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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's Confirmed, the TMI Movie Will Be Released in the US on August 21st!

I just received official word from Sony Pictures that The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie will be released in the US on AUGUST 21st, 2013!!!! 

Here's the LOVELY movie pic to go with this exciting confirmation! You guys, that means 3 MONTHS FROM TODAY!! Can you believe it?!?! I can not wait! 

Other Links:
Cassandra Clare has also announced the new date here
Official Updates: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook 

City of Heavenly Fire Teaser

Yesterday Cassie shared this teaser from City of Heavenly Fire:

His eyes shone when he looked at her, green as spring grass.
He has always had green eyes, said the voice in her head. People often marvel at how much alike you are, he and your mother and yourself. His name is Jonathan and he is your brother; he has always protected you.
Somewhere in the back of Clary’s mind she saw black eyes and whip marks, but she didn’t know why. He’s your brother. He’s your brother, and he’s always taken care of you.

CASSIE! YOU ARE KILLING ME with these teasers! I know that's the point of them, but that is one heck of a teaser. Also, you can't leave us hanging like that..... we need more of this one, pretty please. ;) 

TMI Movie News: A New Movie Release Date & More

There's been some EXCITING news surrounding a new cover photo Sony Picture's Mortal Movie facebook page shared yesterday:

See anything different? That AUGUST 21st date is looking mighty pretty sitting front and center there! That's right, 3 MONTHS FROM TODAY we'll have our movie! That's up two days from the original release date of August 23rd! I know, talk about the best present Sony Pictures could give us fans! I'm just saying I won't complain if they want to move the release date up a month or two....

In other movie news, Cassie recently shared this picture of herself pointing to that sexy TMI movie poster hanging way up high on that wall. Not sure what it's so high, but I'm glad it's displayed!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie makes 17 magazine's list of Must See Summer Movies! Cassie posted that exciting news here. Here's what they had to say:

Jace says: that’s right I am :>

Yes Jace, you are! ;)

Along with Sony's sneakiness on changing the movie release date, Cassie snuck a tumblr picture change on us that features a still from the movie! Have you guys scene the TMI Movie image of Jace and Clary? I'm thinking we need MORE of this picture. lol I love the new avatar and this picture! Don't ask me, but for some reason I want to insert one of those bubbles between Jace and Clary's head that has Jace saying, "As You Wish" to Clary. Don't judge me. I've had little sleep, and for some reason The Princess Bride quote jumped into my head with this picture, which by the way, I love.

New TMI Fanart

Okay, I don't know about you guys, but I've become obsessed with Cassandra Jean's TMI artwork. Here are two of her latest pieces, and what Cassie had to say about them.

I missed this when CJ put it up! This is beautiful Sebastian fanart and there are some essay-length smart comments in the reblogs. Readers constantly amaze me! And it is indeed the central question about Jonathan/Sebastian.
Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments (written by@CassieClare!) 
Is his personality nature or nurture - or both?! 

I love this one! Stephen & Amatis. 

Cassandra Jean is on a mission to kill us all with feels!
Oh, the Herondale boys and their great, doomed loves.
Young Circle!Stephen&Amatis. (TMI written by @CassieClare)
I love the idea of candid photos of characters.
I meant to draw something more epic but I have a raging fever and headache so this will have to do~!

Here's a newer, well newer to me, TMI artist who's artwork I'm loving! Cassie featured this here, and had this to say:
Jace and Jem, the musicians. 
(C) Cassandra Clare
0-s-0 cinash 
Goes with The Artists of The Shadowhunter Books. Fanart! <3 i="">