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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Shadowhunters TV: Episode 12 MALEC / Review

This week we're talking about the second to last episode of the first season of Shadowhunters! This week was all about Malec, magic, betrayal, and more. 

Emm's Thoughts

So after weeks of yelling and dismay over this TV show and it's crazy script and story, I will have to admit I got totally sucked into this week's episode. So much so I even shed a tear. Because of the show finally getting better or because of Malec feels? Maybe a bit of both.

We have said this a few times I know but the acting was the stand out this week, even with some cheesy lines to deliver. We saw friends reunite, met some old friends of the book lovers (TESSA!!) and had a wedding stopped by true love.

I loved Ragnor and they way he was portrayed. Who didn't feel for Magnus when Ragnor died. And I loved how they showed their friendship and banter with the dream/ghost conversations. Again some back stories their from The Infernal Devices and The Bane Chronicles.

I did think Jace & Alec's bro talk was a bit cheesy but I can see how it was needed to fix this stupid storyline of them fighting. And everyone just going along with Jace and Clary being brother and sister without a lot of fan fare seemed odd, maybe that is on hold until next week's episode. It seemed only Magnus seemed to see something was wrong. The tension between Jace & Clary themselves was good and starting to see Jace doubting himself more. We also had more story unfold with our traitor revealing himself. Poor Lydia wasn't having a good day was she, first being dumped at the alter (took it too well I think) and then being knocked out.

And we can't do this review without talking about the wedding! I will say I got hooked in big time, watching, waiting, will it stop, what will happen? And then Magnus walks in. I think Maryse interrupting seemed over the top, but I guess the whole scene was. The music was even perfect. And that kiss. Fans rejoice! Gay men represented on tv rejoice! And how funny was Simon quoting the Graduate!! Noteworthy mentions also need to include Magnus' hair and Alec's smile *melts in a puddle*

Ok Freeform you have got me, now please please please please don't mess up the season finale!

Sophie's Thoughts

I honestly think the wedding was unnecessary. What was it's purpose? Really, it had none except to allow Alec to come out publicly to his family and friends. You probably already know what I'm going to say, don't you? This wasn't in the book. Instead, what book readers had was a much slower self-discovery by a very insecure character that we adore. Could this same subplot have been left in the show? Sure. What we got those was Insta-Malec. Just add wedding and mix.

Don't get me wrong. I looooooved the Malec kiss. I adore Malec as a couple. But, the blatant deviance from the written material in order to speed up what is for most of us an OTP is simply disrespectful to Shadowhunter Chronicle fans.

Katie's Thoughts

Oh my word, this week was full of Malec feelings, Jace heartbreak, and Hodge's shocking betrayal. I love the way the actors have really brought the main Shadowhunters characters to life through out the season. This week I felt like Jace and Malec really stole the show. Before we talk Malec, let's talk about Jace. This is the week I've been dreading, because Jace discovers so much in this episode. What I felt when reading these moments in the TMI series, Dominic Sherwood did a brilliant job at bringing to life in Jace. It was heartbreaking watching all he discovers about himself, and the lies Valentine tells him. Another hard thing to watch, is Hodge's betrayal. I never saw his betrayal coming in the books, and seeing that this week, I wanted to yell at Hodge all over again, and ask why. Did anyone else wonder what happened to Lydia after Hodge attacked her?

I love that we got Ragnor, and Magnus this week as well! Magnus is one of my favorite Shadowhunters characters, and getting to know more about him was great. I'll admit I was a little surprised to see references from The Infernal Devices, and The Bane Chronicles in this episode. I also liked we got to see Simon, who was a little too happy over the news of Jace and Clary being siblings. Even though the writing was horrid for the Jace/Alec make up scene when they talk, I am glad we got to see them talk things out. I'll be honest, watching this scene I couldn't help but wonder why the writers would have had Alec betray Jace, and weaken their bond in the first place. That didn't make sense at all, and seems pointless. I do love that Izzy went to Simon, and set the whole thing up. I can't wait for Sizzy! Another thing that didn't make sense, was the wedding. Don't get me wrong, we finally got a MALEC moment out of it. However, I have too many issues with the writing that I can't overlook things. Again, this is with the writing, not the acting. I've always been a fan of this cast. The writing, not so much.

Let's talk about that Malec kiss! WOW, what a kiss! I love that we finally had a Malec moment. I love that Magnus and Alec had a chance to be themselves. However, yes I'm throwing in a big however, the writing for their relationship is confusing. First, I don't get why Alec would all the sudden risk losing everything he told Magnus he stands to lose (he says this in the scene when Magnus forces Alec to have feelings for him) when they they don't know each other well. After their kiss, Alec and Magnus both tell Alec's parents that they're seeing where it goes, and that it's all new to them. They haven't even gone out on a date yet, because they also discuss that they need to go on their first date in this scene as well. Alec risking he all he does for this kiss would have been far more believable if they had already confessed their love for each other, which they haven't done. Lastly, what the heck was the point of the wedding when the only purpose it seemed to serve was the kiss, and for Lydia to be seen was someone we all feel sorry for, while at the same time respecting her, because she respected Alec, and what he really wanted. 

One of the things I liked about the books is the progression of Magnus and Alec's relationship. It's not something that was rushed or forced, which wasn't the case this week. Another thing I love is the respect the two characters have for each other. I'm disgusted with the writers and the manner in which Magnus forces Alec to have feelings for him by using magic in their first scene together in this episode. It was obvious that Alec was uncomfortable, and he even told him to stop, which he doesn't at first. If Alec was a girl, some would be saying that what happened in that scene was sexual harassment. Magnus would never force himself on Alec, like he did in this episode. 

There was a reason Alec came out when he did in the series, which also happened during one of the pivotal scenes in the TMI series. He came out because he wanted to, not because Magnus showed up and forced his hand. He came out in front of the whole Clave, not a small group of wedding guests who other than his parents, didn't react. I'm really disappointed that the writers failed to create a similar, powerful scene between Alec and Magnus. They easily could have. While I was happy to see a kiss between the two of them, we have to be able to discuss what does and doesn't work about diverse representation. The creators can't think that just including it is good enough, without working to make it meaningful. 

They rushed the Malec relationship and wasted so many scenes on Alec and Lydia instead of having scenes with Alec and Magnus. The kiss which should have felt so triumphant, fell flat for me. They ruined a crucial scene from City of Glass that they now can't include later on in the TV series and there are now so many scenes and concepts, like Alec and Magnus' secret relationship and the scene where Magnus actually has feelings about Alec's feelings for Jace, which have never really been dealt with in the show, that now can't work. 

I just wish this had been adapted to create a more authentic Malec relationship/moment, vs the rushed, insta-Malec one we got. I get that things are changed for TV, however the manner in which it was written changed the spirit of what I loved about Malec, which was understanding why these two people cared about each other as people.

*  *  *  *  *  * 

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