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Saturday, June 27, 2015

This Week's Book News

Happy Saturday! Check out this past week's exciting book news! If you're at ALA in San Francisco this weekend, please be sure to post lots of pictures. And you don't want to miss some news I featured below about a certain ARC which will be there today! 

Cover Reveals

Epic Reads had an epic week of cover reveals for their Winter 2016 releases. Head over to here, and here to check out all of their revealed covers. I'm loving these covers!

Check out this cover for Wendy Higgin's THE GREAT HUNT, coming March 2016 from Harlequin Teen! I can't wait to read this one!

Bookish News 
(Book news, Books To Movie news & more)

MTV gave Marie Lu fans a sneak peak into THE ROSE SOCIETY! Check out their article here. Here's a small excerpt from it,

Finally I stop where the bath pool begins. “Where is he?” I whisper.
Violetta lifts her eyes to the ceiling. She spins in a half circle, then focuses on a dark corner. “There.”
I strain to see into the shadows. “Magiano,” I call out. My voice startles me — it bounces off the walls, over and over, until it finally fades away. I clear my throat, a little embarrassed, and continue in a quieter tone. “We were told we could find you here.”
There is a long silence, so long that I start to wonder whether Violetta might be mistaken.
Then, someone laughs. As the sound echoes from surface to surface, a flurry of leaves rain down from the bathhouse’s mossy banisters. A trail of dark braids flashes in and out of the light. I instinctively extend one of my arms in front of Violetta, as if that might protect her.
I can't wait for this book! I LOVE this cover! Check it out below. 

Okay this isn't book news, but it's exciting news from an author we love and adore, based on her book series: 

I can not wait for this movie! I love these pictures!

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