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Friday, August 11, 2017

Shadowhunters TV Series, S2E19; HAIL AND FAREWELL / Review #shadowhunters

Image from Freeform's Shadowhunters website.

Oh Mundie Moms, we've made it to episode 19. Does that mean we only have one episode left? Yes, yes it does. "Are you with me?"  "Until the bitter end."

Shall we dive right in?


Where were we? Oh yes, Sebbie has to confess to BigBadDaddyV that he lost the mirror. Magnus tells Luke and Raphael that he's siding with the Seelie Queen, and the Seelie Queen refuses to help the Shadowhunters. There, I got you through to almost the half-way point of the episode.

You're welcome, because it just becomes more weird after that. In fact, I couldn't resist tweeting about it (I watched it two days after it aired and figured I'd be clever enough to not spoil things for people). So, let me just screen shot the tweets. I think they'll sum up my feelings nicely.

Right. You guys know I love Clace, and the producers/director gave us this weird moment -- all windblown, filtered with a bad choice of a soundtrack song.  Clary's angel blood connection with Jace is supposed to help her track Sebbie. Ooookay, that tricky, little tracking rune thing. So weird. So unnecessary.

From Freeform's Shadowhunters web page.
It, also, gave us Shirtless Jace Moment #1 of the night. Oh wait, there will be more. I know we all wait for it (for different reasons), but I can't help thinking that BookJace would have a snarky comment handy in response.

Surprise (not really), they find Seb (yes, I'm going to continue calling him that for now). Then they have to fight off Foresaken before in BizzaroShadowWorld, Seb kidnaps Jace.

From Freeform's Shadowhunters webpage.

Lord, spare me these badly written lines. If there was any way at all to convince the producers to let a panel of fans read the scripts so we could strike out the really bad and unnecessary dialogue, I would volunteer as tribute. I love a red pen and a delete button. Seriously, MMs, WORST . LINE . EVER .
I know, I know, the director covered her cleavage rune somewhat, but those heels. Umm, no.

Wait for it, we have ShirtlessJace Moment #2 again for no reason at all except that Jace and Clary must've been so overwhelmed with the Forsaken and the kidnapping that they had to express their passion somehow:

Image taken from Freeform's Shadowhunters web page.
Honestly, wouldn't you need a passionate moment after all that, too? And continuing the WTH thread of this season, Maia finds herself in the Seelie realm as does Valentine because he wants to form an alliance with The Queen herself.

I leave you with my last tweet of the episode. I think it sums everything up nicely.
- - - -
One more episode to go and then a break before season 3. How will the episode end? On a cliffhanger? Will they end it with a City of Ashes-type ending? We shall see.