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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Lost Herondale Audiobook Narrator is Jack Falahee

Jack Falahee

I'm catching up on more Cassie news this week and in case you missed it, Jack Falahee has been announced as the narrator of Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy: The Lost Herondale.

Here's what Cassie had to say about his casting:
Continuing in our tradition of Cute Brown-Haired Boys Read You Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy, Jack Falahee has signed on to record the audiobook of THE LOST HERONDALE. Jack stars as Connor Walsh in the show HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. Team TFTSA loves Jack and loves Connor and is totally thrilled! We’re also excited for the next two installments, since they’ll likely have British readers. Anyone you want to see particularly? :)
You guys know we're huge fans of the audiobook narrators and I think Jack will be perfect for this story. What are your thoughts on his casting?

Cassie Talks About Lady Midnight's Release Date

Lady Midnight by CassandraJean
On her tumblr, Cassie answered a couple of questions regarding the release date of Lady Midnight last week.

Hey Cassie, I was just wondering (actually panicking more like it) if Lady Midnight is not coming out this year? I read that we’re getting new covers INSTEAD of an actual book? I dont understand. With that being said I just want to add that I understand if you need time to finish Lady Midnight and make it best it can be, but I was just so excited to meet Emma and Julian and ultimately to read more of your writing and the new covers look coool btw ♡ 

Cassie: Thanks! I’m glad you’re looking forward to meeting Emma and Julian. I’ve gotten a spate of these emails in the wake of the reveal of the new CoB cover — I guess someone started the rumor that the new covers are instead of a new book? I mean, publishers schedule things for specific times for all sorts of reasons, but nothing I have ever heard indicates that the repackages and the release date of Lady Midnight are connected. I’m reblogging a post I made a month ago about the release date of Lady Midnight. It continues to be March 2016. (NB: I originally mistyped this as 2015 - it’s definitely 2016) This is about the same amount of time there was between City of Glass and City of Fallen Angels. These are all very normal time periods to write a book (esp. considering that I’m once again writing multiple series at the same time!) I can and do write unusually fast — I’ve been publishing since 2007, eight years, and in that time I have written twelve books and co-authored two. But I don’t want to so much prioritize speed that the quality of my books suffers. I try to write in a timely fashion. I write every day, with no weekends, no vacations, and no days off. I write when I’m sick or well. I write when I’m on tour. I did the edits on City of Heavenly Fire while I was in the hospital. I have responsibilities to my publishers, to turn things in on time, but even more I know I have responsibilities to my readers to write the best books I can and work as hard on them as I can.

Lady Midnight hasn’t been pushed back. Neither has TLH. If it came down to my thinking that the only way I could give you guys the good book you deserve, I would push it back. Waiting for a book is temporary, but the book itself, once it’s out there, is permanent. I’m lucky to have fans and readers who understand that. :)

Lady Midnight publication jessthedaydreamer Has Lady Midnight been pushed back to March 2016? I was really looking forward to it. I thought it was coming out fall 2015. 

Cassie: “Fall” is publishing terminology for anything between September and December. It was originally tentatively slated for sometime in December 2015 but it’s now March 2016. This isn’t because I’m turning it in late, or anything about the writing of the book has changed. I’m still turning it in the same time. Publishers make decisions about when to publish books based on all sorts of things, including how much time they’ll have to edit the book, to market and promote the book, what other books they have coming out, how they plan to space out all the series books that come after so that they come regularly, etc. I tried to be clear that the Fall 2015 date for Lady Midnight was tentatively scheduled, and might be changed at any moment, but I really didn’t know until recently what the upshot was going to be, so I am sorry if it was confusing. I’ve also tried to be clear that The Last Hours isn’t scheduled yet and that remains true. Lady Midnight is an important book for me and for my publisher, considering that this is the first “new series” Shadowhunter book in five years — and that it will be followed by The Last Hours: Chain of Gold, which is also the first book of a new series! I am sorry for disappointment at the idea of having to wait another twelve or sixteen weeks for the book, but I think it will bring you the best book at the best time.

In the meantime, because Lady Midnight is the first book in a new series, it’ll actually have advance copies, and you’ll have a chance to win them, and there’ll be other cool stuff like that — not to mention monthly installments of Shadowhunter Academy starting in February— that will hopefully make the wait less painful. (As for news about the TV show, which I’ve been being asked about, I am not currently involved in the TV show. If that changes, I’ll let you know, but in the meantime expect the news to come from other sources than me.).

Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy: The Lost Herondale, Excerpt

Yesterday on her tumblr, Cassie posted an excerpt from the upcoming Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy story, "The Lost Herondale":

“Demons and warlocks can’t help what they are,” Balogh said darkly. “Shadowhunters are held to a higher standard. The deaths of those three men sit squarely on the shoulders of Tobias Herondale. And he would have been punished in kind, had he ever been foolish enough to show his face again. He never did, but debts need repaying. A trial was held in absentia. He was judged guilty, and punishment was carried out.”

“But I thought you said he never came back?” Julie said.
“Indeed. So the punishment was carried out on his wife, in his stead.” 
“His pregnant wife?” Marisol said, looking like she was about to be sick.

“Sed lex, dura lex,” Balogh said. The Latin phrase had been hammered into them from the first day at the Academy, and Simon was coming to hate the sound of it—so often was it used as an excuse for acting like monsters.
Balogh steepled his fingers and contemplated the classroom, watching in satisfaction as his message came clear. This was how the Clave treated cowardice on the battlefield; this was justice under the Covenant. “The Law is hard,” Balogh translated for the hushed students. “But it is the Law.”

Remember the release date for this next story is March 17th!

Pre-purchase links: kindle | nook | kobo

Katie B's on Vacation This Week

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You might notice a slower pace here on Mundie Moms this week. Katie is traveling in Europe this week and she will be posting pictures on MMs instagram whenever she has a chance, so be sure to check it out.

In the mean time, Shandra, Emm and I will try and hold down the fort while staying on top of all breaking Mundie news.

Where is a "get-everything-done-in-half-the-time" rune when I need it??? Here's to a fantastic week, MMs.