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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cassie Answers Magnus and Alec One True Love Question

H o l d i n g H a n d s by LukaHainekoChan

On her tumblr yesterday, Cassie addressed the question of One True Love and this time between one of our favorite couples, Magnus and Alec:

Q. hey there Cassie! i’m a big fan of your books (especially the mortal instruments and the infernal devices, those books have made me lose sleep for nights on end thinking about the fate of the characters!) my question to you, which has also bugged me for a very long time is about Magnus and Alec, my favourite couple from the series. It was made quite sure in CoFA that for Magnus there would never be ‘anyone else’ and that Alec is the one. Now Magnus lives on for centuries and presuming they both dont die prematurely the inevitable situation will be Alec dying of old age and Magnus being left alone. So Magnus will never, CAN never fall in love ever again (not that I want him to!) but isnt that a cruel end to one of our most beloved characters? Can you give me something to hang on to which would give me some hope? (preferably with Alec!)Thankyou so much for reading through this mile long question! these books have affected me deeply and I just want to see my favourites happy! :) — bread loco

Cassie: There are a couple of things I want to address in this question. One is the notion that there is One True Love for everybody, and if you lose it (or never find it!) you are doomed to be unfulfilled romantically (if you care about romance.). I don’t think this is always the case, and I’ve written at length on it before.

The other is that we don’t know, and can’t know, what is going to happen in the future. That’s the thing about the future. It’s uncertain. Even immortals have no way of knowing when their number will be up. Magnus almost died at the end of CoHF, and frequently puts himself in dangerous situations. Alec, too, has an inherently risky job. We don’t know what perils they’ll face. But there is one thing we do know: Magnus and Alec are HAPPY, and their relationship is stronger and healthier than it has ever been before. That is their reality, that is their joy. Part of their deciding to be together was a decision to take life as it comes, to deal with the real, to truly live each moment they have together, instead of getting pulled apart by speculation about what could happen someday. And that is no small thing. In CoHF, Alec says:

“Even if it were just days, I would want to spend them all with you. Does that mean anything?” “Yes,” Magnus said. “It means that from now on we make every day matter.”

Magnus is happy. Alec is happy. Rest assured that they are going to have more wonderful adventures together, which you will read about in future Shadowhunter stories and books. :)

Cassandra Clare Addresses 'Shadowhunters' TV Series Rumors

There are a lot of rumors going around about the Shadowhunters TV series right now. Just briefly, Cassandra Clare addressed the casting rumors about the series. Here's what Cassie said when asked about whether or not Magnus Bane would be in the Shadowhunters TV series. 
Before City of Heavenly Fire came out, I was deluged with emails asking me if it was true that Alec was going to die because there were rumors he was.
There are always rumors floating around. I’ve seen nothing to indicate that Magnus isn’t in the TV show. And there is no reason anyone would know the answer to that, since it’s too early for anyone to actually have the information that would lead to a rumor like that.
Also, TV shows are not like movies. If a character isn’t in the pilot, it doesn’t mean they won’t be in later episodes. It’s kind of a nice thing about TV, that they can start one way and then reroute and change things.
I know everyone is very anxious for news and freaking out. I totally understand. I believe there will be news soon. Sit tight!

I think we're all extremely anxious for news about the T.V. Series. Magnus is one I'm most curious about when it comes to the casting. It will be interesting to see which characters are in the t.v. series. I would hope all of them are. 

The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows; Launch Party in Austin, TX TONIGHT!


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The Mortal Instruments Movie Cast vs The Mortal Instruments TV Series Cast

Last week I shared the news about the TMI T.V. Series casting call, here. Since then there's been a lot of discussion about the cast. Many fans are wanting the TMI movie cast to be cast for the TV series, and other fans are said they want a whole new cast. Before I talk about the TV series cast, I just want to say GOOD LUCK to the fans who have mentioned they are wanting to try out for the cast or they know of someone who is wanting to try out for it. Please let us know how your auditions go. 

So, let's talk about the TV series cast. A lot of fans have been talking about and hoping that the TMI Movie cast will be the same for the T.V. series. As much as we love our TMI movie cast, the truth is, the TMI Movie cast, was cast for the movie. Only. The T.V. series cast will be it's own cast. Why? Well for starters, the movie and the T.V. shows are two totally different things. Movies and T.V. shows are done differently. The movie is done through a studio, which was Sony, while the TV show will be done through a network, which is ABC Family. Each has their own way of doing business and running things. They each have their own cast, as well as their own scripts and so forth. 

The TMI Movie was it's own adaptation of Cassandra Clare's City of Bones book, brought to the big screen. It had it's own storyline, it's own cast, and everything else that made it come to life movie wise. Similar to the movie, The Shadowhunter TV series will be it's own version of the adaptation of the book. It will be made totally differently, only instead of hitting the big screen, it's being made for TV. We loved our movie cast, and what they did for the movie. If the TV series was going to be a continuation of the movie, which it is not, then I could see having the same cast. Sure, there is that insanely small percentage that someone from the movie cast could be in cast for T.V. series, but that rarely happens. 

The T.V. series, as I mentioned above, will be a brand new adaptation of Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments book series. It will be it's own story entirely different than that of the movie. With that will come a whole new cast to bring the story to life. Also different from the movie, the TV adaptation will be made to fit it into the allotted time for TV, vs the two hours or so for the big screen. I have always said the The Mortal Instruments series would make a great T.V. series, and I still firmly believe that. There is so much depth to the storyline, that I feel can be better featured in a series that spans many episodes vs being done for a two hour movie. When it comes down to it, no one can ever change the movie cast, just like you can't change the characters in the book. 

When you're telling a new version of the story, you'll need a new cast of actors to tell that story. One of the things that I'm excited about with the T.V. series is having a new cast to fall in love with. I'm looking forward to seeing what they bring to the books characters I love.  I really hope that the actors/actresses they do cast, do portray the essence of what makes the TMI characters who they are. To me that will be the most important thing with the new cast. When it comes to casting, I love it when TV networks are able to find no name actors and turn them into household names. I'm anxious to see who's cast. 

I'm really looking forward to hearing more news about the cast. What are your thoughts? Are you glad the TV series cast will be a totally different cast that the TMI movie cast? Who do you want to see cast in the TV series?