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Saturday, May 5, 2018

SHADOWHUNTERS TV Series, S3E7; SALT IN THE WOUND / Review #shadowhunters

from @ShadowhuntersTV twitter. 

Did you see the name of this episode? Salt in the wound? It's like they are reading my mind.

The epi starts off with a BANG -- ShapeofWaterOwlJace is fighting with our girl, Clary, and BAM, Clary falls off and lands on a car.

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And we have Maia, delivering juice-bag blood to Simon, finally encounter Jordan Kyle. Get the DUN DUN DUN DUNs ready. But before much can happen, Clary calls Simon. He comes to her rescue, and she tells him that Jace did this to her. Back at the Institute, Magnus gives the Infodump Moment of the epi by informing all of us that not only is Jace the Owl, but he is possessed by "not just any Greater Demon,...the demon is Lillith." A little biblical history update, and we are told that Lillith is the Mother of all Dragons Demons.  But, they haven't made the connection to -- why Jace? Clary confesses that Jace did die to Alec, Izzy, Simon and Magnus, and phew, all is now out in the open.

In a quick cutaway scene, we discover that the Mother of Demons has reached the "maximum number of  sacrifices", 33 in case you were counting along, and Jonathan now can rise. Whee.

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Earlier, we saw that Ollie became one of Lillith's army (or whatever Freeform is calling it), and we also are told that she murdered her mother. So, Luke has another crime to solve. Eyeroll, eyeroll, eyeroll.

Izzy, as the newly dubbed Weapons Master, informs us that there is something called the Malachi configuration, a cage that can contain a demon. But, getting it will involve visiting our fave grandmother, Imogen. Insert eyeroll from space. Magnus announces, that he "will fix it" even if he uses the last drop of his power and it's the death of him. OMG. Melodramatic much? So, not BookMagnus. What results is an awkward hug between our precious couple, Malec. Why so awkward?

In an unnecessary series of flashbacks sprinkled throughout the episode, we get the origin of Jordan Kyle and Maia's relationship including the infamous bite. Why? Who knows. I'm sure the powers-that-be thought it would be clever to introduce a love triangle just in case, the tension is not high enough what with the foresaken army, the Mother of Demons, the villain of last season being brought back to life and a possessed main character. I mean, let's throw everything in, shall we?

Luke has discovered a pattern with the missing people and thinks that this may lead to Lillith's lair. Hold that thought, because our next scene is with Grandmama Herondale. I don't know what irritates me about this actress (her stilted delivery? the stiffness in her acting?), but boy, do I wish that the actress who played Emily Gilmore was playing this character instead. She would have the right vibe.

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Grandmama is all stiffly upset, and she delivers a figurative death blow, reminding our Shadowhunters that this will be grounds for a "kill order". Now, no one tell Consul Penhallow, and all will be a-okay. Except Jace asks Grandmama if he can properly mourn his parents with a visit to Alicante, but "bereavement visits need to be properly approved". Didn't he just visit his bio dad's grave in another epi? Was that approved? OMG, Jace is not following bureaucratic processes! Yeah, insert eyeroll. He charms Granny, and she makes an exception. But, not before he stabs her. And yes, the audible "ah"s are too much. Such poor acting. Aaah. Aaaaah. Ahhhh. Granny sends a howler. I mean a rune-letter thing before she dies. Tune in next week to find out to whom she sent it.

Luke and Simon discover the den and Ollie. Luke tries to help Ollie while Simon tackles the other 32 foresaken, but aha, his Mark of Cain protects him. Mama Lillith is maaaaaad.

The epi ends with Jace bound in the Malachi thingamajig being shoved through to Magnus' place via a portal that Clary creates, where Izzy and Alec join them. Jace warns Izzy that he will remind her mundane bf that she died in a "tragic, jewelry-making accident" (eyeroll-worthy for sure). The last shot is of a handcuffed Clary walking into what looks like a torch-lit prison.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Thirteen more episodes to go? Oy.

Total Eyerolls: 13
Cute Malec Moments: -1 for the awkwardness
Ewww Moments: 1
Dun Dun Dun Dun Moments: 2
Awkward Flashbacks: 4
Stealing Another Show/Movie's Feels: 1