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Friday, June 9, 2017

Shadowhunters TV Series Summer Premiere, S2B, E11: MEA MAXIMA CULPA / Review #shadowhunters

Image courtesy of Freeform's website.

Can you believe that we're here, MMs? The Summer Premiere of season 2B? It seems like yesterday that we were wondering what the heck is Sebastian doing in this season anyway? We've decided to continue our deeply honest review series, please let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Much like on a roller coaster, keep your hands and arms inside at all times, and here we gooooooo:


Simon is a daylighter now and enjoying his time out and about with Clary. But other people are starting to find out too, putting him in a difficult situation. He can't tell the truth about why he can now go out in the sun. It's good to see they are keeping that story line

Isabelle is still addicted to the yin fen. I thought we were over this story already. I don't like it how it makes her character look weak and reliant on others. It would have worked to have her better this episode, being strong and going about her business, even if it still effected her a little. Ok it does segway into the introduction of Sebastian but he could have still come to help her fight the demon, not save her like a damsel in distress.

So now, we have Sebastian entering the show. Let me just say, I love this casting, he is so perfect. I was thinking he should have dyed black hair at this stage but then realised he is being introduced a little different than from the book. He comes across so nice and wholesome. He gives Izzy a root or herb to help with her cravings. He makes tea but as we see a dark side as he burns himself intensionally on the stove. So we are now thinking he is an odd/dark character. The only weird thing is how don't the clave know of a London Shadowhunter living undercover in NYC? Ah well that might still come out in coming weeks.

Image courtesy of Freeform's website.

Clary finds out that she isn't Jace's sister anymore, and Valentine continues to mess with their heads even in the custody of the clave. I like the small nods to City of Ashes here with the Inquisitor not trusting Jace's alliances, and her not so traditional interrogation techniques.

The summoning of the Greater Demon story just seemed doomed from the start. Of course it was going to go bad. Even if they did it to get Izzy back. Did anyone else notice Jace did the same fancy flip to get to the demon as Seb did when he saved Izzy in the ally? But I'm not sure about Jace having super powers to make runes work without a stele. That might have gone too far for me. Yes Jace is supposed to have extra abilities in strength and agility, but the rune thing was weird.

It was good to see some emotion between Jace and Alec at the end, even though Dominic is not the best actor when it comes to emotional scenes. I'm sorry but that crying was so fake. Matthew on the other hand is brilliant as Alec.

And now on to next week to find out Magnus' fate and if being possessed by the Greater Demon lasts more than one episode.


Image courtesy of Freeform's website.
Okay, I like the fact that the writers cleverly worked in a recap before the opening credits rolled and also, that the Inquisitor reminded us that Jace, Clary & Co. had taken matters in their own hands and thus, planted the seeds of rebellion in Downworlders. How I love when they bring in the inherent politics within Cassie's world.

But, the nonsensical adaptation of magic/Shadowhunter powers continues. Lord Almighty, why would anyone ever use a force-choke outside of the Star Wars universe?

Unnecessary use of The Force. (Freeform)
And in a moment straight out of Real Shadowhunters of New York (I would so watch that series, by the way), we have Clary come up to Jace in the Institute (while looking over a demon image on a screen), and say "we've barely spoken about what happened with the Soul Sword" as a "sister" and all. Jace (instead of telling her the truth) brushes her off. Not a good way to keep that tension because we, the audience already know and stretching it out makes it yawn-worthy.  I felt like I was watching "Dance Moms".

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Bless Simon and his "winning personality" as he tells Maia about his Daylighter abilities. He neglects to mention the Angel Blood transfer from Jace. So dun-dun-dun-dun, there will be more there. The scene between Magnus, Alec and Raphael, I could've watched all day. Raphael, with his most concerned face, warns Alec of Izzy's continuing addiction. But, no worries there. Our fave yin-fen addict has been rescued by none other than, (once more with feeling) dun-dun-dun-dun, Sebastian. Sebbie is here and he's serving up bouillabaisse.  I mean, who doesn't want Sebbie as an addiction counselor/chef? There's the small matter of him having no moral compass whatsoever, but hey, he's been helpful. Like a demonized Anthony Bourdain.

Freeform website.
As for the big reveal, the I'm Not Your Brother, Clary bit. Let's just say, it was wonderfully played by the cast. Yes, it was over-the-top dramatic, but hey, if a situation calls for it, go for it Freeform, go for it. Also, Jace crying and Alec holding him? Cheesy WIN. It would never, ever happen in the books, but with Freeform bringing us all the ships at once, we have a WIN.

Freeform website.
MAJOR PROPS: (I know, you read that correctly, I am giving props) for the Azazel raising scene. YES, PLEASE. More of these scenes and less reality TV dialogue. It was chilling and brilliant at the same time. The use of The Magicians-like special effects was also awesome. Everything worked in these few minutes -- the acting, the action, the special effects. I just want an entire hour of this.

All in all, let's just say, I'll keep watching. Even with the uneven pacing, slow down tension and the ludicrous magic powers moments, it still amuses me. Has anyone invented a Shadowhunters' stress snacking game, yet?

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What are your thoughts on the summer premiere? Who's with us and is still watching? Let us know in comments.