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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Shadowhunters TV: Episode 13: MORNING STAR / Review #Shadowhunters

How is it already the season finale of Shadowhunters? I feel like this season just started, and now it's over. I'm still reeling from how it ended. that was an awesome ending. I'm definitely ready for season 2! Here are our thoughts the season finale. 

Katie's Thoughts

Oh my Jace! Talk about fantastic acting. Everyone has done such a great job this entire season, but tonight they were all fantastic! I really liked each of their storylines tonight. My favorite one was Jace's. Who else wanted to yell at Jace and tell him he's not Valentine, and that Valentine was lying?! I totally did. That fight scene with Hodge? That was awesome, and totally took Jace down a darker descent. They weren't lying when they said tonight's episode was going to be dark. Dominic Sherwood brought broken Jace to life perfectly in this episode. Even though I already know the descent and the journey Jace takes from reading the book series, seeing him going through this for the TV series was heartbreaking all over again. Dominic Sherwood definitely stole the show!

This episode may end up being my favorite of the season. There were a lot of things I liked about it. I loved the acting, the over all storyline, and how the episode ended. Normally I'm not a fan of cliff hangers, but I love that this episode ended with Jace and Valentine on the ship. Some of my favorite moments from this episode included Izzy telling the vampires off. I love Izzy, and that scene was awesome. I liked Simon and Clary scenes. I love when they both said they loved each other. I also like the transformation Simon has made. They've made him look a bit hotter, just like he does in the books, with his progression as a vampire. I can't wait for the Sizzy moments! I also liked the scene were Alec holds Clary the Jace goes with Valentine through the portal. As well as when Luke holds onto Jocelyn when she first wakes up. I liked that both Clary and Alec try to talk to Jace, and remind him that he's not Valentine. Speaking of Valentine, we finally get more Valentine! Those scenes were great. 

There's only one two things I really didn't like, and that was Camille kissing Magnus, and Malec may be over before it really begins. I've not been a fan of how they have rushed Malec though out this season. You can read my thoughts on last week's Malec episode here. I'm confused on why things were rushed, and why they had the important Malec moment last week, if they were just going to have them slow things down this week. What exactly is there to take slow? They've not even gone on out a first date yet. I was hoping this episode would have had them confirming a date... There have been some important elements missing from their relationship this season. I hope next season their relationship is more fully developed. I was really hoping for more than I got in this episode with them.

Over all, I really liked this episode. I'm really glad there's a season 2. There's so much more storyline to be explored, and told. 
Like Dominic said in my interview with him last week (you can read it here), I definitely wish the next episode was already set to air. I'm looking forward to season 2 of Shadowhunters!

Sophie's Thoughts

Overall, this was a pretty darn good episode especially when I reflect back on the season, which was filled with ups and downs. As I live-tweeted my reactions on Tuesday, I realized a few things:

1) I am very, very glad that there will be a Season 2.

2) I remain hopeful that the show's producers (because ultimately they have the power and money to change the direction of the show) realize that there is a really good story in the thousands of pages of the Shadowhunter Chronicles. I also realize that they do have to change things around, but in season 1 there were too many simply ridiculous changes: an unnecessary courtroom drama, an unnecessary wedding and unnecessary Malec insta-love.

- ASIDE: one horribly annoying episode was the "Through the Looking Glass" exploration. If you get a sponsor for the epi, please tell the fans that what they are watching is a fun, what-if episode and you'll get back to the main storyline the following week. Think of it along the lines of "Today, on a very special Shadowhunters". We will follow along and be way less disappointed if you tell us up front what you are doing. Other shows have done this, and those are often fan favorite epis.

3) Please make sure that the writers read more than Shadowhunter-wiki. There are nuances to each of the characters, and if you touch upon those, you will melt the fandom's collective heart.

Em's Thoughts

Overall I felt like this episode was a bit flat. I did really like the story line but I felt like it was a bit rushed. They had to wrap up with a neat bow, with a small cliff hanger of course. It was good but it didn’t wow me.

I know they don’t film things in order but the acting has definitely improved for Clary and Jace over the series and Jace’s story line in this episode was very well done. Even though it does stray from the books, it isn’t a far leap, as Jace always worried about his “dark side” and how who his father is effects him.  But was he really just going along to infiltrate what Valentine is up to, we’ll have to wait for Season 2

I thought the whole story with Camille not telling them where the book was exactly was very predictable, of course she wasn’t going to help them entirely. but then look everyone, it was found so easily, in the knick of time. Although I loved the scene where Valentine came and took Jace through the porthole, very moving scene

And thank goodness we got Jocelyn awake again. She will be able to answer a lot of questions that we are readers know, but the TV characters don’t yet. I do feel like this first season is a mish mash of books 1&2 so maybe we might meet a certain evil teenager in Season 2.

I’m hoping that the writing gets better for season 2 now that it has following. And I’m hoping the writers read the books again before then, to just make sure.

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What did you think of this week's episode? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you thought. You can read our previous reviews here. Check out's recap of this week's episode here, and their list of '40 Things You Might Have Missed from the Season One Finale', here