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Monday, August 3, 2015

Get Your Exclusive First Look at ABC Family's @ShadowhuntersTV from EW

Entertainment Weekly has your exclusive first look at ABC Family's Shadowhunters TV. They shared these three exclusive photos from the set, here. Click each picture to enlarge. 

Jace & Clary are headed into the City of Bones, which will air in the second episode. 

Airing in episode three, Jace, Clary, Alec and Isabelle are on a rescue mission.

Jace & Clary, pictured with Magnus, crashed a Warlock party.

Shadowhunters TV is set to air in early 2016 on ABC Family, and is based on Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments book series. Find out more about the pictures featured above, here

WHILE YOU WERE GONE by Amy K. Nichols / Book Trailer Reveal

Hello and welcome to today's book trailer reveal. I'm so thrilled to share the trailer for for Amy K. Nichols's WHILE YOU WERE GONE, with you. This is the second book in Amy's Duplexity duologyand is being released TOMORROW! Before you check out the trailer, here's a little bit about the book. 


By: Amy K. Nichols
Published by: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers hardcover
On sale: August 4, 2015 -TOMORROW
Series: Duplexity #2 (This is a duology series)
Ages 12 and up
Hardcover: 978-0-385-75392-0 | $17.99 | $20.99 Can. | 304 pages
Ebook: 978-0-385-75394-4| $10.99 
Hardcover Library Binding: 978-0-385-75393-7| US $20.99 | Can. $24.99

Eevee is a promising young artist and the governor's daughter in a city where censorship is everywhere and security is everything. When a fire devastates her exhibition--years in the making--her dreams of attending an elite art institute are dashed. She's struggling to find inspiration when she meets Danny.

Raised in a foster home, Danny's life has always been full of hurt and hardship--until a glitch in the universe changes everything. Suddenly Danny is living in a home he's never seen with the parents he's never known. It's like he's a new Danny--but this alternate self has secrets--ties to an underground anarchist group that have already landed him in hot water. When he starts to develop feelings for Eevee he's even more disturbed to learn that he might have started the fire that ruined her work. As Danny sifts through clues from his past and Eevee attempts to piece together her future, they uncover a secret that's bigger than both of them. Together, they must correct the breach between the worlds before it's too late.


I really like this book trailer. My first thought was, I'd pick the book up based on the trailer alone. My second thought, is that I feel like it compliments the book well. What do you think of the trailer? 

 WHILE YOU WERE GONE by Amy K. Nichols (Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers | On sale August 4, 2015 | Ages 12 and up). Told with alternating perspectives, WHILE YOU WERE GONE explores the chaos theory, time travel, and their philosophical implications, and is a riveting read for both teens and adults.

·         Sci-Fi + Romance: Similar to Cinder or Across the Universe, there is some serious chemistry to draw girl readers.
·         Brainy, Kicka** Heroine: Eevee is a brilliant artist who eschews her privileged background to stand up for what is right.
·         Crossover Appeal: Adult-friendly concept and technology themes make this a natural crossover read.

Praise for Book One in the Duplexity duology, NOW THAT YOU’RE HERE:
"The perfect blend of sci-fi and swoons, Now That You're Here is like no other book I've read. Riveting, romantic and utterly original,
it kept me up late!" 
– Amie Kaufman, author of These Broken Stars and Illuminae

"Dynamic, dizzying, and downright daring, Now That You're Here kept me guessing until the end, and ready for the next."
– Shannon Messenger, author of Let the Sky Fall

AMY K. NICHOLS lives on the edge of the Phoenix desert with her husband and children. In the evenings, she enjoys sitting outside, counting bats and naming stars. NOW THAT YOU'RE HERE is her first novel and WHILE YOU WERE GONE is her second. Visit her online at Follow her on Twitter @AmyKNichols.