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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lady Midnight Snippet

Cassandra Clare recently treated her fans to a snippet from Lady Midnight! Originally shared here, you can read the entire snippet below.

As Tavvy slept, Julian reached for the law book he’d taken from the library. It was a book he’d looked at so many times before that it now always fell open to the same well-worn page. On Parabatai, it said. He’d read it a hundred times.
It is decreed that those who have undergone the ceremony of parabatai and are forever bound by the terms of the oaths of Saul and David, of Ruth and Naomi, shall not enter into marriage, shall not bear children together, and shall not love each other in the manner of Eros, but only the manner of Philia or Agape. 
The punishment for the contravention of this law shall be, at the discretion of the Clave: the separation of the parabatai in question from each other, their exile from their families, and should the criminal behavior continue, the stripping of their Marks and their expulsion from the Nephilim. Never again shall they be Shadowhunters.
So it is decreed by Raziel.
Dura lex, sed lex. The Law is hard, but it is the Law.

This leaves us a little concerned about what's to come..... especially when it's a reminder about how hard the Shadowhunter law is. 

Shadowhunter Fanart / Fan Art Friday

We thought we'd get back into the habit of sharing book fanart, something we used to feature on Fridays, called Fan Art Friday. I know today's not Friday, but close enough. Plus we need something pretty to look at to get us through today.

I love this fanart of Will and Tessa! Wow! This artwork was shared here on Tumblr. Per the artist: 

Will and Tessa for the 4th week of the shipweeks!
Note to self: Don’t listen to sappy romance songs while you draw Wessa because you will cry and won’t be able to continue the actual drawing.

Another favorite Shadowhunters fanart of ours, is one Cassandra Clare shared a little bit ago featured Simon and Izzy, *here. We agree with Cassie's comment that it's adorable! Per the artist:

Sizzy for the shadowhunter shipweeks! It’s been so long :’)

New The Dark Artifices Postcards from Cassandra Jean

We have a new Lady Midnight post card. This new one, which Cassandra Clare shared here, features Ty. Here's what Cassandra Clare said about it,

Another in @cassandrajp ‘s countdown to Lady Midnight Dark Artifices postcards. Ty gets his Shadowhunter on…

The second Lady Midnight postcard Cassandra Clare shared here, features Emma and Malcolm. Here's what she said about their card:

The second of Cassandra Jean’s set of ten postcards for Lady Midnight. Emma and Malcolm eat some unusual pizza.
19 more days to Lady Midnight!

Cassandra Clare shared the first of Cassandra Jean's set of 10 Lady Midnight post cards here. The first one featured Mark. Per Cassie:

The first of Cassandra Jean’s set of ten postcards for Lady Midnight. Mark misunderstands the concept of “semi-formal.” :)
26 more days to Lady Midnight!

We're less than 3 weeks away from Lady Midnight's release! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?