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Monday, September 9, 2013


The cover for Laini Taylors 'Dreams of Gods & Monsters' - the final book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy has debuted. What do you think?

Here's an excerpt -

“Step right up, worlds, thought Karou, get your disaster here! She cast again around the table, but she was surrounded by warriors in the midst of a war council, and everything that had been decided here could be filed under “Of course, idiot. What did you think was going to happen?” Still, she tried. She said, “There is no acceptable level of collateral damage. And, humans aside, what about us? How many of us will die?” 
“As many as necessary,” responded Liraz from across the table, and Karou wanted to shake the gorgeous ice queen angel of death. 
“What if none of it is necessary?” she demanded. “What if there’s another way?” 
“Do you have another idea?” 
And, of course, Karou didn’t. Her grudging admission—“Not yet.”—was bitter.
“If you think of any, I’m sure you’ll let us know.” 
Oh, the slice of her gaze, that sardonic, dismissive tone. Karou felt the angel’s hatred like a slap. Did she deserve it? She darted a glance at Akiva, but he wasn’t looking at her. It was beginning to feel as though he would never look at her again. 
“If we’re through here,” cut in Thiago, “we have resurrections to perform before we move.” And that was it. Thought Karou as the council broke up: Cue apocalypse.”

YALLFest Interview: Cinda Williams Chima

YALLFest will be happening this November in Charleston, SC. It’s one of the biggest gatherings of Young Adult and Middle Grade Author’s in the South. This years Keynote Speakers are Rae Carson and Veronica Roth.

Every week – they are releasing interviews with authors, and today’s interview is with Cinda Williams Chima. Here’s what the author had to say…
What one thing do you need to have when you write? A computer
 Describe your book in 5 words 
Wizards misbehave, magic goes mutant. 
 What is the hardest line to write- the first or the last? 
Usually the lines in between.
Best writing tip you ever received? 
Give yourself permission to write badly. 
 Tell us 5 random facts about yourself.
1.       I am a twin.
2.       I am named after a character in a novel.
3.       I didn’t really start driving until I was 27.
4.       I am descended from Puritans and scoundrels.
5.       I used to be in a folk music band.
 Where's your favorite place to write? 
On a balcony overlooking the ocean. 
 What are you working on now?  
I’m writing The Sorcerer Heir, the fifth book in a trilogy. 
 At what point in the development of an idea do you know that it will become a full-length novel? 
When I’m finished with a full-length novel. 
For more information on YALLFest, visit their website –

The Mortal Instruments Movie Monday #27: 10 Things We Expect To See in the City of Ashes Movie

There's been a lot of buzz over the soon to be filming of the City of Ashes movie. Fans of the TMI series seem to be both excited over the CoA movie, and very nervous about it, giving that the City of Bones movie left off a lot of things fans had excepted to see in it. Based on things I've heard from fans, I'm complied a list of ten things we're excepting to see on the big screen with City of Ashes.
  1. Simon & Clary's relationship-  This is a BIG thing in City of Ashes. Many of us fans are excepting to this relationship happen in the CoA movie. We were a little surprised at how hard Clary shot Simon down at the end of City of Bones. Given the fact they actually date for a bit in City of Ashes, this is going to be a little tricky to see what the studio does with getting them together.
  2. MALEC- City of Ashes is pivotal with Alec and Magnus's relationship, and it's crucial that their relationship be portrayed the way it is in the book, on the big screen. Personally I'm hoping they keep the scene in the movie where Alec gets the rune that makes me start to tell his parents about Magnus and him. I seriously love that moment in the book.
  3. The Seelie Court Kiss - This to me seems like a given, as it's one of those crucial moments where we see that no matter how hard Jace and Clary try to fight it, we know they both love each other. That kiss...... that needs to be on the big screen. 
  4. Simon's transformation - Another crucial scene in City of Ashes is Simon's transformation. We get in the City of Bones movie that Simon is already starting to transform. Seeing him turn into the Vampire he becomes in the series is a huge moment that many of us fans are eager to see. 
  5. The Lightwoods (the parents and Max)- A lot of us fans were upset that the Lightwood parents and Max were absent from the CoB movies, and we're all hoping we see them in the City of Ashes movie, especially Max. Given what happens to him in City of Glass, fans need to fall in love with now to make what happens then that much more heartbreaking.... *sobs*
  6. Jocelyn and Luke - Fans as a whole love these two. For us older fans, we love their relationship and their love story that is crucial throughout the entire series. We're hoping we get to see more of their story on the big screen.
  7. The Humor- As fans, one of the things we love about Cassie's writing is her humor. That humor is huge in the books. It lacked tremendously in the movie. I'm hoping we get to see a lot more of it in the City of Ashes. 
  8. Raphael & Mia - These two are key characters in this book & I would be shocked if we don't see them on the big screen. 
  9. The Battle - The battle on the ship, need we say more. 
  10. The Lines - Many of us fans were shocked that so many of our favorite lines from City of Bones were NOT in the City of Bones movie. We're all hoping that many of our favorite lines will be included in the City of Ashes movie. Some of those lines include:

"I don't want to be a man, I want to be an angst-ridden teenager who can't confront his inner demons and takes it out on other people instead."

"I am what you made me to be." — Jace to Valentine

“You could have fooled me. Everytime I called you, Luke said you were sick. I figured you were avoiding me. Again."
"I wasn't. I did want to talk to you. I've been thinking about you all the time."
"I've been thinking about you, too."
"I really was sick. I swear. I almost died back there on the ship, you know."
"I know. Everytime you almost die, I almost die myself.” 

“Alec looked at her and shook his head. "How do you manage never to get mud on your clothes?"
Isabelle shrugged philosophically. "I'm pure at heart. It repels the dirt.” 

“Look," Luke went on, "In all the years I've known him, there's always been exactly one place Simon wanted to be, and he's always fought like hell to make sure he got there and stayed there."
"Where's that?"
"Wherever you were.” 

“Well, I’m not kissing the mundane," said Jace. "I’d rather stay down here and rot."
"Forever?" said Simon. "Forever’s an awfully long time."
Jace raised his eyebrows. "I knew it," he said. "You want to kiss me, don’t you?” 

“Just take the weapon you hold in your hand and drive it through his heart," Valentine's voice was soft. "One simple motion. Nothing you haven't done before."
Jace met his father's stare with a level gaze. "I saw Agramon," he said. "It had your face."
"You saw Agramon?" The Soul-Sword glittered as Valentine moved toward his son. "And you lived?"
"I killed it."
"You killed the Demon of Fear, but you won't kill a single vampire, not even at my order?"
Jace stood watching Valentine without expression. "He's a vampire, that's true," he said. "But his name is Simon.” 

“I don't do what I'm told, but I might do what you want if you ask me nicely.” 

“Desire is not always lessened by disgust. Nor can it be bestowed, like a favor, to those most deserving of it. And as my words bind my magic, so you can know the truth. If she doesn’t desire his kiss, she won’t be free.” — Seelie Queen

"I would have killed you." – Simon
"I would have let you." —Jace

“Jace slammed his hand down on the stele. “Clary-“
“She said she doesn’t want it,” said Simon. “Ha-ha.”
“Ha-ha?” Jace looked incredulous. “That’s your comeback?” 

“We're not dating," Alec said again.
"Oh?" Magnus said. "So you're just that friendly with everybody, is that it?” 

"“At the time I thought what I had with you and your mother was better than nothing. But if you can't tell the truth to the people you care about the most, eventually you stop being able to tell the truth to yourself.”  — Luke

“Something inside Clary cracked and broke, and words came pouring out. 'What do you want me to tell you? The truth? The truth is that I love Simon like I should love you, and I wish he was my brother and you weren't, but I can't do anything about that and neither can you!” 

“Isabelle drifted over, Jace a pace behind her. She was wearing a long black dress with boots and an even longer cutaway coat of soft green velvet, the color of moss. "I can't believe you did it!" she exclaimed. "How did you get Magnus to let Jace leave?"

"Traded him for Alec," Clary said.
Isabelle looked mildly alarmed. "Not permanently?"
"No," said Jace. "Just for a few hours. Unless I don't come back," he added thoughtfully. "In which case, maybe he does get to keep Alec. Think of it as a lease with an option to buy."
Isabelle looked dubious. 

“Some guys look at you like they only want sex. Jace looks at you like you've had sex - it was great and now you're just friends. Drives girls crazy. Know what I mean?" Yes. Clary thought. "No." Clary said.

“I've got a stele we can use. Who wants to do me?"
"Quite a regrettable choice of words," muttered Jace.” 

“Well, I’m not kissing the mundane," said Jace. "I’d rather stay down here and rot."
"Forever?" said Simon. "Forever’s an awfully long time."
Jace raised his eyebrows. "I knew it," he said. "You want to kiss me, don’t you?” 

What other things are you looking forward to seeing in the City of Ashes movie? If I left off any of your favorite lines, feel free to include them in the comments. 

Mundane Monday #192: Jace

Happy Mundane Monday!

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“I don’t want to be a man. I want to be an angst-ridden teenager who can’t confront his own inner demons and takes it out verbally on other people instead.”

Leave it up to Jace and his sarcasm to make us laugh first thing in the morning.