jace think Magnus is talking about them.
2) Jace's glance over his shoulder at Alec is priceless.
3) Godfrey has totally brought Magnus to life!
4)  Um, I think Magnus forgot his pants...... *snickers*. I'm not sure I get why Magnus would be at his own party without pants on

What do you guys think about our Magnus? Does he look like the Magnus you had pictured in your mind?