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Monday, March 28, 2016

New Lord of Shadows Snippets & LOS Release Date / Mundane Monday #277

Cassandra Clare has been busy on Tumblr lately answering fan questions about Lady Midnight, and The Dark Artifices series. She's also treated fans to a few new Lord of Shadows snippets!  

Check out two of them, which Cassandra originally shared here:
“I know.” Mark brushed his lips across her forehead. Cristina could feel his heart pounding. “We’ll figure it out. We’ll fix it.”
Kieran sat up rather reluctantly. The waves of his hair had lightened to blue; he turned around, and leaned back against Mark, rather as if they were on horseback and Mark was behind.

She also shared another snippet here;
And even odder, when Mark and Kieran had come into the library, Kieran had gone immediately over to Max and picked him up, delighted by his blue skin and his tiny horns.
Max had stuck his hand into Kieran’s wavy hair and pulled. Kieran had just laughed. “That’s right, it changes color, little nixie-like warlock,” he said. “Look.” And his hair went from blue-black to blue in an instant. Max giggled.
“I didn’t know you could do that on purpose,” said Mark, who had always thought of Kieran’s hair as a reflection of his moods, uncontrollable as the tides.
“You don’t know a lot of things about me, Mark Blackthorn,” Kieran said, setting Max down.
Alec and Magnus had exchanged a look at that, the sort of look that made Mark feel as if they had reached a silent and agreed-upon consensus …

Cassandra Clare also confirmed here, that Lord of Shadows would most likely be released in April of 2017! I hope that this release date doesn't change, because I can't wait any longer.... a year is already too long. haha. 

Shadowhunters TV: Episode 12: 'MALEC' / Preview #Shadowhunters

Who's ready for this week's episode of Shadowhunters? We are! We're looking forward to seeing what happens during Alec's wedding. We'll be tuning into Freeform tomorrow night to watch the second to last episode of season 1 to air! Episode 12, MALEC, will begin at 9 pm / 8 pm CST.  Check out the recent previews & pictures Freeform/ABC Family has shared. 

Check out for more here and here. Check out some of the pictures below that ABC Family / Freeform recently released:

Tune into Freeform this Tuesday 3/29/16 at 9 pm EST / 8 pm CST to watch the entire episode! Don't forget, you can watch the latest episodes of Shadowhunters, using the Freeform App! 
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Shadowhunters TV: Episode 11: Blood Calls To Blood / Review

Happy Mundane Monday! Today we're sharing our thoughts on last week's episode, episode 11: 'Blood Calls to Blood'. We'd love to know you're thoughts on it below in the comments. 


Like always, I really like the acting, and the way the cast has brought our beloved Shadowhunters to life. My favorites this week were Emeraude and Dominic. The script writing however, is another story. 

What worked this week; Izzy rocked this episode! I love how she took a stand and owned it. She didn't back down from her convictions, and stood her ground. I have always loved and admired the fierceness and loyalty that Izzy has. I loved seeing it this week. Magnus as a lawyer... not something I pictured, but he was brilliant and I wouldn't except anything less. I would hire him as a lawyer in a heartbeat! I also loved what Magnus told Alec about getting married to Lydia; it wasn't fair to either of them to spend the rest of their lives being lonely. Also good, was the Jace and Clary moment in the restaurant after Jace healed. I finally saw more of a spark between these two that I've been missing. I also loved Clary tricking her father with the cup, and figuring out who he really was before he revealed it himself.

I also liked the fact that the writers left in the sibling storyline, and the way Valentine has messed with Jace's mind. Jace totally broke my heart in this episode. Dominic's acting was fabulous! The scene broke my heart in the books, but it crushed me to see Jace going through this. If you haven't read the TMI series, I would strongly urge you to do so, so you get a much better understanding of these two things. I'm so glad this was part of this week's episode, and that we finally got to see the real Valentine. He's finally out of hiding! That whole scene with Valentine telling Jace and Clary they're related was great. Jace's reaction was spot on. 

What didn't work this week; Well most of this week's episode. Last week was an epic disaster and this episode wasn't much better. I can't help but wonder if the writers think that the fans don't care, and aren't paying attention to what they're doing with the storyline. There are a number of things that didn't add up last week, and some of those things carried over into this week. I'm having a hard time understanding a few things. 1) If what Jace and Clary felt for each other in the alternate world was true, then how did she not know she had a brother. If she has a brother here, she would have had one there. 2) If Lydia was to be apart of Alec's future, why wasn't she in the alternate world either? Unless maybe I totally missed she was there. 3) If Jace was infected with demon poison in the other world, how was he able to be infected with it back in this world? 

Another thing that I'm wondering, is why spend so much time destroying the bond between Jace and Alec, and then attempt to wrap it up the way they did this episode? I'm still bitter that the writers ruined Alec's character creditability. Second, if Jace had demon poison in him, how did a blood transfusion save him, when a rune should have been able to do it. One of my biggest questions though, is why go through all the trouble to create Lydia's character and make her follow the 'law' to a T, and then all the sudden have her turn around and agree with Izzy. Don't get me wrong, I loved Izzy, and what she said in this episode. I even like that Lydia agreed with her, however it didn't make sense to all the sudden have Lydia do that. That's now made Lydia's character wishy-washy, which is uncharacteristic of her. 

Thanks to the Inquisitor, we now have a character everyone can despise. I wonder if they'll stay true to the storyline, and end up making her Jace's Grandma. For as strict and well educated as she is, did anyone else catch on that to the fact that the Inquisitor couldn't even pronounce rune correctly? She called it a ruin. What a disaster this trial plot is. Why did we have a trial to begin with, if all the writers were going to do was all the sudden have Clary hand the cup over to Lydia, someone no one trusts, to be locked up? They could have at least been more creative with the storyline. I guess they tried to be a little bit by tying the cup to Izzy's freedom, which in the end she doesn't get anyway, but that's even a stretch, because that in itself doesn't make sense either. The good thing about the trial, is we know that Magnus would do well being a lawyer.

The worst thing about this week's episode was the Michael Wayland plot twist. Yep, sorry, this wasn't a twist at all. I didn't accept the fact that a grown man lived for the last 10 years in a cage, and not only that, no one knew he was there. It's not like Valentine's lame hideout was that big, someone surely would have noticed him by now. The dead giveaway that he was Valentine though, was the way Luke acted towards him, and his telling Clary that he knew Jocelyn was pregnant when she left. Funny thing about that one, is that in a previous episode it was mentioned that no one knew she pregnant, not even Valentine. 

I'm again, not impressed with the writing at all, and what they've done with the Shadowhunters world or storyline. There is so much potential, and the writers / Ed, have failed to tell and show fans. It's really disappointing. Hopefully the next episode will be an improvement. 


It took me a while to warm to this episode because of the introduction of Micheal Wayland and how they changed the story. But you could see it was going somewhere so you couldn't help but go along for the ride. It did make me ask a lot of questions again, like why did Jace need blood, I'm sure I've read about blood creating runes many a time. And who was the Micheal Wayland, in a way, an introduction of a new character because the real Micheal died when Jace was a baby. But as the episode unfolded more and more to the climax at the end which was more like the book, it did make more sense and finally the brother & sister story is unfolded, the true father revealed. Thank you freeform I was worried there for a while (see previous review of our families shouting and punching walls)

Again the acting stars of the show where not our leading couple now siblings, but that of the other cast. I think Izzy's trial was cringe worthy to watch and how Lydia did a back flip didn't make any difference, it just seemed nuts. Also that during all this there was no contact between Jace or Clary and Izzy or Alec seemed weird, that they still didn't know where the cup was even though it was life or death really for Izzy. And then it was found horray !?! at the 11th hour, but very un ceremoniously Izzy was released into her loving brother's arms. yeah, no

But at the end it did seem that the crazy train of the last few episodes may be back on track. Except now we have a wedding looming, but that can't happen right, surely Magnus can come and save the day, right!



I know that Pretty Little Shadowhunters must have a courtroom drama storyline in it at some point (doesn't Pretty Little Liars?), but seriously, why are we in the courtroom? What is this plot line?

I won't go on further with my usual moaning and groaning about the fanfic-cy style of the show. Feel free to insert it here. I will applaud the fact that the writers/director/producers kept the incest  plot point in the story. Does anyone else get the feeling that the writers read Shadowhunter wiki for the major plot points? Because, they did this well. Even the addition of the Father of the Year cup was awesome. See? They can write a story we book readers recognize, and they can do it well. Why they choose not to still puzzles me.

*  *  *  * *  * 

What did you think of this week's episode? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you thought. You can read our previous reviews here. Check out's recap of this week's episode here