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Saturday, April 28, 2018

SHADOWHUNTERS TV Series, S3E6; A WINDOW INTO AN EMPTY ROOM / Review #shadowhunters

Screen capture from Freeform's Shadowhunters S3E6 episode

* * *  S  P  O  I  L  E  R  S    A  H  E  A  D  * * *

UGH. The episode starts off with another Heidi moment. This time she's deciding on her lip gloss color -- maybe something sparkly -- yes, she says that, and it plays into the entire ripping-off-another-franchise bit that the powers that be insist on doing. Where's a real sparklepyre when you need him? In Forks, no doubt.

 We find out that Kyle is a surfer. Whyyyyyy? It's details like this that serve little no purpose whatsoever, that can easily be left out. Kyle tries to see how the Mark of Cain is activated while Simon tries to set up a date where Kyle can meet Maia. He actually uses the phrase, "I'll bring you back a doggie bag." when Kyle excuses himself from the meet up. The eyerolls are already adding up, and we're less than 3 minutes into the show.

Superfan Heidi, in full stalking mode, confronts her sire, Simon, at his apartment. Again, whyyyyyy is she even in the show? To show that Super-vamp Simon has the ability to create a sire? To show his vulnerability? I'm not sure, and I think the powers that be aren't either.

Screen capture from Freeform's Shadowhunters S3E6 episode
Our favorite Downworlder-Shadowhunter couple is having issues. Darn it. Again? Whyyyy? But, this part is at least from the books. Alec is jealous of Magnus' vast experience in the area of romance, and the scene is sweet and frustrating as it should be. Izzy assures Alec that what he and Magnus have is "real". I know I speak for the fandom when I say, we want to reassure Alec as well.

In a bizzaro moment Maryse arrives at the Institute only to find out she is banned from it, because she is ex-communicated. Honestly, not sure why she in the episode, but there we have it.

Meanwhile in Lillith's lair, we find out the math behind the resurrection of Jonathan -- there are 32 disciples and Mommy Dearest needs only one more. Our boy, Jace, volunteers as tribute. A genuinely scary-awesome moments occurs where Lillith warns Jace ("I know you're in there Jace Herondale") that when she's done with him, he will find his friends dead and the world on fire. Awesome way to foreshadow. Go ahead, join me in the Eyeroll Seen from Space.  And we, also, have the Ewww Moment we apparently need to have in each episode -- the Soul Sucking Kiss.  It's just plain uncomfortable.

Screen capture from Freeform's Shadowhunters S3E6 episode
Cut to the next scene, Maia and Simon are walking along discussing sires as one does with their girlfriend. Maia reminds Simon that he had a support system and that it's hard when the person who made you abandons you. Dun-dun-dun-dun. Oh, the foreshadowing is killing me.

Izzy has apparently turned into a therapist for Maryse. Again, an unnecessary scene unfolds where we see Maryse inspecting her reflection unsure of who she has become. Welcome to Mundie Moms, Maryse. Oy. Izzy reminds her that she has four kids who love her and want to take her out. Maryse insists that Izzy bring along Mundie Doc.  Another unnecessary scene.

Jace lies to Alec about completing his treatment in the Silent City. We get an awkward bro hug. And Jace is back at the Institute and ready for duty. Clary senses somethings awry with him.

Simon, on a mission to get Sire Training tips from Raphy comes across Heidi instead. She confesses that Raphy experimented on her to see if she can become a Daylighter. Simon is, well, Simon. Remorseful. And when Heidi tries to kiss him, Simon, ever faithful, tells Heidi that he has a girlfriend. Uh-oh. Stalker-vamp is not impressed.

Clary goes to Magnus to figure out the Shape-of-Water Owl. Magnus concludes from the "energy signature" that it's the same creature who corrupted the ley lines. Magnus sends a message to "an old contact" to see if they can help. It's Brother Z! I'm excited. Mildly.

And as Mundie Doc walks into the family dinner, Jace's menacing "I can't wait to meet him" resonates loudly. Foreshadowing, once again, I suppose. Alec is refilling his drink when that Shadowhunter, who awkwardly came out to him, starts to chat him up. At least, we now know the purpose of that weird convo in the past.  Apparently, everyone's at this bar. Luke, Simon, Maia. Luke and Maryse bond over being ex-Shadowhunters. "It is a new beginning," Maryse says. And the whole thing is so awkward and weird.

Brother Z with a non-Megatron voice, looking kinda like my precious Jemmy, delivers an info-dump. "Any friend of Will Herondale is a friend of mine." Indeed. Clary also finds out that Jace never received any treatment from the Silent Brothers. Yeah. Dun dun dun dun.

Heidi catches Izzy and Simon in a uniquely Sizzy moments and she, whoa, misinterprets it BIG TIME. Hissy Heidi and Izzy have the fight of the episode. There has to be at least one, right? Simon interrupts the fight and explains their complicated relationship. Ah, to be a fledgling under Simon.

Jace asks Mundie doc to, literally, step outside, but Izzy distracts the two of them. Alec, now sloppily drunk, explains his worries to the anon-Shadowhunter dude (I will never remember his name) who came out to Alec.  AnonShadowhunter reminds him that he is Nephelim and that they fall in love once (how does Robert Lightwood exists, then?). OY.

Luke's partner comes in with more ShapeofWaterOwl info. And just like that Jace has found his new victim.

In a cozy moment, Heidi, now alone with Simon, proclaims that they can start a clan of their own. But, Simon introduces the Praeter Lupus, and Heidi is taken away. If only the books moved this fast there would be, like, two books total.

Magnus puts two and two together and realizes the woman that came to visit him for the elixir was a Demon and that Jace was given the elixir. And we have fight scene #2. Owl vs. cop as Jace tries to kill Luke's partner. Clary and Magnus show up just in time. ShapeofWaterOwl is revealed. In the blandest delivery ever, CaptainObviousClary declares, "Oh my God, Jace it's you."

Captain Obvious gif found here
Oh my God, I can see the end.

Thoughts, Mundie Moms?

Aside: If the show is not updating its tumblr and its website, is that an indication of anything? Sorry about the screen shots, I usually copy them from the Shadowhunters tumblr, but there were no updates with this week's episode. And none on the official website either. Foreshadowing? Perhaps. 

Total Eyerolls: 17 million
Cute Malec Moments: 1
Entirely Adorable Bromance Moment: 1
Ewww Moments: 1
Dun Dun Dun Dun Moments; too many to even dun dun dun dun
Stealing Another Shows Feels: 1