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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday- In Memory of L.K. Madigan

Yesterday we were saddened to find out that L.K. Madigan lost her fight with pancreatic cancer. You can read the heartbreaking post her agent wrote here. It seems like only a few days ago we read her blog post telling her fans that she was diagnosed with it. At that time we were so moved and so touched by her words, her bravery for fighting the cancer head on and her moving words about how she'd do anything to protect her son, and yet it would rob her little guy of his mother.

Being mothers ourselves and fans of L.K. Madigan's we were moved to tears. We've never met her, yet she's left her mark on hearts. From the mother side, I have no idea what it's like to have to say goodbye to my children, nor could I even begin to imagine what it's like to know you won't be there to raise them, to protect them, tuck them in at bed at time, teach them and do all the things mothers do. L.K. Madigan's words will always remain with us and she's given us a different, a new perspective on life. Life is short, it's sweet, it's heart breaking and it's a gift.

L.K. Madigan shared with us something personal and she's given all of a lasting impression of what it's like to live life to the fullest. Her words will continue to live on in her books Flash Burnout and The Mermaid's Mirror. Like the challenge Cindy Pon and the 2009 Debutantes did back in January (you can read the challenge here) after L.K. made her post about her fight with cancer, we encourage everyone to go pick up one or both of L.K. Madigan's books. Keep it for yourself, donate it or give it as a gift.

Our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers are with her family and friends.

L.K.'s husband posted on her blog about how much she loved her son and how we can make sure we keep her dream alive and help ensure her son is able to attend college. You can donate by sending a check here-(checks should be out to the Nathan Wolfson Trust)

Becker Capital Management, Inc.
Attn: Sharon Gueck/John Becker
1211 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2185
Portland, OR 97204

You can find out more and donate to help the fight in pancreatic cancer by visiting these sites here- and


  1. This is so dad to hear... My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

  2. I meant to say sad.. but couldn't see through the tears brought to my eyes while reading your post. Two of my friends have been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer within the past 2 yrs. I truly hope a cure for cancer is found soon. No one should have to go through this.

  3. This wrenches my heart...thank you for the post. I went out today and bought both Flash Burnout and Mermaid's Mirror to donate to our library.

    And as ChrisS said, "no one should have to go throught this..." NO ONE.

  4. Chris- I am so sorry to hear that. Cancer seems to be something that has plagued so many people I know, either they themselves are battling it, or they know someone who is. It's a horrible thing and I agree, NO ONE should have to go through it.

    Sophie- You are so welcome and that is so awesome you did that! I agree, NO ONE should have to go through it.

  5. I was brought to tears reading her last blog entry. I cant imagine the pain her family is in, and my heart breaks for her little boy.

  6. GITS- I know! I was in tears reading that and the hearing the news of her passing. My heart breaks for her husband and esp. her little guy!