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Sunday, August 8, 2010

CWA Celebrations Day 8: Clockwork Angel Play List (Part 1)

I am so excited to share this Mundie Moms exclusive, Cassie's Clockwork Angel playlist!! This is the first of a two part post, which will have the complete Clockwork Angel playlist. We have been looking forward to finding out which songs Cassie listened to and why she choose the songs she did. I hope you enjoy the playlist as much as we have. You'll find all Cassie's comments are italicized and color coded to make them stand out more.

Playlist for Clockwork Angel:

Yes, despite the fact that this is a historical novel, the playlist is contemporary. I'm a contemporary writer and you have to go with the music you love if it's going to get you into the right space to write, even if it's anachronistic! So below, the songs on the CA playlist and why they meant something to me about Clockwork Angel:

1) Jesus and Mary Chain, Head On

This particular song reminds me of Will, especially the lines:

"I'm taking myself to the dirty part of town
Where all my troubles can be found"

given his midnight wanderings through the bad neighborhoods of London, it seemed to fit.

2) "The Drugs Don't Work" The Verve

This one makes me think of Jem, for clear reasons for those who have read the book. And also about the scene with Will and Jem in the carriage when Will is thinking about what would happen to him if Jem died.

"Now the drugs don't work
They just make you worse
But I know I'll see your face again
'Cause baby, if heaven calls, I'm coming, too
Just like you said, you leave my life, I'm better off dead "

3) "I'm A Vampire" Future Bible Heroes

This one can't help but make me think of Camille.

"The sun will never touch me
I abhor its filthy light
I am the mistress of the damned
And of the children of the night
I have all the love I need
It is your blood I crave
I am the bitch goddess from beyond your grave."

4) The One I Love, Greg Laswell

Will again.

"but i should probably say that i'm unsure why i'm running
running away from
the only thing i want
yeah, i should probably say that i'm unsure why i'm running
running away from the one i love"

5) Alive Alone, The Chemical Brothers

I listened to this while I was writing about Tessa in the Dark House, when she thinks "If no one cared about you at all, did it matter if you were alive or not?":

"And I'm alive/And I'm alone/And I never wanted to be either of those things."

6) London, 1888 by Momus

"It's London 1888
And I have learned the game of chess
I have a club, it's on the Strand
I'm a dishonourable man
And Tokyo is far away
The English wear a poker face
The latest craze is called 'Croquet'
I am a stranger here"

This song is about a Japanese nobleman out of his element in Victorian London — it reminded me a little of Jem, though Jem is Chinese, being out of his element when he first arrived in the city; it also reminds me of another character, someone very well-traveled, who is British but doesn't really think of Britain as home, talking about his sense of disconection and amorality despite all his money, the decadent life he can afford, and his "Club," of course.

7) This is the Thing, Fink

Another song that reminds me of Will and the core dilemma that makes him behave as he does.

"And the things that keep us apart
Keep me alive
And the things that keep me alive
Keep me alone"

I've put together the list of songs that I could find, so you can enjoy listening to them here

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Thank you Cassie for sharing your playlist with us!! Tomorrow we'll have the second half to Cassie's Clockwork Angel play list. Enjoy!


  1. Love love love it! I can't wait for the second part! Thank youu :)

    btw, is there a reason bloc party is on the playlist but not on the list? (I love them though!)

  2. Love this playlist!! and because i've read the book, I can see why she choose the songs, so very fitting!

  3. Jena- songs 5 and 6 weren't suppose to be on this playlist, as they'll be featured tomorrow with the rest of the play list. :) They are part of Cassie's CWA playlist.

    Carla-I agree!

  4. love the playlist! this is awesome!

  5. The playlist is perfection!!! The Will songs are so good! Since I have read CWA I can absolutely see why these were chosen. I can't wait for everyone to read it so we can all discuss there is soo much to talk about!

  6. Cassie likes Fink!!! I thought I was the only one!! Awesome playlist! Can't wait to read CA and put all these songs to the parts they belong. YAY!!

  7. These songs realate so much to the Characters, and i think the choices were great. It got me thinking of other songs that may realate somehow.

    I don't know if anyone agrees, but i had a thought that 'When it Rains' by Parramore reminds me of Tessa and Jem asking Will if he will always run from the ones he loves. Especially these lines -

    And when it rains,
    You always find an escape
    Just running away,
    From all of the ones who love you,
    From everything.

    You made yourself a bed
    At the bottom of the blackest hole (blackest hole)
    And you'll sleep 'til May
    And you'll say that you don't not see the sun anymore

    And oh, oh, how could you do it?
    Oh I, I never saw it coming.
    And oh, oh, I need the ending.
    So why can't you stay just long enough to explain

    You can take your time, take my time.

    Also the song ' Promise This ' by Cherryl Cole.
    It makes me think of Jem asking Will and Tessa that if one day he doesn't wake up, could they still try to remember him. Mainly Tessa, as we all know he has feelings for her ... and the last line could be almost a request -

    Promise this if I die before I wake oh
    Promise this take a time to say your grace
    On your knees you pray for me
    Promise this be the last to kiss my lips