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Monday, December 3, 2018

The Last of @CassieClare's #QOAAD Snippets #Shadowhunters #MundaneMonday

Photo credit: Cassandra Clare

Happy Mundane Monday! Only 1 more day! TOMORROW is the release of Queen of Air and Darkness! In case you've missed this past week's snippets, here they are. They are in order of last Tuesday's to the most recent (minus today's snippet, as I'm preparing this post prior to Cassie sharing it). Are you ready to read QOAAD? I am! I've got my box of Kleenex ready. 



Kit rolled onto his back on the grass. He was gasping for breath. Dying, he thought.I’m dying. And I cannot be who they said I am. It’s impossible.
“Kit!” Emma was crouching over him, pulling the collar of his shirt aside to place an iratze there. “Kit, by the Angel, what did you do?” 
“I don’t—know.” He felt like there was no breath in his body. His fingers scrabbled weakly against the dirt. Help me, Emma. Help me. Tell Ty—

“It’s all right.” There was someone else bending over him, someone with a familiar face and calming voice. “Christopher. Christopher, breathe.”

Snippet: “Emma,” Julian whispered. “Your Marks …”
She shook her head, tears bitter in the back of her throat. It’s done.

Wednesday qoaad snippet
Emma raised her sword. “Then strike me down now.”
Zara took a step backward. “I said you had twenty-four hours.” 
Rage sizzled through Emma’s nerves. “And I said strike me down now.” She whipped the sword toward Zara; it caught the edge of Zara’s cloak and sliced through it. “You came here. You challenged me. So fight me!

Today’s snippet from QUAD: 
Shade glared. “I was asleep. It’s three in the morning.”
The sleeping bag wiggled. A moment later Church crawled out, making chirping noises. He curled up on top of the bag, blinking his large yellow eyes.
“That isn’t very loyal,” Ty said, looking at Church sternly.
Shade yawned. “We’ve known each other a long time, that cat and I. We had some things to catch up on.”

Queen snippet for today:
Julian’s expression was nakedly vulnerable. “Unless you don’t feel that way about me anymore,” he said. “If you’d stopped loving me, I wouldn’t blame you.”
“I guess that would solve our problem,” Emma said, without thinking. 
Julian flinched.

Queen of Air and Darkness snippet — only one more to go!
“Perhaps you are not confused,” she said in a whisper. “But I am. You confuse me very much.”
“Cristina,” Kieran whispered. He touched her face lightly; she leaned into the warmth of his hand, and his fingers slipped across her cheek to her mouth. He outlined the shape of her lips with his fingertips, his eyes half-closed.