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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Recent YA Book News: Cover Reveals, Tour Announcements, Giveaways & More

Happy Weekend! 
Check out some of the latest news and announcements from around the YA Book World.

Cover Reveals

I LOVE this series and WOW, this cover is stunning! A.C. Gaughen shared your cover for LION HEART, which will be out May 19th, 2015 from Bloomsbury. Find out more about her announcement and enter to win an arc for it HERE.

Author News

Look who's on the road! 
Today both Setphanie & Kiersten are in Houston, and I'm here, in Austin.... 3 hrs away. *cries* 

Check it out! Leigh Bardugo is going on tour!! Read her exciting announcement here

Books of Wonder will be hosting a double launch on October 2nd from 6-8 pm for Claire Legrand & Sara Rassch! Get all the details here

Sometimes I wish I lived closer to NYC, especially with announcements like this! 
Scott Westerfeld, Robin Wasserman, Libba Bray, Maureen Johnson & David Levithan together for on epic evening on TUESDAY September 23rd at 6 pm! Get all the info here! *This day is also the launch day for Scott's AFTERWORLDS! 

Want to be a character in the next novel by James Patterson? Find out how here!

Check out the 2014 Fierce Reads fall tour! There are a lot of chances for fans to meet some of their favorite Fierce Reads authors this fall. 

Enter to Win

Marie Lu has a sweet giveaway happening right now! Check out what she said on Tumblr:
I’m giving away my only personal hardcover of The Young Elites, signed/personalized to the winner. To enter, just instagram, tweet, facebook, or tumblr me the answer to this question, then hashtag it #TheYoungElites : “What would your superpower be?” I’ll be reading through and picking one favorite! Runs through 9am PST Sunday (9/13). Multiple entries fine. Thanks lovelies! The book’s officially out on 10/7.

Want to win a copy of this? Follow Penguin Teen on Twitter and be sure to tweet them & tell them why via #WinInfiniteSea by 9/15 to be entered to win. *US only

Pre-Order a copy of Becca Fitzpatrick's BLACK ICE & be entered to win a signed copy of the book, Britt's vest from the cover shoot, and a $50 gift card to Urban Outfitters. Get the details here.

Holly Black & Cassandra Clare Talk The Iron Trial with Parade

"Every scene w[as] written by both of us. We don’t trade off chapters or character point-of-view." A fascinating conversation with #TheIronTrialauthors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare about collaborating on the series! This_Is_Teen shared a great interview Parade had with Holly & Cassie. 

What was your writing process on this project?
HollyOne of us would write 300 to 500 words, then pass it to the other person, who’d write over those words, then write another 300 to 500 words and pass it back. And honestly, that worked out really well, because we’d just write until we got stuck. The idea was that every scene would be written by both of us. We don’t trade off chapters or character point-of-view. And my mom was really unnerved because she couldn’t tell the difference. She’s a big Cassie fan! I mean, she likes me fine, but she loves Cassie.

So which came first—the world or the characters?
Cassie: We were on tour together and we were at an airport, and Holly had this idea a long time ago: wouldn’t be it be awesome to do a chosen hero narrative, but with a twist. And I thought the twist was a really interesting point. I told her it would be a great story. And at this airport, I was reading a Rick O’Riordan book, and I commented on how I loved middle grade, but didn’t have a great middle grade voice. And Holly was like, “I have a great middle grade voice.” And I was like, “Thanks for that, but…” And we started about this idea, and she immediately knew what I meant. And we started talking about it, and by the time we got the plane, we had the whole character of Callum nailed down, along with his backstory, and the world, almost all the stuff that would happen in the five books.

Holly: We wanted to collaborate on something for a long time, but every time we had an idea, it fizzled. And this was something that, the more we talked about, the more it worked: “And this will happen, then this will happen, then this will happen!”

Cassie: Middle grade was fun for me. I was a bit worried about dumbing things down, but then I quickly realized that’s not what you’re doing in middle grade at all. It’s complex, it’s fun, it’s life-changing. One of the great things I learned about middle grade is that friendships take the place of the romance—that’s where the intensity happens! Family and friends. So we were able to do these complicated and beautiful friendship movements.

Holly: One of my favorite things in books is watching someone make the mistake. You know it’s going to happen. You keep thinking: “Don’t do it!” But of course they’re going to do it. It’s riveting. You learn through them that it’s okay. It’s the ecstatic fall, where you watch someone make that terrible decision and there’s such pleasure in it.

Cassie: It’s the story generator. It’s like, “Oh no, Katniss, don’t volunteer!” But what’s the book if she doesn’t?

Read the entire interview here.

Get Your THE IRON TRIAL Social Media Images

Yesterday Cassie shared a link for fans to get their own The Iron Trial images to add to their social media links. Check out what This Is Teen (Scholatic) has for fans! 

Want to download official The Iron Trial social media images? Get your header image, cover photo, profile picture, and background here! (More images will be posted to the site soon, so stay tuned for updates!)

 I love that Scholastic created these images for fans to grab and share. Get your images here.