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Monday, July 22, 2013

City of Bones Read-A-Long Day 3 / Chapter 3: SHADOWHUNTER

I am so sorry this post is up so late! Welcome to today's City of Bones Read A Long stop. Myself, Fangirlish, TMI Source and Page to Premiere have teamed together to host a read along for City of Bones to get us prepped for the upcoming movie release. Or maybe it's just our way of trying to keep us busy while we impatiently await the release date. 


The introduction to the Shadowhunters!! I love this chapter. I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite chapters in the book. For me, this is the moment I felt like I really got to see the personalities of Simon, who's so in love with Clary. Clary who's oblivious to Simon's feeling, and she's also this strong character who's about to find herself in the middle of a world she had no idea existed. I say strong, because who in their right mind would run out of the coffee shop after a guy who make make himself unseen and confront him about what he's doing, and what is going on. Then there's the ever arrogant Jace who calls it how it is. 

This chapter made me laugh, as much as it intrigued me. Because it seemed to me that Jace and Clary met their perfect match with each other. Just from Jace's comment of calling Clary "Little girl" and Clary's reaction to it, I knew these two were going to have the type of relationship where they knew how to get under each other's skin. Like Clary, Jace was someone I wanted to punch as much as I wanted to learn more about how and what he really was. Then of course there's Simon. Simon at this point in the story was a character I admired for his loyalty to Clary. 

With this chapter we get a glimpse into the Shadowhunter world, as well as a glimpse into the trouble that's about to throw Clary right into the middle of a world she had no idea existed. 


* What was your initial thought of Jace and Clary's interaction in this chapter?

* What kind of trouble do you think Clary's mom is in? I know this is a harder one to answer, but based on the first time you read the book, if you're not reading it the first time, what kind of trouble do you think she was in?

* What was your first thought of Jace when he said he was going to take Clary to see Hodges?

Here's the schedule for the month long read along:

Chapter 1- TMI Source (July 20)
Chapter 2- Page to Premiere (July 21)
Chapter 3 - Mundie Mons (July 22)
Chapter 4 - Fangirlish (July 23)
Chapter 5 - TMI Source (July 24)
Chapter 6- P2P (July 25)
Chapter 7 - MM (July 26)
Chapter 8- Fangirlish (July 27)
Chapter 9- TMI Source (July 28)
Chapter 10- P2P (July 29)
Chapter 11- MM (July 30)
Chapter 12 - Fangirlish (July 31)
Chapter 13 - TMI Source (August 1)
Chapter 14 - P2P (August 2)
Chapter 15- MM (August 3)
Chapter 16- Fangirlish (August 4)
Chapter 17 - TMI Source (August 5)
Chapter 18- P2P (August 6)
Chapter 19 - MM (August 7)
Chapter 20- Fangirlish (August 8)
Chapter 21 - TMI Source (August 9)
Chapter 22 - P2P (August 10)
Chapter 23 - MM (August 11)
Epilogue - Fangirlish (August 12)

Fans can join in at any time! Happy Reading!

The Maze Runner: A Conversations with the Author, Cast & Creators at Nerd HQ

So Friday at Comic Con was seriously awesome. After covering the Divergent panel, a few friends and I headed over to Petco Park (which is an awesome baseball stadium) to attend NERD HQ's conversations with The Maze Runner! WOW, what an awesome panel. If you're like me, and really had no idea what to except, NERD HQ is hosted by Zachary Levi, and broadcasts LIVE worldwide.

Check out the conversation below:

So, YES, I made a fool of myself at about 25 mins in when I asked James a question. For some dumb reason I didn't get the question out how I wanted it to, and is comical, since I wasn't nervous at all. Also, I talked a little too fast. James, being James, made a good joke out of it. Also HOOK EM HORNS, since I flew in that morning, and didn't get a chance to change before we headed to the con, so I'm sporting my Longhorn shirt. haha

Check Out The Track Listing for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Score

The TMI movie excitement continues with the track listing for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones score produced by Alti Orvasson.

1. Clary Theme
2. City of Bones
3. Your Secret is Safe
4. The Clave’s Curse
5. Pretty far from Brooklyn
6. Close the Dome
7. The Mortal Cup
8. The Angel Rune
9. Madame Dorothea
10. Magnus Bane
11. Demon Doll
12. Where’s the Cup
13. You’re a Morgenstern
14. J.C.
15. She’s Not A Mundane
16. Valentine
17. Midnight in the Garden
18. Vampires vs. Werewolves

According to Amazon, the score is set to be released on August 20th, 2013 and you can preorder it now! I don't know about you guys, but I am a movie score fan, and can not wait to pick this one up!

*news source Amazon & TMI Source

City of Ashes Set To Start Filming on September 23rd in Toronto!

This weekend's excitement at Comic Con grew tenfold when while covering press for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, I was told from a very reliable source that they were indeed filming City of Ashes this coming September in Toronto. *fangirl dances* I know! I am SO excited! We're less than a month away from CoB hitting theaters and two months from the filming to begin for CoA. 

In order to ensure we do get our City of Ashes movie, we have to make sure City of Bones hits it's numbers at the box office, or we may not get another movie. I'm extremely confident we will. You can bet that I'll be seeing CoB more than a few times on the big screen!! 

Official Photos of The Mortal Instruments Jewelry Worn By The Cast at Comic Con

There was A LOT of buzz this weekend at Comic Con about the awesome Mortal Instruments jewelry fans spotted on the entire TMI cast. While in line at the TMI panel signing, director Harald Zwart personally told fans to check out the Mortal Instruments jewelry line when asked where he got his rune necklace from. Thanks to TMI Source, we're able to share some of what the cast was wearing.

Cassie wore this seriously awesome Blue Stone necklace 

Angelic necklace Harald Zwart wore 

The Angelic rune earrings Lily Collins wore

Love Rune Necklace worn by Godfrey

Angelic Power necklace seen on Jamie

The Angelic rune necklace Robbie wore

The Angelic rune necklace Kevin wore

I have to say, having seen these up close, these necklaces are amazing, and I can not wait to check them out when the online store is opens at

MTV Talks With the Cast of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones & Robert Sheehan's Shout Out To Mundie Moms!

MTV sat down with the entire cast of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, Lily Collins, Robert Sheehan and Godfrey Gao to discuss their thoughts on the upcoming movie. As you can see from the interview clips, this cast is incredible close knit and hilarious!

Get More: MTV Shows

Jamie and Lily discuss their awkward audition together from The Mortal Instruments

Get More: MTV Shows

Robert Sheehan gives a SHUT OUT to Mundie Moms ( which starts at 1:42 in the clip & you see more of it here)! It's done is fun, and more on this can be found in my upcoming post with my interview with him. ;)

Get More: MTV Shows

LOL gotta love Robbie! Yes Lily, a care package will be on it's way soon. haha

MTV Sits Down With the Guys from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

MTV sits down the guys, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, Godfrey Gao to discuss The Mortal Instruments City of Bones, and their thoughts on the movie.

Get More: MTV Shows

Get More: MTV Shows

Sony Shares Pictures of The Cast of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones from Comic Con

 The highlight of this past weekend's Comic Con for me was seeing the cast of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. This entire cast is absoultely amazing and Sony Pictures has shared these pictures of the cast on their facebook page (if you aren't already following them, you need to).

I'm looking forward to sharing my interview with Godfrey Gao and Robert Sheehand with you guys shortly, as well as a few pictures.

*photo credit to Sony

WATCH Clever TV's Coverage of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Panel From Comic Con

Hello and Happy Mundane Monday!! I'm so thrilled about today's post, because Clever TV has posted the ENTIRE The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones panel from Comic Con. Let me just say, the line to get into H Hall, where the panel was at, was INSANE! I heard from someone there that this was their biggest group yet. I can see that being possible. Myself and few other fansites who had interviews with the cast prior to the panel didn't get into the panel, because of how insanely long the line was. While I'm bummed I missed the panel, I do have exclusives coming soon from my interviews with Godfrey and Robert, as well as from the TMI signing line I got into.

Check out the TMI panel:

You can also catch Clever TV's coverage of these panels:

Comic Con: Catching Fire Trailer Reveal

I'm a bit behind on posting the exciting news and trailers that aired at Comic Con this weekend. Having been there, I LOVED all the buzz that surrounded all these fabulous upcoming made from books movies that were featured at this weekend's Con. Catching Fire, The Mortal Instruments, The Maze Runner, Divergent and more. Check out this weekend's reveal of the Catching Fire Trailer!

I can not wait for this movie to hit theaters! Will you be watching hitting the theaters when it's out?