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Saturday, December 11, 2010

YA Bliss's Historical Fiction Challenge

I am really looking forward to the releases in 2011! Like this year, there is a lot of fantastic books set to release including more great Historical Fictions. I've read some awesome Historical Fictions this year and I'm really looking forward to reading more next year. I've decided to join a fun challenge- YA Bliss's Historical Fiction Challenge! While not all the books have to be 2011 release they do have to be YA and MG.

Here's my level 3 list (which is 15 or more books), which may change over the course of next year, as I'm sure I'll be adding more.

  1. The Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
  2. The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell
  3. Fateful by Claudia Gray
  4. Entwined by Heather Dixon
  5. Faithful by Janet Fox
  6. Forgiven by Janet Fox
  7. **A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink (read, but review will be posted closer to release date)


  1. I joined up on this one too! It's not my normal genre, but I'm excited now to dive into it :)

  2. hey, this sounds really cool but I was wondering, would Clockwork Angel by cassandra Clare be considereda historical fiction novel? Thanks

  3. Just Your Typical Book Blog- I'm excited about this! It's such a great idea.

    Anonymous- I would say yes!

  4. Yes it does! ;) Thank you for joining and awesome list you selected! Good luck :D