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Friday, April 29, 2016

Fan Art Friday - Shadowhunters Fan Art

It's fan art Friday and today I'm sharing some amazing Shadowhunters fan art that Cassie Clare recently shared on her Tumblr page, here

I LOVE this one of Julian and Emma! 

I love that we're seeing more Lady Midnight fanart, featuring more characters/couples from Lady Midnight. This is an awesome one featuring Diego and Cristina! 

Love this one featuring Kieran. 

This image is of Jonathan Shadowhunter, David & Abigail. 

You can find a lot more fan art on Cassandra Clare's tumblr page, here
Have a great FRIDAY!!

Cassandra Clare Shares a 'Lord of Shadows' Snippet

We have a new 'Lord of Shadows' snippet! I was browsing Cassandra Clare's Tumblr page last night looking for fanart, and stumbled upon this fabulous artwork a fan did of Mark and Cristina. Cassie not only reposted the artwork, she included a snippet of Mark & Cristina from Lord of Shadows, with it! Originally shared here, you can read the quote below:
Cristina spread her hands apart in bewilderment, and winced. Mark’s expression turned to one of concern.
“You’re not in pain?” he said.
“No,” she said. “Are you?”
“You’re near me,” he said. “There is no reason for me to hurt.”
— Lord of Shadows
I'm looking forward to reading this book when it's out next year!