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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Have you Seen These TEN Stills for 'The Mortal Instruments'?

Have you seen these ten stills for The Mortal Instruments. The movie opens in theaters August 21st! 


Cassie Clare will Introduce Characters from 'The Dark Artifices' in 'City of Heavenly Fire'


 Cassie Clare talked to MTV Hollywood Crush about  The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and gave some insight as to when we will get to know the characters in The Dark Artifices.
"I know exactly what’s going to happen," she said of the new series, which will take place in Los Angeles five years after the conclusion of the "TMI" books. "I’m still wrapping up the last book in the ‘Mortal Instruments’ series and the characters of ‘The Dark Artifices’ are introduced in it."
And will characters from The Mortal Instruments be in The Dark Artfices?
But you can still see some of your favorite "TMI" characters when they cross over to "TDA"—that is, if they don’t bite it by the end of the series. “The surviving ones [will cross over],” Clare teased. “If you live through ‘The Mortal Instruments,’ you will probably be in ‘The Dark Artifices.’” Whoa, ominous! "Ominosity is my middle name,” Cassie joked, with the caveat that things won’t get completely crazy. “It’s not like ‘Hamlet.’ It’s not like we end with the wind blowing over the corpses, but there’s some deaths.”

Get a Free Download of Colbie Caillat's Song from the TMI Soundtrack


 Want to get a free download of Colbie Caillat's 'When the Darkness Comes'? Well the Official Facebook Page, announced today that if you pre-purchase tickets, you will get a free download of the song! Purchase tickets HERE!

Interviews from Mall Tour Stop in Los Angeles to be on OMG Yahoo Tonight!

We were at the Los Angeles mall tour stop, and were able to see the stars up close. OMG Yahoo was there. Tonight - they will air their interviews. Tune into OMG! Insider tonight on CBS at 7 PM EST and 7:30 PM PST for coverage! SOURCE

Trailer for 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' Video Game

Get More: MTV Games
Who is getting the game for 'The Mortal Instruments'? MTV debuted the trailer today. What do you think?
Adopting an action-RPG approach, the free-to-play title encourages fans to loot, level, and lay waste to monsters of the fanged, clawed, and horned variety. While we won’t know until next week if the film’s a Harry Potter-like hit or Percy Jackson-flavored flop, players can start hacking and slashing tomorrow on iOS and Android devices. In the meantime, the following trailer offers a sneak peak at the monster-carving, rune-collecting action.

Four New Stills from 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones'

Lily Collins to be on the 'Kevin and Bean' Show this week

Want to hear more from Lily Collins? Well, you can as she will be on the Kevin and Bean show this week. You can listen to the interview, HERE.

Check Out The New TMI Featurette TOGETHER featuring Demi Lovato's song Heart By Heart

Have you checked out Mortal Movie's "Have a little Faith" post on facebook? It features Demi Lovato's "Heart by Heart" (which is featured on the soundtrack), which just so happens to also be featured on iTunes! Check it out below!

Two New TMI: City of Bones Movie Clips!

Shadowhunters, check out these two new clips from The Mortal Instruments City of Bones movie.

 The first is called, What Do You Believe In?

 The second is, You Know What To Do.

 Having seen this movie twice now, once at the screening Sony invited me to, and again at the premiere, I can tell you guys I'll be seeing this one a few more times after it's released. Check out my spoilery free review of the movie here.

 One week to go till fans will be filling up their local theaters to watch City of Bones on the big screen!

Miss the Mall Tour? No Worries, We Have Video!

Miss the mall tour in Los Angeles? We were there and we taped the entire thing. Learn why you should ship Jake!