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Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog Tour/Book Review- Dark Goddess

By Sarwat Chadda
Published by Disney Hyperion
To Be Released on January 25th, 2011 TOMORROW
Source- ARC from Disney Hyperion
5 Stars- Fantastic Read

New enemies, new romance, and new horrors,

Billi's back, and it seems like the Unholy just can't take a hint.

Still reeling from the death of her best friend, Kay, Billi's thrust back into action when the Templars are called to investigate werewolf activity. And these werewolves are like nothing Bilil's seen before.

They call themselves the Polenitsy - Man Killers. The ancient warrior women of Eastern Europe, supposedly wiped out centuries ago. But now they're out of hiding and on the hunt for a Spring Child -- an Oracle powerful enough to blow the volcano at Yellowstone -- precipitating a Fimbulwinter that will wipe out humankind for good.

The Templars follow the stolen Spring Child to Russia, and the only people there who can help are the Bogatyrs, a group of knights who may have gone to the dark side. To reclaim the Spring Child and save the world, Billi needs to earn the trust of Ivan Romanov, an arrogant young Bogatyr whose suspicious of people in general, and of Billi in particular (quoted from Goodreads).

Dark Goddess is a fantastic, action packed sequel that completely blew me away. Be prepared to fasten your seatbelt when you sit down to read this book, as Sarwat's talent for story telling will introduce you to more fantastic characters, as he unravels his richly detailed story, full of history and folklore. This time Billi and the Knights Templar leave London behind for the city and woods of Russia to protect Vasalisa, a Spring Child that the witch Baba Yaga wants.

Billi is a character who continues to amaze me. The heartache she dwelt with at the end of Devil's Kiss hardens her up a bit in Dark Goddess, which I completely sympathized with. Not wanting to fall victim to a broken heart again and feeling responsible for the lives lost in war with Michael, Billi loses herself to the cause of the Knights Templar. That's until she meets her match with Ivan (Tsarevich Ivan Alexeivich Romanov), who has a lot in common with her and is a character I loved getting to know. Together, Billi and Ivan help each other in ways no one else is able to and I loved their scenes together. Their chemistry is an added bonus to this story.

This is such an intriguing story, as Sarwat merges together the Knights Templar with the Russian lore, mixing together the history of Tsar Alexei's family with that of Baba Yaga, throwing in paranormal characters set in modern day. The scenes are so vivid that at times I felt like I was watching a movie. There is some amazing action scenes between the Knights Templar, the werewolves (who have a rich history all their own tied to Baba Yaga), and the Bogatyrs.

If you're looking for a book that has it all, then Dark Goddess is a book you need to pick up! All I can really say is WOW! I was completely blown away with this face paced, sequel to Devil's Kiss. Dark Goddess has a riveting, twisted plot that makes me want to go re-read it again. There are some scenes who's action/gore may be a little too much for sensitive readers.

If you loved Devil's Kiss, wait till you read Dark Goddess. Be sure to go pick up your copy TOMORROW!! Be sure to visit us on the 29th, when Sarwat visits us and answers a few of our questions. We'll have giveaways!!


  1. I'm going to love this!! Thank you for the really detailed review. :D I plan on getting it this week.

  2. Sophie- I think you'll love the slovic and Russian lore. I can't wait to talk about the book with you!