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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Read the First 50 Pages of LORD OF SHADOWS by @cassieclare #LordOfShadows #Shadowhunters

Who's anxiously awaiting to get their hands on LORD OF SHADOWS by Cassandra ClareOnly 5 more days until it's release! Thanks to Bustle, fans can read the first 50 pages of this highly anticipated, upcoming release! 

Here's a sneak peak from the first couple of paragraphs:

Kit had only recently found out what a flail was, and now there was a rack of them hanging over his head, shiny and sharp and deadly.

He had never seen anything like the weapons room at the Los Angeles Institute before. The walls and floors were white-silver granite, and granite islands rose at intervals throughout the room, making the whole place look like the arms and armor exhibit at a museum. There were staves and maces, cleverly designed walking sticks, necklaces, boots and padded jackets that concealed slim, flat blades for stabbing and throwing. Morning stars covered in terrible spikes, and crossbows of all sizes and types.

The granite islands themselves were covered with stacks of gleaming instruments carved out of adamas, the quartz-like substance that Shadowhunters mined from the earth and that they alone knew how to turn into swords and blades and steles. Of more interest to Kit was the shelf that held daggers.

Be sure to head over to Bustle, to read more! Trust me, you'll want to read more. 

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