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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cassandra Clare Shares Details on the Cover for THE QUEEN of AIR and DARKNESS #Shadowhunters #MundaneMonday @CassieClare

Happy belated Mundane Monday! I meant to get a post up yesterday, but thankfully I didn't, because today Cassie took to social media to share some details about the cover for The Queen of Air and Darkness. This cover is stunning. I know I've said that a few times recently, but it is. Cassie shared this image of the cover above today on Instagram. I love the details Cassie shared along with it. Keep reading to find out what she said, below.  

Here's what Cassie shared on Instagram, here:

AND RED TO CALL ENCHANTMENT DOWN... The original art for the Queen of Air and Darkness cover. It took two underwater photo shoots to get this right -- but it was worth it! I think this might be my favorite of the covers, or tied with Lady Midnight at least. So glad this is coming in 2018 and not 2019 as originally planned! Lots of people have asked why Annabel doesn't have runes -- you'll have to wait to find out, but there's some cool details visible in the original art that are somewhat hidden by the text. I especially love the ruined highways.

Here's what she said on Twitter:

OUT TODAY! 11/21/17 New YA Releases

Happy Book Birthday to these new YA releases, out TODAY!
  1. The Temptation of Adam by Dave Connis, Sky Pony Books 
  2. Not Now, Not Ever by Lily Anderson, Wednesday Books 
Thankfully November is slower month for releases, because my TBR pile is huge. I'm hoping to shrink it in half during the upcoming holidays. I feel like having only two releases today, I may have missed a few others. If you know of other new YA releases today, please leave me a comment so I can add them to the list. We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving week!