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Friday, April 5, 2013

Freebie Friday: Enter to Win A Box Set of The Infernal Devices Series

Happy Friday!! No Friday is complete without a giveaway. Am I right? I think Will would agree with me since I'm giving away the series he's in. You guys know how much I LOVE this series. The Infernal Devices are my FAVORITE series of Cassie, and one of my ALL TIME favorite YA series. Recently I posted my 5 star (spoiler free) review of Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Princess here on the blog. CLOCKWORK PRINCESS is my favorite Cassie book, hands down. She could not have a written a more perfect wrap up for this series *sighs* I think I need to go read it again....

Thank you to Cheryl at Appliances Online, I have A BOX SET of the Infernal Devices series to giveaway to 1 lucky Shadowhunter fan! To enter, please fill out the form below (open to residents in the US, UK and Canada *be sure to read the rules/regulations before entering).

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Good Luck & Happy Friday!

A New Shadowhunter Tarot Card!

Cassie shared another *must have* Shadowhunter Tarot Card yesterday on Tumblr: Simon & Izzy!

From Cassandra Jean’s Shadowhunter Tarot — there were just so many requests for Simon/Izzy it had to be done. They take the Ace of Swords/Blades which can mean unity and breakthroughs. Also Simon is holding Glorious which is definitely worthy of being the Ace of Blades.

Cassie Answers Fans Questions Regarding Eye Color & Accents from The TMI Movie Trailer

Cassie took to Tumblr yesterday to answer fan's questions about the difference in eye colors and accents in the movie trailer. Here's what she said: 

I was wondering if you could tell us what to expect Aidan’s voice to sound like as Luke. Will he still have his Irish accent? British? American? I adore Luke as well as Aidan and I’m dying to know. — thorntonoakenshield “ 
I know, Aidan, right? AIDAN TURNER. We’re so lucky to have him. I hope we see more Luke in upcoming promo stuff.
Ah, the accents. My understanding is that the Shadowhunters speak in British accents by and large, even Kevin, who of course is Canadian, and that Harald did this because he wanted to underscore that the Shadowhunters were different from the mundanes around them, and also because faking an accent, while totally possible for actors and nothing these actors couldn’t do, does add an extra burden on them and I believe he wanted their acting to be as naturalistic as possible. And he didn’t want anyone faking an “Idrisian” accent because that means a made up accent and that sounds silly.
Aidan, however, as far as I could tell from being on set, sounds like himself — Irish. (And his own voice is a beautiful voice - it sounds like fuzzy cat’s fur. If I could pick one of the actors to record an outgoing voicemail message for me it would be Aidan.) Blackwell sounds like himself — he has a French accent. I think the idea is that Idris would have all sorts of accents because the Shadowhunters basically live all over.
Anyway, this is so far from in any way being my decision, but I actually like the British accents. They’re sexy. What can I say, I’m American, I like British accents. Your mileage may vary.
“Hi Cassie! I don’t know if you’ve already answered this question or not, but will the color of Jace’s eyes in the upcoming movie be gold like in the book? From what I’ve seen in the trailer, his eyes are blue, so yeah. thanks! — heart-of-mine”
Right, but they’re gold in the poster, so who knows? These are questions you should probably be asking Harald. He has a tumblr! And he is actually better about answering questions than me!
I don’t know what the ultimate decision regarding eyes will be. The actors didn’t wear contacts. This is again IIRC Harald wanting them to act as naturalistically as possible. I often see people saying “But the actor could easily wear contacts!” whereas in fact contacts are a pain — they often hurt, they restrict peripheral vision which is a problem if you’re doing action scenes, they mean the actor is always aware of them and paying attention to them instead of the acting. Godfrey didn’t wear contacts; his cat eyes were added in with visual effects after production and visual effects are ongoing, so I can’t say whether any other actor’s eyes will be tinted or changed. I just don’t know. I can say Jamie has beautiful blue eyes naturally and in a way it seems a shame to cover them up! — I guess we’ll see what happens.
Anyway, I’m not trying to defend movie decisions to you, because these are decisions I didn’t make so it seems silly. Also by and large I don’t know much about them. All I can say is that thought was put into the decisions so if they’re decisions you don’t agree with that’s cool, you’re totally entitled, but they weren’t made because the people involved didn’t read the books or didn’t care. Sometimes they have to make decisions like “Would it be better for Jamie to wear contacts, or be able to do his own stunts?” and they might make a decision about that that you wouldn’t, is all.

TMI Movie Trailer: What's Your Favorite Scene?

Mortal Movie wants to know what your favorite part of the new Trailer is. Stop by HERE and let them know!