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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New TLH & QoAaD Snippets from @CassieClare + Exciting News About TEC #Shadowhunters

Cassie has treated Shadowhunters fans to two snippets over the last couple of days on Tumblr. If you aren't following her on Tumblr, you are missing out! She's posting a lot of Q&A's and she's shared a couple snippets. Her most recent snippet is from The Last Hours, which she shared here. The snippet is part of her Q&A TLH post. I highly recommend reading it, because she gives readers more details about TLH.

TLH Snippet 

Barbara patted Thomas, as if his brawny arm was a small boy’s head. “I was merely anxious about you, Tommy. Surely you are not vexed.”
Thomas’s brows were drawn sharply together, making his amiable countenance dark for the briefest interval. Then he sighed, drew his sister toward him in the circle of his arm, and stooped to press a kiss upon her brow.
“No, Babs,” he said. “Of course I am not vexed. Can you spare your brother a dance, though I know Oliver will be loath to part with you? I will take care not to be clumsy.”

A few days ago Cassie also shared this snippet from QoAaD, here

QoAaD Snippet 

“You have changed, son of thorns,” said the Queen.

* * * * * * * * * * 

Cassie also recently shared some exciting news about The Eldest Curses. Prior to her TLH Q&A post, she shared a Q&A Malec and TEC post, in which she answered fan questions about Malec, Alec and her upcoming The Eldest Curses series. You can read it here. In the posts she announced that TEC, which was originally slated to be an adult series, will now be a YA series! I highlighted where Cassie said that below. 

I was wondering about The Eldest Curses, for some reason in my head I pictured them as only one book like The Bane Chronicles or Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy but I was looking at ur release dates list and it looks like actual books rather than short stories… and I was just wondering if these books will be big in page number like your other books like TMI, TID and TDA? Thank you for listening! And Happy International woman’s day, you inspire me all the time.
Thanks! My readers inspire me every day. The Eldest Curses is an actual series of books, more like the Mortal Instruments, the Dark Artifices, and the Infernal Devices, but focused on Magnus and Alec. The first book, the Red Scrolls of Magic, is coming out in March 2019 (less than a year away now!) and is with my publisher and going into edits. Actually, I have some new information about it. The Red Scrolls of Magic is going to be published as YA, since now it is complete, my publisher believes that it clearly is a YA book—full of teens like Alec, Helen and Aline, figuring out love for the first time.  In recent years there’s been a sea change in YA, and it’s much more open to gay romances taking center stage, when once there was the harmful attitude that gay romance was necessarily more adult than straight romance. I’m really happy that gay teens and my other loyal readers will be able to find The Red Scrolls of Magic in the YA section with my other books, and I’m really honored that The Red Scrolls of Magic is going to take its place among other amazing YA gay romances, like Mackenzi Lee’s The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, David Levithan’s Boy Meets Boy, Malinda Lo’s A Line in the Dark, and Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On.

As to length The Red Scrolls of Magic, because it’s a romance very much focused on the two main characters rather than a sprawling tale of action and adventure like my other books, is currently a little shorter than those other books. (Though still longer than most YA books. I am as I am.) The second book, The Lost Book of the White, may be a bit longer (though I don’t know for sure yet) due to reasons I’m about to disclose in the next answer…
* * * * * * * * * * 

Cassie also shares exciting news about Raphael Santiago! He'll be in The Red Scrolls of Magic as well as Son of the Dawnbook 1 in Ghosts of the Shadow Market

Raphael will play a significant part in both Red Scrolls of Magic and Son of the Dawn. Since both are set before City of Heavenly Fire, it was fun to have him back on the table for a while.

In The Red Scrolls of Magic, Alec gets to know Raphael as someone who clearly knows Magnus pretty well. Since Magnus has become pretty well acquainted with Alec’s Shadowhunter friends, it was fun to write Alec’s world expanding as he gets to know the Downworlders Magnus cares for and see better from their point of view, which will put him on the path to not only the relationship he and Magnus are going to have, but the man Alec will become. Raphael is at a party the Downworlders are throwing to celebrate the defeat of Valentine, and by attending it Alec can see how under threat the Downworlders felt, and how proud they are to have their own heroes. (A dryad asks Raphael for his autograph. Raphael writes “LEAVE ME ALONE” on a leaf. Alec is amazed to find someone worse at parties than himself.)

Be sure to follow Cassie on Tumblr. She'll be posting more Q&A's on her page, here

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