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Friday, June 16, 2017

Shadowhunters TV Series, S2B, E12: YOUR ARE NOT YOUR OWN / Review #shadowhunters

From Freeform's website.
Did you watch episode 12 this week? It started off with a TWIST! And a stupid force-choke. How I hate those. Let's get right into the review, shall we?

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So, whoa Nelly, PLOT TWIST. The demon whateverhisnameis oh yeah, Azazel, switched Magnus and Valentine around. Someone better get the polyjuice potion reversal going. Where is Snape when you need him?

Meanwhile, back in Sebastian's lair, I mean apartment. Here's a snippet of actual dialogue. Not a word was changed. I just added an ellipses because it was just all too much:

Izzy: I need to get back to the Institute. You should come with me.
Demonic Anthony Bourdain: ...I've kind of gotten used to being alone.
Izzy: I'd gotten used to vampire venom. Sometimes change is good.

Anthony agrees with me -- none of this was necessary.

The best part of the scene right after Izzy brings Seb back to the Institute? Alec being immediately suspect of Sebastian and his Azazel knowledge as well as how quickly he helped Isabelle recover from addiction saved me from turning it off. Go Alec. 

It's time for my Episode Pet Peeve: Umm, how many of us label our significant others by their first initial and last name in our phones (see the fist image above)? I don't know. My phone says "hubs" for my, that's right, husband. Most people would use their loved one's first name. Or Shmoopie. Or whatever. But, not a formal name like that. A. Ham. A. Burr. UGH. It's small details like this that make the show so sloppy. This has nothing to do with the books, but everything to do with the level of care that the show's producers/director, etc show toward the audience. Unless this was supposed to be funny. In which case, I just missed the joke entirely. I'm a mom. It happens. 

Meanwhile, Izzy and Simon are discussing Alcoholics Anonymous and staying sober. Again, so much plot time wasted not moving the main plot forward. Like you know, cute, throwaway scenes with Simon in boxers. Yes, the image below is a screen cap from the episode. He's adorable. Let's move on, shall we? But, we can't. Not yet. 

From Freeform's website.
Because the scene that follows is one with Rosa (Raphael's sister). We have it confirmed from this sweet granny that Simon's a catch. Indeed he is. And thus, we confirm that this was a filler scene that existed for no reason at all except to see ShirtlessSimon in boxers. Why is it in the episode? 

Does anyone else hate the darn Inquisitor? She reminds me of someone. Not sure who. Maybe a Real Housewives of New York cast member. I don't watch that show, but she's so poorly cast. That same smirky glare she gives in every scene is mind boggling. 

From Freeform's website. 
So what have we learned from this week's episode? Izzy is clean and sober. Simon will use the existence of Rosa against Raphael. Again, why? When all he had to do was reveal his Daylighter ability, which he does within seconds anyway. Such sloppy writing. Also, since when can vamps open portals??? How could Raphael portal anywhere without a warlock or Clary? That's right. Wait I remember, we threw away ALL the existing mythology that Cassie created. Got it. I keep forgetting this fact. Silly me.

But let's wrap this up with Jace. My favorite Herondale. We finally get the full story of Jace's birth and his tie to the Inquisitor.  And all it took for  everyone to have complete resolution this week is for Sebbie to make Clary very, very angry. Who knew that suppressing your feelings will take away your magical Shadowhunter powers? Valentine and Magnus switched back via a spell. It's all back to normal, MMs. 

Every week, I renew my vow to keep watching. It's a tenuous vow, but here I am still watching. Why, some of you will rightly ask? I think I want to see how the writers will wiggle out of this plot. How will they tie it together? So, will you keep watching with me? 

Aside: Props to the actors who play Valentine and Magnus. They were so believable during the Freaky Friday exchange. Excellent acting on both their parts. 

I'll be back next week with another review of...


Ok I missed it last week that it was in fact Magnus & Valentine who swapped bodies, not Azazel taking over Magnus' body. My bad. So straight away we are into a story line that is nothing like the books. We already have Azazel on the loose so I guess this is an interesting way for him to get what he wants. But oh it's just so weird.

In this eps we see some Clary and Simon sexy times, alright post sexy times, but you know they have done more than slept in the same bed. It makes there relationship a bit more adult than we are used to with the books and I know this is because of the age difference. But we still know having sex with someone who you love is serious, so how will this make them going back to being friends an option? Weird right, so it's not just the sex that bothers me it's how it changes their relationship.

Izzy stayed the night at Sebs (the perfect host) and he comes back with her to the Institute. He wins favour being the demon specialty (oh boy that was obvious) even if Alec isn't won over just yet. He is now in our little group, helping them out. Again with Alec it shows us one of the few characters like the book. I do like Seb's portrayal too, even if the story is all wrong.

The inquisitor wants to test Jace & Clary's Angel blood abilities. Did I miss something didn't Jace say he didn't want to do it, the next thing he is sparing with Clary (hello sexual tension) with the Inquisitor looking on (hello weird). Also what is it with Clary's hair, really it's too perfect. Book Clary wears way more braids and pony tails.

From Freeform's website.

Oh poor Magnus. I did get sucked into this story, shows good acting from Alan and from Harry. I really felt sorry for him. But you could tell it was the type of story that was going to be resolved by the end of the episode. The more I thought about it as the eps went on it just played out all wrong. Thankfully it did resolve so we don't have to watch them still being swapped.

Another issue I have is all the extra Shadowhunters in the Institute, it seems a crowded place. But, no one else seems to be doing anything. In the books this isn't an issue as the Lightwoods Jace & Clary are the only ones in the Institute. Why have such a busy bustling place if they don't do anything? Why have them at all?

The main shock and out of wack part of his episode is when the Herondale line was exposed. So Jace now has a family including living Grandmother. He wasn't supposed to find this out until he was the only one left. So the whole main thread of Cassie's book has just been flipped. I know it makes us all want to be Team Herondale but I think it was so premature. Not happy with this early reveal at all. But, I guess they have changed so much already why would I expect them to keep this the same.

- - - -

Well, Emmaly and I are still watching? Who's with us? Anyone looking forward to next week's episode?