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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shadowhunter Flower Project

Cassie posted this week's edition of the Shadowhunter Flower Card Project. Check out the cards for Stephen Herondale & Amatis Graymark

A small bird reminded me that the Stephen Herondale and Amatis Graymark flower cards hadn’t been posted. Here they are!
Hi Cassie. I hope you end up selling the tarot cards on like because I think they are amazing and so unique to the series. I hope you sell them on a site like the book depository so I know it will ship to Australia :) p.s. I am so freaking excited for TDA!!!! — monsters-drink-tea
Cassandra Jean and I are in the middle of finalizing putting up the tarot cards for sale now. It would be a limited run through a distributor that (as far as I know) ships worldwide.

Just in case you missed it, a few days ago Cassie shares two sizzling TID scenes that Cassandra Jean created. One is of Will & Tessa, and the other of Jem & Tessa. Both of which were taking from scenes from the series. *sigh* I need to go re-read this series again.