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Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Book Review

By: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published by: Harlequin Teen
To Be Released on: 10/21/14
Series: The Dark Elements #2
Source: arc from publisher to review
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Every touch has its price

Layla Shaw is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life—no easy task for a seventeen-year-old who’s pretty sure things can’t get worse. Her impossibly gorgeous best friend, Zayne, is forever off-limits thanks to the mysterious powers of her soul-stealing kiss. The Warden clan that has always protected her is suddenly keeping dangerous secrets. And she can barely think about Roth, the wickedly hot demon prince who understood her in ways no one else could.

But sometimes rock bottom is only the beginning. Because suddenly Layla’s powers begin to evolve, and she’s offered a tantalizing taste of what has always been forbidden. Then, when she least expects it, Roth returns, bringing news that could change her world forever. She’s finally getting what she always wanted, but with hell literally breaking loose and the body count adding up, the price may be higher than Layla is willing to pay…

Stone Cold Touch is Armentrout perfection! With a heroine who's trying to figure out where she stands with all the chaos happening around her, two swoon-worthy characters who complicate things with who has her heart (and mine too), plenty of Armentrout action packed scenes, that snark I love about her books, and shocking twists and betrayals fans won't see coming, this is a book Armentrout fans will love!

I feel that the only thing I should say in this review is that this book is AWESOME! I LOVED IT and I need the next book now. There is so much I want to say about this book, but can't. I can't give anything away, and let me tell you there is a lot that happens in this book. Frankly, just when I think I have things figured out Armentrout throws me for a loop both emotionally, and in the "no freaking way I can't believe that just happened" way. Okay well also in the "that's about time that happened" way too. *coughs* Oh those sexy times scenes are fabulous. Speaking of that, seriously Armentrout, thank you for messing with my heart. I was totally set on a team in White Hot Kiss, and now I'm totally torn between Roth and Zayne. I think I'll pledge myself to Team Bambi. 

Roth and Zayne... Let me tell you, I am just as confused as Layla on who I would pick. I don't recall ever being this divided on the two lead guys before, but leave it up to Armentrout to have all flustered and twitter-padded over these two. The thing that I loved about these two in this book is that I understood Layla's feelings for both. I got why she was torn, and the reasons why she loved both guys for very different reasons, but those reasons where ones that made sense. Armentrout does a fabulous job at showing and allowing readers to get why both guys feel the way they do towards Layla. And holy hot gargoyle and demon babies, are the sexy times scenes in this book HOT! Seriously.... hot. Be warned to swoon, sigh, and think, it's about time! I loved all that takes place in this book between the snarky comments and the jabs these two guys make at each other, and the things they'll do to try and prove their point to Layla. 

Layla is an interesting heroine. As if being part demon and part gargoyle wasn't hard enough, she now has to figure out where she stands with all the danger that is happening. No matter what she does, or which side of her true nature she gives into, people will get her, and part of her heart will be broken. I don't admire her for the choices she has to make, but I do admire the strength she has, and her wanting to be that strong, tough girl she is inside. There is a lot that she deals with and has to learn to accept and cope with. Like many hero journeys, this is the book in which Layla shows more of her weaknesses in her quest for understanding, and wanting answers. There are times I was frustrated with her, but given all that she has to work with, her makes choices she feels is right at the time. That still doesn't mean I didn't want to slap her a few times and tell her to wake up and stop thinking the things she was thinking about. 

With Stone Cold Touch, Armentrout dives deeper into her series's addicting mythology, explores the series darker world more, uncovers shocking secrets, ups her sexy times (big time as in "it's freaking hot in here and I think these pages are burning my fingers"), and throws in a few shocking betrayals. Oh yeah, I didn't see any of those coming. This entire book was a package of Armentrout awesomeness! Seriously. I want more.....  Holy demon babies, that ending! I. Can. Not. Believe. That. Ending! What in the heck is going on!?! For the love all that is holy in the Dark Elementals world, did the book have to end on that!?! Are you trying to kill me Jennifer? haha Looking back over the story I realized I should have picked up on things, but there is much going on that I didn't. I loved that this was one story that was totally unpredictable. THIS IS A MUST READ for fans of Jennifer Armentrout's writing and her Dark Elemental series. 

I loved it! This book gets 5 sizzling stars from me!


  1. Eeeekkk it sounds like it's totally going to live up to expectations! I can't wait for the swooning to continueee! At the moment I'm total Team Roth, but it sounds like we'll all have our undies in a twist over the two guys before Stone Cold Touch is through! I waaant it noww! :DD

    1. I was totally Team Roth at the end of WHK, but now I'm so torn. Z doesn't hold back in this book. I wish L could just pick both of them. LOL


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