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Friday, July 5, 2013

The TMI Mall Tour Will Be Coming to The Mall of America


We think we can tell you a stop on the Mall Tour! We don't have official word, but this is on the Mall of America Website! Fans, checks your malls' website and see if you see anything TMI! Let us know!

Cassie's Waterstone Piccadily Signing Recap

St. James Church (photo: Waterstone's Piccadilly twitter)

St. James Church (photo: Waterstones Piccadilly twitter)
There were even appropriately themed cupcakes:

From twitter @openonabook

Sarah, Cassie and Jamie with Waterstones' booksellers. (photo: Waterstone's Piccadilly twitter)

And thanks to Mona liza on youtube, here's the video of Jamie singing:

Sarah Rees Brennan also captured the emotion of the signing so well on her blog post:

Jamie, what a sweetheart: gave Cassie his cap to keep the sun out of her eyes, nobly bore it when addressed as ‘rock star’ ‘hot stuff’ and ‘Blondie’ by cruel me and cruel Cassie, spoke of his great love for his boyfriend Kevin Zegers, revealed he ad-libbed my favourite line in the movie, and then sang two songs to thank the readers for coming.

The readers, what a constellation of awesome: It was so excellent to see people gather as Jamie sang, see how much they love Cassie’s stories, and how delighted they were to see them come to life.
Sounds like it was one memorable evening in a Shadowhunter-perfect setting -- Cassie signing, Jamie singing and Sarah emcee-ing. I so wish we could have all joined them, MMs.

Hebel Design Necklace Seen on Jamie

Cassie clarified a mystery regarding a necklace Jamie's been spotted wearing. Here's what she had to say about it on her tumblr:

I’ve a bunch of questions in my email about this! (Email breakdown, 30% about the end of Clockwork Princess, 30% who dies next book, 30% jewelry/Jamie, 10% ducks.)
That is Viviene’s necklace, and I didn’t comment before because … I didn’t notice. Sorry, Viv. I had a few people ask how Jamie could have a Clockwork Princess necklace when they filmed before CP2 came out: answer is, I had a box of CP2 jewelry with me at the Grove signing I did with Lily in March, and she took the necklace to give to Jamie because she thought he’d like it. Boys, they like knives.* And it’s nice I think that our Jace has Cortana since Emma wants to be like him, and it’s her weapon. :)

Lily I gave a Clockwork Angel to. She’s read the ID series as well. She’s a peach, as my grandfather would say. :)

So hopefully that clears that up.

(*Girls, we like knives too.)
Here's the link to The Cortana Lariat on Hebel Design's webpage. I own a few of her necklaces/rings/bracelets and let me assure you that they are even more gorgeous in person. Also, they make great gifts!

Mortal Movie Tumblr

He'd Called Her Beautiful - Mortal Movie tumblr

Is everyone following Sony Pictures' Mortal Movie tumblr? Such gorgeous pics/gifs. Go see for yourself. 

#YEAHYA! Harlequin Teen Author Fest 2013 is Coming to TX!

I'm so excited to tell you guys about this exciting tour kicking off this weekend!

It's SUMMER TIME and that means it's time for Harlequin Teen's #YEAHYA Author Fest!
HarlequinTEEN is turning up the heat this summer and wants YOU to join 10 of their amazing YA authors on the road.  Check out the list here to see which authors will be at which stops. We've fallen in love with their sizzling titles, and now it's time to meet the authors behind those hot summer reads. HarlequinTEENs epic tour kicks off Sunday July 7th in Ontario, Canada and ends on July 16th in Memphis, TN.


That's right! Aimee Carter, Gena Showalter, Julie Kagawa, Rachel Vincent and Katie McGarry will be in South Lake, TX on July 12th at 7 pm! Get all the details here.

Mundie Moms is thrilled to be the official blogger host for this stop! That means I'll be brining you author interviews and more! I'll be sharing more details about the event soon. In the mean time, check out the complete list of authors and tour dates HERE. See you guys on July 12th!

Teen Vogue's Supernatural Showdown: Percy Jackson vs. TMI

August 2013 issue of Teen Vogue

Featured in August's Teen Vogue is a "Supernatural Showdown: Percy Jackson's Sea of Monsters vs. TMI's City of Bones.

Although we all love the Percy series here on MMs, I think we win with the "villain" category. Our Valentine beats a Titan lord in true, vile villany any old day.