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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Shadowhunters TV Series, S2E17; A DARK REFLECTION / Review #shadowhunters

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We are at episode 17, can you believe it, Mundie Moms? It seems like yesterday that Season 2 started, and we were all so full of hope. Ah, but we've been through so much, haven't we? Don't worry, there is more in store in this week's episode.


We start with Clary dreaming, sleeping with her door open. Did she forget all those other people who are walking around the institute. Although if it makes a half naked Jace run into the room, then I'd probably leave the door open. And look there is stuff missing from the the JC box, that's what happens when you leave the door open.

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In this episode we definitely saw that Jonathan wants to play happy families with Daddy and Clary again. Although don't think burning your baby things that your mom kept is going to help Clary love you more.

I need to interrupt this review with a statement -Clary has too much lip gloss on. I miss book Clary so much.

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Back to the review and we see a bit of Lost Souls here getting an iron sister to help with the sword. I'm ok with this. I also didn't miss the book shop reference. Just the wrong friend of Jocelyn who owns it, maybe Luke has visited and hung out there. I like picture Luke, Jocelyn and Elliot sitting there in the book shop, reading & sipping tea. While I'm dreaming I wish Magnus could magic a romantic dinner for me while I'm at work too. Not sure what my tow truck drivers would think if they came in to see Magnus & I sitting in the office eating lobster. I digress...

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So Elliot decided to die rather than give away the location of the Mortal Mirror. I was liking book store owner Elliot. Now Dot has the protection of the mirror passed to her. Jocelyn had everyone wrapped up in this didn't she. Poor Dot has already helped so much.

Jonathan comes back on the scene as good guy Sebastian. He see the maps that Dot is decoding so of course he will go find mirror. But don't tell me it's a real mirror? Maybe it's a pond? Or just a clue?

Clary shows us she still loves her brother talking to Sebastian/Jon. But ahh he kisses Clary, he is so creepy. It's a small nod to City of Glass though so I'm ok. And he steels hair ties too. Is that to track or to pet? Creepy brother.

The side story of this episode, there is always a side story, is Maia and Simon. So they start the episode in the friend zone but after some match making by Izzy they end up giving the date thing a go at the end. Everyone say ahhhhhh

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Ok the hair tie is to track Clary, and the demon big brother makes an appearance. oh he is a bit creepy isn't he. But it's ok they get the mirror and escape safely. But poor Dot, left behind again

Back to the tracking everyone seems to use it just to find where their lost phone is, like Shadowhunter find my phone? Max has tracked Jonathan with the remaining hair in the box so now Max knows who Jonathan is!!! Oh my heart we know this doesn't end well.

Looking like it's all starting to come to a head. Can anyone see a series ending coming soon?


Questions that kept popping up in my head (I'm running with the assumption that you watched this week's episode fully caffeinated like me, so the details and the whys just JUMPED out).

Episode 17 By the Numbers
Caffeine units consumed by reviewer: 1 iced, vente, extra shot, almond milk latte
Questions Starting with Why: 4
ShirtlessJace Moments Noted: 1
Introduction of Non-Canon Characters Who Will Be Killed Immediately: 1
Appearances of Bloodclot Jonathan: 2 or 3, I honestly stopped counting, but focused on his clot-like appearance. It's neither menacing or chilling; it's just weird.
Dinners Cooked by Characters (for no reason at all): 1

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A Breakdown of the Whys

  • Why is Max, who is -- WHAT -- 11 year's old, going on a mission? WHYYYYYYYY? We all know the reason, and I won't spoil it, but for us bookworms, it's what happened in City of Glass.
  • Why is Jace shirtless again? Dominic Sherwood is a model. Dude works out. I get it. But, in every, single episode?!?
  • Who the H is Elliott and why do we care? The introduction of him as a warlock, who is the keeper of the Mortal Mirror, is unnecessary. Wasn't the Mirror explained well enough in the books? Or is it because that book mirror was used as another plot device that was different from the books that didn't need to be different...and...and...I've fallen down the plot rabbit hole! I honestly think that the writers/directors/producers) didn't read the books at all. Even if they scanned Shadowhunters wiki page, they might have gotten a better feel for things that are better explained in the books.
    • Don't worry, the keeper of the Mortal Mirror's location has a mark on his arm (that's not a   rune, for those of you keeping track of tattoo-like marks), and the mark is passed to another warlock if they die. For the sake of compete convenience, it's Dot. 
  • Why does Jonathan look like a blood clot?
Image found on Freeform's Shadowhunters' website

I'm sure you know the drill by now. With each episode, I shake my head more and more and let out a series of whispered "why"s. This will end soon, right?

- - - -

Each week, I ask you the same thing -- are you still watching MMs? We did get to see the yucky Clary-Jonathan/Sebastian kiss (well, almost) moment, so there's that, I suppose. But, so many more fan favorite moments are missed. The show's plot is all over the place and has a feeling of convenience in its episodical resolution. Are you feeling the same kinds of things? Or have you been able to approach it as a new entity?