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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8 Ghost Stories For Your Summer Campfire from @EpicReads

Looking for that perfect spooky story to read? Epic Reads has you covered!
Check out their list of 8 Ghost Stories For Your Summer Campfire. 
I've shared their list below, which you can find here

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books Friends Have Been Telling Me To Read

It’s time for another Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish). Today's topic is "10 Books Friends Have Been Telling Me To Read".  

I really wish I had more time to read all the books that are waiting for me to review, the books I have bought that I want to read, and the recommendations from many of you. I swear sometimes time is NOT a readers best friend. haha. Here are some of the books that I have been told numerous times, that I need to read and feature on my Mundie Moms or Mundie Kids. 

1) The Harry Potter series 

- Let's be honest, this one series I'm ashamed to say I've been stuck on book 4 for a couple years now. It's not because I don't like this series, because I do. It's because there are so many other books that have come out since I've started this series that I want to read. Also, I wish I had started reading this series long before the movies came out. Seeing the movies first ruined my wanting to read the books. Hence the reason why I have NOT seen the last 3 Harry Potter movies, even though I already know what happens at the end. 

After years of friends trying to get me to read this series, I finally picked up Outlander (which has been sitting on my shelf for almost 5 yrs now). Surprisingly, I started reading it after I watched the first episode of Outlander. I am not sure why it's taking me so long to pick this book up. I love history, romance, and Scotland. I'm almost done with Outlander, and wow, what a fabulous read! I am totally hooked, and will be getting the second book soon. 

This has been one of the most recommended series from readers whom would like to see this series featured on Mundie Moms. I finally started book 1: Storm, this past week. Now I understand why it's been so recommended. I'll be reviewing the first book soon here on the blog. Thank you for all the recs to read it!

This is another series that for some reason has been on my shelves, but I have yet to pick it up. I've heard nothing but great things about it, and I've been told numerous times that I need to hurry up and read it. I've got the entire series sitting in my library, waiting for me to read it, which I'm hoping to do very soon. 

This is book I purchased because of how many friends have told me I need to read this. From everything I've heard about it, I know I'll totally enjoy it, if not love it, but right now I just need time to read it.