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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drought Blog Tour- Character Interview, Ford

Ruby Prosser dreams of escaping the Congregation and the early-nineteenth century lifestyle that’s been practiced since the community was first enslaved.

She plots to escape the vicious Darwin West, his cruel Overseers, and the daily struggle to gather the life-prolonging Water that keeps the Congregants alive and gives Darwin his wealth and power. But if Ruby leaves, the Congregation will die without the secret ingredient that makes the Water special: her blood.

So she stays.

But when Ruby meets Ford, the new Overseer who seems barely older than herself, her desire for freedom is too strong. He’s sympathetic, irresistible, forbidden—and her only access to the modern world. Escape with Ford would be so simple, but can Ruby risk the terrible price, dooming the only world she’s ever known?(quoted from Goodreads).

We're thrilled to have Ford, one of the main characters from Drought with us today. Recently we were able to ask him a few questions.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Lonely. Moral. Strong.

What can you tell us about your world?
I live in Hoosick Falls, NY, a town that can't even officially be called small. Tiny is more like it. My Mom is real sick so I had to find a job with health insurance, this summer. All I could get was a job up on a mountain, working for a man called Darwin West. You wouldn't believe what goes on in those woods... but I can't tell you. If I did, Darwin West would make sure my mother suffered for it.

What do you admire most about Ruby?
She's not all giggly and flighty like the girls I know in Hoosick Falls. She's seen things, a lot of things. But that doesn't stop her from believing that people like me might have good inside.

As an Overseer, what are your responsibilities?
If Darwin West finds out I told you this stuff, I'm a dead man.
First, the biggest job of any Overseer is to keep your mouth shut. If you talk, your whole family could be dead. Second, you make sure the workers keep on working--and that they never run away. If Darwin West tells you to hurt them, you do it. Even if it makes you sick.

What is one thing you want to do in the "real" world?
I want to find a place where Ruby and I can be safe.

If there was something you could change about your world, what would it be?
I'd make it so Ruby wanted to leave the woods to be with me. She's got her reasons, I guess, but seems like I could give her a better life.

Thank you Ford for being with us today!
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  1. This interview makes me want to drop everything I'm doing and go read Drought! If only I had more time! :-)

  2. I really enjoyed Ford. I'd say he was my favorite character from the book.

  3. Love this interview!!!!!! And Ford, too. :]