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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do you iClue?

Have you guys heard about iClue? No? Click here to read all about it. Trust us when we say you will NOT want to miss out on the chance to win an iPod Touch loaded with 6 amazing mysteries!

Yesterday Lisa and Laura Roecker posted Part #1 of their mystery based on the hilarious Seth Allen from their novel, The Liar Society. Click here to check it out.

Today we're posting Part #2 of Seth and The Secret Admirer AND a super secret clue that will help you puzzle out the mystery so you can enter to win the grande prize.

SethFan#1: Meet me at Farrow's Arches at midnight and I'll explain.

My Cool Ranch Dorrito crusted fingers hovered over the keyboard, but I had no idea how to respond. It was 11:38. That gave me 12 minutes to get to the arches to either be humiliated or meet my dream girl.

SethaSaurus: Not sure this is a good idea.

I polished off the last few chips in the bag and poured the crumbs down my throat. Obviously I was going to the arches, but I had to figure out who was going to be waiting for me first.

My phone buzzed on the desk next to my computer. I had a new text.

The mystery continues tomorrow on A Good Addiction and The Reading Room will post the final clue on Thursday. Happy sleuthing!

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