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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recent YA Book News

There has been a lot of exciting book news lately. With BEA, the end of school and the start of Summer Vacation (YAY), I've tried to keep up with everything, but I know I've missed a lot. Here is just some of the recent news, and by recent I mean things that have been mentioned over the past couple of weeks.

Check out these recent Cover Reveals

USA Today recently revealed the cover for Ally Condie's upcoming release, ATLANTIA! 
I love this cover and can't wait to read this one! Find out more about it and read an excerpt here

A couple weeks back Harper Teen revealed the cover for Claudia Gray's PIECES of YOU. See, I told you guys I was behind. This cover is awesome!

Jennifer A Nielsen revealed her cover for Mark Of The Thief, out 2/24/15, here.

Harlequin Teen recently revealed the cover to Aimee Carter's CAPTIVE, here
I can't wait to read this one!

Abrams Kids shared the cover for A.G. Howard's ENSNARED, here

Kiersten White recently shared this exciting news & cover:

I'm so excited about this news!!

E-Book fans, check out this collection of Wendy Higgins awesomeness coming from Harper!

I love this cover! I had the chance to recently reveal Sara B Larson's cover for IGNITE! Find out more about it here

We were apart of the cover for Jay Kristoff's ENDSINGER, the cover the final book in his series. Find out more about the book here

Book News

Even though this was announced a couple of weeks ago, I'm still so freaking happy about this! 
Leigh Bardugo got a 2 book deal with Macmillan/Henry Holt to write a NEW SERIES - The Gregs, set in the Grisha world!! Read about the news here. Congrats to Leigh! 

Kiersten White has some exciting news! She recently signed a 3-book deal with Random House! Her series, Daughter of the Dragon will have it's first book out in 2016! Read about the news here. Congrats to Kiersten!

Authors on Tour

Check it out! Veronica Roth is going on tour! This four stop tour will be hitting Boston, Atlanta, Lansing and Denver. Get all the details here

Maggie Stiefvater is hitting the road for a tour for SINNER! Find out what cities she'll be at this summer HERE

Just in case you've not seen this, check out the book trailer for Sinner that Maggie did!

Other Books News

Have you joined the Fierce Reads: The Grisha Trilogy re-read yet? There's time to join them HERE!

Check it out LUX fans! The series has a LUX tumblr page

Check out this year's YALL FEST LINE UP! Veronica Roth, James Dashner, Marie Lu, Stephanie Perkins, Allie Condie and many more will be there. Get all the details HERE.

I love these crafty book things that Epic Reads does. Check out their newest cool project- The Epic Reads Periodic Table! Click the link to find out more about it. I totally want to print this up and hang it up in my library room.

Thoughtful Thursday: This Star Won't Go Out

YA fans have shown HUGE support for John Green's book to movie adaptation of Our Fault In The The Stars. No John didn't produce the movie, he wrote the best selling book, which was inspired by a true story, Esther's Story: The Stars Won't Go Out. Click on the link to find out more about Esther, an incredibly brave teen who bravely lost her battle to cancer (read about her and her fight against cancer here). 

Esther inspired a story that is known world wide (The Fault In Our Stars), and based on that story a box office hit (trust me, this is a book that will move you in such an incredible way.... you won't be the same after you read that book. Read my review here), but did you know she has a NYT Best Seller?! 

Her book, based on her life and her brave fight against cancer, This Star Won't Go Out, was published this year from by Dutton/Penguin. Find out more about it here

In Esther's memory, her family started this amazing organization- TSWGO (This Star Won't Go Out) a non-profit foundation that serves families with children who are battling cancer. Thank you to John who tweeted about it recently here:

Since I had no idea this existed until John's tweet, I thought I'd make it today's Thoughtful Thursday post to help spread the word about it. Cancer is one of those things I hate. Yep, I used the word hate. I feel that hate can be used for something like this. Childhood cancer is one of those things that I never would have imagined it effecting so many people. Once almost unheard of, it now effects countless precious children, and sadly I know quite a few of my friends whose children are bravely fighting this very battle. 

TSWGO was established in memory of Esther, by her parents. What an amazing organization! Founded in 2011, TSWGO has raised and given money to help families cover financial costs related to their child's fight against caner. I highly recommend you read more about their mission

This is an organization that John & Hank Green, LeakyCon, Project for Awesome, DFTBA Records and The Whomping Willows are supports/donors. You can read more about each of them here

You can DONATE here. Check it out, 95% of what you donate through that link goes directly to help families of children battling cancer. No amount is ever too little or too much when it's being donated to an organization to fight cancer. EVERY LITTLE BIT helps! You can also check out the donors/supporters link here, and find out how you can help them raise money for TSWGO. OR you can be apart of the support and do your own FUNDRAISER! Find out more about how to do that here

The Fault In Our Stars movie has received a huge amount of support, and has shed light on childhood cancer, which is amazing in itself. I think it would be awesome if we could do more. Can you imagine what it would be like if a portion of those who have seen the movie donated that cost of purchasing a ticket to see Our Fault In The Stars again, to This Star Won't Go Out? The movie alone earned more than $48 million at the box office last weekend. That's a lot of money that could go to families. 

Go here to find out more about the friendship between John Green and Ester and how you can take part in Esther Day! I haven't yet seen the movie, but I was crying while reading about Esther Day. What an amazing person Esther was. Her memory has touched so many people. It's incredible. 

*All images, except for the book images were found on TSWGO's website/Twitter.