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Saturday, January 21, 2017

ShadowhuntersTV Season 2; Episode 3 Parabatai Lost / Review #shadowhunters

Happy Saturday Shadowhunters. Have you catch up on everything that's happening on Shadowhunters? We're now into the third week of the second season. While I'm still unable to watch the episodes (the app's not working on my computer), Sophie and Emm continue to keep me informed on everything that's going on, and what's lacking. I really need to watch the last two episodes. Check out what Em and Sophie thought of this week's episode:


Part of me really wanted to love this episode. I enjoyed the different pace, that it slowed down a bit and gave us more time to absorb what was happening. We also got to see a lot more of the personal side of our characters. But at times it was a bit soapy like an episode of days of our lives. I'm still on the fence as to weather I didn't like it or in fact got swept up in the love.

The flashbacks were cool. I liked the younger characters and the revolution of Alec's love for Jace being an issue for them being parabatai. I did feel the flashback characters were a bit old, from the books they would be about 12-13 not 16ish but I guess this is because our tv characters are aged up already.

I do think they have overdone parabatai bond/soul thing a bit. It's been building for few weeks now and seems like they have missed Cassie's true meaning of this bond. It's not a magical bond or like a super hero twin ring connection! I know we were all mad they didn't include parabatai in the movie, but it's like they are now overdoing it in the tv show. Thinking now Jace has been found and Alec ok, it may settle a little.

While Simon and his story line is one that is truest to the book, I don't like his TV mum. She is just not what I'd pictured her. Maybe too polished and too "TV mom" for me. Again another soapy character. But Simon is awesome, I glad we can love him in the show.

I'm feeling more hope now, as this series unfolds and as writers changes it will become less rushed and less over the top.


Okay, I'm just going to cut to the chase. I understand that this is the final episode with the old showrunner, so hope springs eternal in my heart that next week's episode will bring something I actually recognize from this beloved series. 

The Good
- The story is told in a much more linear way. The pacing seems more even and less weirdly jolty. 
- The actors, once again, rise to the occasion and we get some wonderful scenes. Props to Simon and Rafael in that scene with Simon's mom.  It seemed almost realistic (even though the scene is not in the book). Rafael explaining Simon's absence due to band commitments is as logical as I can hope that this show will ever be.

The Bad
- I loved the intro of Maia, BUT did she have to go all out wolf in a hospital?!?! And then chase Jace down like the wolf that she is?!?
- Also, why was Jace admitted to a hospital?? Umm, this is not Grey's Anatomy: A Very Special Angel Blood episode. 

The Ugly
- Why, oh, why Freeform (and I'm also looking at the producers who had the power to stop this nonsense), did you have to use flashback actors who were, WHAT, the same age as the current actors?!? I am referring to the scene where teenage Alec and Jace are about to have their parabatai ceremony. This just doesn't get any dumber, folks. I watched the casting decision and cringed. In fact, when Isabelle choked herself (?!?!), I felt the same, exact way.

- There were better ways to explain how the parabatai bond works. Using it as a tracking device is just plain dumb. But, I am glad that Alec woke up, so that bit of nonsense can end. 

*  *  *  *  *  *

Did you watch this week's episode? If so, what were your thoughts on it? What are your predictions for Monday night? From the sounds of things on social media, it sounds like someone is going to die on Monday. We're guessing it's going to be one of the girls. We're a little worried about who that's going to be. 

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