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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New To My Kindle AKA I'm Finally Starting To Get The E-Book Thing

I am a book snob. There, I said it. I am. There's something about having a room full of books that I absolutely love. I love holding a book in my hand and having stacks of books near by. I've always had a love hate relationship with e-books. Mostly because for me, it's an out of sight, out of mind kind of thing. If it's on my bookshelves where I see it all the time, I'll read it. Since moving, I lost my in home library room (sniffs, I miss that room). While waiting for my shelves to be made, I've developed a love for e-books. I never would have thought I'd say I love my e-reader. 

Now I'm starting to get why everyone loves their e-readers. My e-reader has become my portable library and it's awesome. Yes, I know I'm WAY BEHIND on realizing this. Yes, I am still a book snob, and can't wait to have my room full of books again, however, this is the year I finally fell in love with my kindle. I've recently added some new reads to it. Check out some of the latest books I've downloaded to my kindle, and look forward to reading. 

See a book you'd like to read? Head over to Netgalley and send in your request! Thank you to Bloomsbury, Wednesday Books, Harlequin Teen, and Entangled for these new e-reads. I'm looking forward to them. I always love seeing what everyone is reading. What new books have you recently added to your e-reader?

The Tombs by Deborah Schaumberg / Waiting on Wednesday #TheTombs

By: Deborah Schaumberg
Published by: Harper Collins
To Be Released on: February 20th, 2017
Pre-Order from: The PublisherAmazon | B&N
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Gangs of New York meets Cassandra Clare in this debut YA fantasy set in 1882 Brooklyn.
New York, 1882. A dark, forbidding city, and no place for a girl with unexplainable powers.
Sixteen-year-old Avery Kohl pines for the life she had before her mother was taken. She fears the mysterious men in crow masks who locked her mother in the Tombs asylum for being able to see what others couldn’t. Avery denies the signs in herself, focusing instead on her shifts at the ironworks factory and keeping her inventor father out of trouble. Other than secondhand tales of adventure from her best friend, Khan, an ex-slave, and caring for her falcon, Seraphine, Avery spends her days struggling to survive.
Like her mother’s, Avery’s powers refuse to be contained. When she causes a bizarre explosion at the factory, she has no choice but to run from her lies, straight into the darkest corners of the city. Avery must embrace her abilities and learn to wield their power—or join her mother in the cavernous horrors of the Tombs. And the Tombs has secrets of its own: strange experiments are being performed on “patients”…and no one knows why.
I'm totally intrigued with this premise. Normally comparing a book to Cassie's series, or really any other popular book or series, makes me not want to pick it up, because often times it rarely live up to the compassions. However, this debut had me 1800's NYC and a girl with powers. I am looking forward to reading it. Which book are you looking forward to reading?