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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

THE RED SCROLLS OF MAGIC by Cassandra Clare & Wesley Chu / Cover Reveal #TheRedScrollsOfMagic #TheEldestCurses #Shadowhunters

It's finally out! Earlier today EW revealed the cover for Cassie Clare and Wesley Chu's THE RED SCROLLS OF MAGIC! This is the first book in the Eldest Curses series. About today's cover reveal, which you can check out here on EW, Cassie shared this on Tumblr and her social media accounts: 

This gorgeous cover was done by Anne Lambelet:
I love how unique and beautiful and cool it is– it reminds me of the TMI covers but with a flourish that says these books are different and special. :)

You can pre-order the book, which will be out on April 2nd, 2019, here on Amazon

Be sure to check out EW's cover reveal. Here's a snippet from their article, which you can read in it's entirety, here:
The new trilogy, called The Eldest Curses and co-written with Wesley Chu, will offer a fresh look at the world of the Shadowhunters, as seen through the eyes of Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood. The pair are boyfriends as the first book, The Red Scrolls of Magic, begins, traversing Europe on vacation. But no sooner have they settled in Paris than an old friend arrives with news about a demon-worshipping cult (founded, accidentally, by Magnus himself) called the Crimson Hand, which is bent on causing chaos around the world. As their quest for answers becomes increasingly dire, Magnus and Alec will have to trust each other more than ever — even if it means revealing the secrets they’ve both been keeping.
For Clare, bringing Magnus and Alec together was a long time coming. “The Red Scrolls of Magic is a project very close to my heart,” she tells EW. “An essential part of the Mortal Instruments series is the love between Alec and Magnus, a reserved demon-hunter and a freewheeling warlock. I carved out a space for their first romantic vacation through Europe halfway through [Mortal Instruments] and always hoped I’d get a chance to revisit it. They went on that holiday having just gotten together, and return committed to living and dying for each other, so I knew something big had happened! This book is a first chance for fans of ‘Malec’ to see them not as part of an ensemble, but taking center stage. And it’s my chance to explore the development of both the characters and their relationship — their flaws and their triumphs.”
Read more about The Red Scrolls on today's cover reveal on EW, here.