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Friday, May 22, 2015

Recent Tweets from the @ShadowhuntersTV Cast & Crew

Check out the latest tweets, and pictures from the Shadowhunters TV cast and crew. If you're not already, be sure you're following them on Twitter. They're all doing an amazing job at keeping fans int he loop on what's going on. Be to follow the cast and crew via the Twitter links included in this post. Especially @ShadowhuntersTV, @McGswonderland, @EDecter and @ShadowhuntersWR for the latest series news.

Check out our CLACE!

Why did put a camera crane in this pond and what lurks beneath the surface?

We visited the set this week! Stay tuned for more photos and videos!

The High Warlock of Brooklyn-Magnus Bane-I mean -stopped by the office today w fab gifts!

Love this fan made "who's who" for the Shadowhunters TV series. that Shadowhunters UK shared this past week on Twitter.