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Monday, June 17, 2013

City of Heavenly Fire Snippet

Check out Cassie's newest City of Heavenly Fire snippet:
COHF snippet
Black for hunting through the night
For death and mourning the color’s white
Gold for a bride in her wedding gown
And red to call enchantment down.
White silk when our bodies burn,
Blue banners when the lost return.
Flame for the birth of a Nephilim,
And to wash away our sins.
Gray for knowledge best untold,
Bone for those who don’t grow old.
Saffron lights the victory march,
Green will mend our broken hearts.
Silver for the demon towers,
And bronze to summon wicked powers.
— Shadowhunter children’s rhyme

I love this! Oh Cassie, you're slaying me with these teasers. I can't wait till next year for this book to be out.....
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It's CONFIRMED! The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Red Carpet Premiere Will Be In Los Angeles, CA on 8/12/13!

Really, and I do mean really early this morning when I was up long before the sun was up my time, I had reposted and tweeted that the TMI Movie red carpet premiere was said to be announced to happen on August 12th, 2013. Now that Cassie has posted about it, I'm announcing it HERE!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for August 12th! I am seriously dying of fangirl excitement. This movie is going to be amazing! I'll some of you there!

Win A Trip to The Movie Set of Vampire Academy in LONDON!

Yes, you read that right. WIN A TRIP TO THE MOVIE SET OF VAMPIRE ACADEMY, which is currently being filmed in LONDON! I know! Exciting right? The Vampire Academy is being made into a movie!!! I can not wait to see how this movie comes together. The Weinstein Company, which are the produces for Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters wants to send ONE LUCKY fan (and a traveling companion) to LONDON to visit the set, and hang out with the cast of the movie! How AWESOME is this? Talk about a trip of a life time!

To enter, please go HERE! *US residents only* All you need to do is fill out the information on this link in order to be entered to win. AND that's not all, they're also giving away 100 1st place prizes! 100 fans will win SIGNED cast posters. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure if you under age you get a parent/guardian's permission to enter. Head over to HERE and enter!

If a Mundie Moms wins, you HAVE to take pictures of you and Dimitri together. ;)

PROXY by Alex London, Blog Tour; Excerpt & Giveaway

Happy Monday! Welcome to today's tour stop for Penguin Teen's, PROXY by Alex London.  I'm excited to share with you an excerpt from Alex's newest release, as well as the inspiration behind the story.

Proxy excerpt: 
He’d missed more nonrefundable school days for “volunteer work” – Xelon corporate code for forced labor – than anybody else in his class. He felt like he’d hauled every ton of cement in the Hayek Memorial Dam up the mountain by himself and single-handedly ripped all the copper wire from all of Old Denver. He figured his was the worst patron anyone had ever had in all of history.
But that was the system. Patrons owned the debt and proxies took their punishments. A simple contract, a free market. Debts had to be paid.” – page 15, PROXY

The inspiration for ProxyI suppose it started in 4th or 5th grade when I read Sid Fleischman’s The Whipping Boy. The story of a bratty prince and the poor, put-upon boy who takes punishments in his place is the obvious inspiration for the concept at work in Proxy. There are actually references to The Whipping Boy threaded throughout the bookI’m curious if anyone will catch them all.

But The Whipping Boy was just the concept. A novel is complicated genii to summon and it usually grants wishes you didn't ask for, so the inspiration for the world of Proxy, the story, and the characters, came from more sources that I’m probably even aware of. A Tale of Two Cities played into some of the ideas of class and revolution and redemption. And I was thinking a lot about the shooting of Trayvon Martin as I revised the book--how, in our country, being young and black or simply being poor of any race, can be enough to get killed or thrown in jail or suffer all kinds of abuse at the hands of power. For example, I have a very different relationship with the police, than someone my exact age in East New York or parts of the South Bronx. So I was thinking a lot about privilege and power when I wrote the book, and how two boys in the same city could have such vastly different experiences of their shared society.

At the same time, I love futuristic action stories, so there's as much Blade Runner and Mad Max informing my imagination as there is Franz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth.  I like my books filled with big ideas and big explosions. I hope Proxy satisfies on both counts.

About The Book

The adventure novel of the year! Inspired by The Whipping Boy and Feed, this adrenaline-fueled thriller will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games for its razor-sharp insights into the nature of human survival and its clever writing.Knox was born into one of the City's wealthiest families. A Patron, he has everything a boy could possibly want—the latest tech, the coolest clothes, and a Proxy to take all his punishments. When Knox breaks a vase, Syd is beaten. When Knox plays a practical joke, Syd is forced to haul rocks. And when Knox crashes a car, killing one of his friends, Syd is branded and sentenced to death.

Syd is a Proxy.  His life is not his own.

Then again, neither is Knox’s. Knox and Syd have more in common than either would guess. So when Knox and Syd realize that the only way to beat the system is to save each other, they flee. Yet Knox’s father is no ordinary Patron, and Syd is no ordinary Proxy. The ensuing cross-country chase will uncover a secret society of rebels, test both boys’ resolve, and shine a blinding light onto a world of those who owe and those who pay. Some debts, it turns out, cannot be repaid.

A fast-paced, thrill-ride of novel full of non-stop action, heart-hammering suspense and true friendship—just as moving as it is exhilarating. Fans of Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider series, James Dashner's Maze Runner, Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking series, and Marie Lu's Legend will be swept away by this story.


About Alex London: Alex London writes book for adults, children and teens. At one time a journalist who traveled the world reporting from conflict zones and refugee camps, he now is a full time novelist living in Brooklyn.

You can find Alex London on twitter and his website

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The Giveaway:

Thank you to Penguin Teen, I have an ARC of Alex London's PROXY to giveaway to one lucky tour follower. Please fill out the form below to enter.
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Stop by Penguin Teen's tumblr page to find out more about Alex HERE.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones UK Trailer

Check out the newly released UK trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones that MSN.UK released here.

Not too much longer and we'll all be watching this movie on the big screen!

UK fans wanting to purchase tickets to Waterstone's Cassie Clare signing happening there on July 4th at 6:30 can purchase their tickets HERE. With her will be Jamie Campbell Bower and Sarah Rees Brennan!

BEA: Cassandra Clare Signing & SIGNED City of Bones Movie Tie-In GIVEAWAY

Cassie & I

The night after the TMI Movie Party (which I posted about here with a giveaway), Cassie signed the movie tie-in edition of City of Bones at BEA! Tickets for this event went fast. Some fans told me they started lining up before 6 am to get them. Those are dedicated fans!

Cassie & I

One of the things I love about going to a Cassie Clare signing is being able to help out during the signing. This not only allows me the chance to meet a ton of fans, but I get to see the looks on the fans's faces when they meet Cassie for the first. Check out the priceless look on this fan's face above. I love it! 

There were over 200 tickets giving away, and because tickets were given out by BEA earlier then they were suppose to, Simon & Schuster were generous with the additional few copies they had of the book, and gave them to fans who stopped by to say hi to Cassie after the tickets fans had gone through the line. 

When ever Cassie and I are together for her signing we always take a vote for which of her characters are a fan favorite from the city we're in. Normally Jace wins, though when we first did the tallying Magnus won in Austin (I'm so proud to be from Austin). This time around in asking fans which fan they liked the most the majority said WILL! YAY WILL!! 

Check out these loyal fans! The line to get into the line for the signing. 

The actual line for the signing table. 

It was so great getting to meet so many of Cassie's fans. Huge props to those who stood in line to get books signed for their Mom, kids, teens, teachers and librarians. 

THANK YOU to Cassie & Simon & Schuster, I have  SIGNED City of Bones movie tie-in edition to GIVEAWAY!!!! 

This book pictured above is the book 1 LUCKY fan will win. This giveaway is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY!!! To enter, fill out the form below:

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You can check out my other BEA posts here. I'll have more posts and giveaways from BEA coming up soon. 

Simon & Schuster's The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Party at BEA Re-Cap & GIVEAWAY!

Kami Garcia, Cassandra Clare, Myself (photo credit to Vania Stoyanova)

WOW! Does Simon & Schuster know how to throw a party! The main reason for my coming to BEA and NYC this year was for Simon & Schuster's TMI Movie Party for Cassie. WOW! WOW! WOW! They threw a Magnus sized party for Cassie, and I was honored to be able to be there. I'm pretty sure Magnus would highly approve of what they did. I know many of us were left speechless. Not only was it my first time to attend BEA this year, but it was my first time in NYC. WOW! What an amazing city. I'll post more about my adventures around the Big Apple and at BEA in another post. I'm not sure my next visit can be topped by this one.

The Party

This is where the fabulous TMI movie party was held. Kind of looks like the Institute doesn't it? I'm pretty sure Magnus had a hand with what they did with the inside.

See what I mean!?! It was amazing! The pictures don't even do it justice. Simon & Schuster knows how to throw a part. What I didn't get a picture of were the runes on the ground, and the Tera Card readings that were happening. You can see those pictures here, that Cassie posted. It was amazing, as they did have movie props on display.

Cassie & I

The Movie Props

(Josh, Cassie Clare & Myself being filmed by a film crew as we're taking pictures of the movie props).

I LOVED the Sony allowed Simon & Schuster to display the props from the movie. Take for granted I didn't get pictures of everything there, but I did get pictures of a few things. All I can say is WOW! The attention to detail on these things is amazing. Even though I was on set, just from seeing these props gives me so much confidence in Sony and how right they are going to get this movie!

The Mortal Cup

  Izzy's necklace & Jace's ring

The Shadowhunt Codex, I know, I want this book too!